Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 5 part 5

Well, those things happened, but anyway, I’ve already talked to Duke Dragnote.

I will proceed with my plan to return to Ishka. If necessary, I will travel to the capital on Kurausora.

When I mentioned this to Duke Dragnote during dinner, Claudia was the first to react.

“Father, I also want to go to Ishka with Sora-san!”


Duke Dragnote blinked several times at his daughter’s unexpected statement.

“What are you saying all of a sudden, Clau?”

The duke asked, astonished. Claudia, on the other hand, spoke a few words with a cheerful smile.

“As a hostage, Father.”


Those were strange words to me, but Duke Dragnote seemed to understand his daughter’s intentions and had an expression like he had just tasted vinegar.

I quickly interjected.

“Um, I think I just heard something that I can’t ignore…”

Based on the previous and subsequent conversation, I deduced that Claudia would be the hostage, and I would take her with me as the hostage.

Why did it have to be like this?

“Sora-san, in certain situations, nobles have to put aside their personal feelings,” Claudia said with a serious face. I could only stretch my ears and listen.

“After you return to Ishka, there’s a possibility that my father will cancel the agreement with you. For example, let’s say… the empire is about to launch an invasion on the Kingdom of Canaria due to this incident. However, if your identity is revealed, they will halt their military actions—under such conditions, His Majesty and Marquis Corquia will definitely be in favor.”

“And your father will also be in favor, right?”

“Of course, my father is against it. But my father is the head of the Duke’s household and a minister to His Majesty. It would be very difficult for him to defy orders given in such a manner.”

Still, in the case of the opposite happening, the Duke’s household could be engulfed in a rebellion. Claudia said that with a serious expression.

“That would expose thousands and tens of thousands of vassals and people from the Duke’s territory and their families to war. My father, as the head of the Duke’s household, cannot choose that option.”

The responsibility of the aristocracy’s leader is to protect the household. They cannot afford to put the household in danger due to personal circumstances. In such a situation, Duke Dragnote would have to sacrifice me and offer me as a hostage—Claudia stated this with an unusual expression and unconventional reasoning.

“I see. So, that’s the reason for the hostage scenario.”

“That’s correct. If that happens, you can propose the necessary procedures for me.”

“……….I see, you’ve come up with a well-thought-out plan to be able to come to Ishka.”

“Yes! I worked hard and thought it through with nee-sama!”

Yeah, she has a lovely smile.

And what about you, Astrid? It seemed strange that this wasn’t Claudia’s reasoning. Her father wore a forced smile.

Then, Claudia continued with a serious expression.

“Furthermore, I think it will be very advantageous for Sora-san to have the second daughter of the Duke’s household by his side. There should be few people who can oppose our household.”

“Well, that’s true.”

There are many factors to consider when deciding to live together, but as a simple fact, if it becomes known that the second daughter of the Duke’s household is residing with me, my influence in Ishka should be greater than ever.

The adventurer’s guild will no longer be able to underestimate me. It can also be expected to ease the hostility against Suzume, who also resides in the same household.

I glanced at Astrid. Why did she cooperate with Claudia’s plan?

Perhaps Astrid wants to keep her younger sister away from the royal capital to avoid involving her in political disputes again.

Now that Claudia’s engagement with the prince has been annulled, she will no longer be a target of curses or assassination. However, by regaining her health and exposing the empire’s plot, there is a chance of reviving the previous engagement. Surely, many aristocrats will bring up the engagement again, knowing that Claudia is no longer under the curse.

I want to shield Claudia from that scandal, and it seems Astrid, as her elder sister, shares the same sentiment.

Furthermore, if the Duke’s mansion were to be attacked again by political enemies or the empire, having Claudia in Ishka would protect the Duke’s lineage from being extinguished. Astrid, who witnessed the power of a soul equipment user, seems to have taken that into account as well.

“Master, I have something to discuss.”

It was the night before returning to Ishka when Seal, the beast girl, approached me with a serious look.

I tried to express it that way, but hesitated when I looked at her face. Well, what kind of conversation will it be?

Seeing her expression, it was clear that it was something serious. If that’s the case, I should be serious too. Besides, I had a slight idea of what Seal wanted to talk to me about.

“Is it about what you saw on the night of the attack?”

In response to my words, Seal nodded.

I scratched my cheek, thinking that it might be the case.

Of course, I’m referring to the night when Jijinbo attacked. At that time, I had collapsed after giving many souls to Claudia. When Jijinbo manifested his soul equipment, I woke up due to his strong presence, but I wasn’t in a condition to immediately join the battle.

And about what happened, it was there—I was being taken care of when I collapsed—I devoured Luna María’s soul.

So, Seal and Suzume, who were also taking care of me, witnessed that scene. Given the circumstances, I devoured Luna María’s soul quite aggressively and in large quantities. It’s not surprising that the two of them would suspect that.

After all, it was evident that Luna María had collapsed because of my kiss.

Upon calmly thinking about it, I realized that I had several ways to handle the situation with Seal and Suzume, but I was in a state of panic.

If I were to tell Seal, “I always kiss Luna María every time I wake up,” I don’t think she would be convinced. Ordering her, using the master-slave position, to “Forget about it” might eliminate her doubts… but I’m trying to increase the number of people to “devour their souls,” including Luna María. The chances of Seal witnessing a similar scene while living in the same household only increase.

In each case, I would have to come up with an excuse, and ordering her to forget is very troublesome.

In this attack on the royal capital, information about my identity, the Illusory Sword style, and soul equipment leaked to Duke Dragnote. In that case, it doesn’t make sense to hide it from Seal.

Seal and Luna María know my secret that the Duke doesn’t even know. Furthermore, it doesn’t make sense to hide it.

In a way, it should be seen as a good opportunity to reveal the secrets. The problem is that Seal might be frightened by my ability to devour souls, thinking of me as some kind of vampire, and try to escape. If that were to happen, then it’s fine. I would simply release her from slavery as originally planned and send her back to her homeland.

Of course, after silencing her. And if she doesn’t comply, I would simply consider Seal as an “enemy.”

While contemplating all that, I explained the situation to Seal.

She listened attentively and nodded with a serious look. Then, after hearing everything, Seal exhaled and spoke up.


“So, that’s what it was. Thank you very much for telling me. I’ll explain it to Suzume-chan.”

“…Is that all?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t know if I should say this about myself, but it’s chilling that someone devours other people’s souls, isn’t it? I expected you to be scared or something.”

When I asