Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 4

“Some of you may already know, but we have practical exercises for the second year today. We’ll transport beasts during the first class, and then we’ll have real combat during the second class, so make sure not to approach the arena without permission.”
The day’s class began with a warning from Cyrus Mae Hughan, the homeroom teacher of Class A.
Since it was an annual event, he explained the details, such as which areas would be sealed off, in a manner that showed he was accustomed to it.
Raze, who was enrolled as an ordinary student, didn’t expect to be specifically addressed by Harrens about this matter. It wasn’t her place, as it was a regular event.
(There’s no way a otome game would miss such a scene in a class like this.)
Raze glanced at the front right of the classroom and focused on her back with its glossy purple hair.
Relying on the scenario “Book of Prophecy” that Carne transcribed from the otome game, Raze was dealing with each event. While it’s not impossible to make meta predictions about otome games, distinguishing between game events and non-game ones in a youthful academy setting is quite challenging. For Raze, who had no knowledge of [Blue-Orchid], “Book of Prophecy” was the only thing to rely on to counter the scenario.
The issue here was that the “Book of Prophecy” organized by Carne was written to avoid the destruction of the villainess.
It detailed the backgrounds and important events of each capture target so meticulously that it would fascinate you. However, the “Book of Prophecy” viewed by Raze had biased information.
She must have played the game extensively in previous life. Carne was writing information with the assumption that the heroine would clear the game. That was the problem. Even if you capture any route, Carne’s scenario would lead to the villainess’s destruction, but it’s unclear whether you can reach a proper ending at all.
The content of the events was already chaotic. Perhaps due to the shift in content, some events occurred at different times. Yesterday’s sudden rain event was, in fact, a fine play to avoid contact between the heroine and Ruben solely by Raze’s senses.
(Even avoiding everything is honestly impossible…)
Even in a otome game, there would be limited patterns where you start with romantic feelings and interact. If you live normally, you’ll become close to people you get along with. Whether it develops into romance depends on their feelings, and what triggers it is not something Raze knows. According to the game system, the end would change based on the favorability rating for Folia, but since Carne is handling the events in the heroine position instead of Folia, it was impossible to imagine what the outcome would be.
If the ending changed based on Folia’s affection rating following the game’s system, then at the point where Carne took the heroine position and went through the events instead of Folia, Raze couldn’t even imagine what kind of ending that would lead to.
(…The heroine Folia likes Sir Mordil, who is not even a capture target!)
While the class progressed smoothly, Raze, who was pondering alone, couldn’t help but exclaim in his mind.
Though she heard from Carne that the game proceeds by choosing capture targets, it seemed like it was turning into a simultaneous capture mode. Events were happening, spreading even to unrelated people…
“I can’t read this…”
She muttered with a sigh as she glanced at the open textbook.
Originally, the charm of the game was for the heroine to capture male students.
Listening to Carne, she seemed to think that this world was heading towards a happy ending.
(Well, if you think that way, it’s inevitable…)
Unconsciously, she thought that since this was a game world, as long as you didn’t make the wrong choices, you could clear it. It’s quite daring to head straight for a bad end in a life where there’s no chance for a redo, only one chance.
Carne might have trouble accepting the approaches of her fiancé, as she thought it was a condition for the game to clear that Ruben and the heroine were to be together.
Raze poked the materials distributed at the beginning of class with his pen.
[Combat Exercise Schedule]
Today is the second-year presentation day and a casual match. Tomorrow, there’s a first-year beast observation, and the day after tomorrow, there’s the actual combat training for the second-year students. First-year students won’t participate in the actual training, but they’ll observe the exercises from the arena stands.
In this otome game that incorporated battle fantasy elements, there was a special event for strengthening the heroine—.

If Raze, who hadn’t even appeared as a supporting character in the otome game, was troubled about the event, Carne, who understood the current situation, couldn’t help but worry.
(What should I do…)
She also frowned at Folia, the heroine, as she thought about the event.
The class would be over soon. Tomorrow would be the day they faced the beasts.
Under the command of the knights already dispatched for the event, the beasts had been transported in, and the second-year students would be receiving instructions.
There are dangerous creatures within the grounds of this academy.
Just knowing that fact alone made Carne feel uneasy.
It’s not that she doubts the abilities of the teachers who teach at this excellent academy or the knights who regularly exterminate monsters. She understands that they are doing their jobs properly, and she trusts them.
However, when it comes to game events, it’s a different story.
To not disappoint players’ expectations, there’s a scene in the game where monsters rampage properly.
Even though she’s currently in a world line akin to simultaneous routes, strengthening events are a common path regardless of whose route you choose.
In the game, it was the chosen character who delivered the final blow to the rampaging monsters.
Heroines who use healing magic provide support. In the game screen, they provide assistance by completing simple mini-games, and the reaction skills of the capture targets change depending on the level cleared.
When the location becomes a training ground or an arena, they eagerly incorporate battle elements, one of the characteristics of [Blue Orchid].
At that time, the mini-games were enjoyable at just the right level of difficulty, but now they’re not enjoyable at all.
(If Ruben-sama were to fall in love with Folia-san because of this event…)
She can’t use healing magic properly. If something happens, she’ll have to rely on Folia.
In Carne’s mind, Ruben’s still smiling gently, thanking the heroine who provided support.
” …… “


She looked at the situation through the screen, this time seeing it as a third party… And to think, he was her fiancé.
Just imagining it made her chest ache, and she shook her head to clear her thoughts.
(…First, I should make sure Folia-san doesn’t create a situation where she has to treat someone.)
Encouraging herself in her mind,
Carne decides this is to protect important friends.
If she can escape from destruction as a result, that would be perfect. Even though she doesn’t know the future, this is the best choice for now.
(Once decided, I need to come up with a plan quickly!)
Strong determination fills Carne’s eyes as she looks ahead.
Then, the bell rings, signaling the end of class.
She immediately gathers her belongings and stands up.
After politely declining her friends’ invitation to go home together, Carne’s first destination is the Shopping District. If you pass through the large gate that surrounds the school buildings, the training grounds, the student dormitories, and the Tower of Time and library, you’ll find a special town under the jurisdiction of the academy. The residents of that town are referred to as the “Saint Riol Territory,” and although it’s a place different from the secular world, it’s a small residential area popular among the elderly who want to spend their retirement in a convenient location. Of course, there’s a rigorous screening process for living in this town.
During their enrollment, unless there are very special circumstances, students cannot leave the school grounds—the Saint Riol Territory. The vast grounds are subdivided, and a large shopping district is provided so that students can purchase what they need without leaving.
Additionally, there’s a facility where students of noble status who can’t easily go out can have letters sent to their homes for financial support.
Carne briskly walks through the town, modeled after the streets of the Cyan Empire.
“I remember it was the bear monsters that were rampaging. It’s better to weaken them in advance with medicine.”
She mutters to herself and stops in front of a shop emitting a gentle scent of flowers and grass.
After ringing the bell, she enters the shop, and the scent becomes even stronger. Upon entering, one can see plants hanging from the ceiling. This is a shop that deals with dried plants such as dried flowers, herbs, and tea leaves.
“Um, I think it was around here…”
Since she often comes here to buy her favorite flower tea, it didn’t take long for Carne to find what she was looking for. Using the notes she researched in her textbook during class, she purchased herbs from the shop that could weaken monsters. It’s a herb that, when brewed into tea for drinking, has a refreshing and addictive relaxation effect.

scene transition

Now, all that’s left is to feed this to the monsters expected to rampage in the scenario.
Upon returning to the dormitory, Carne immediately begins concocting the herbs.
Although she felt lonely using a room alone, perhaps it’s better that her roommate isn’t here at times like this. She powdered the herbs she bought while thinking that. By mixing in effective spices that stimulate the appetite of beasts at the end, Carne’s special tranquilizer seasoning is complete. All that’s left is to sprinkle it on the bait.
“The problem is how to enter the arena.”
With her hand on her chin, she ponders.

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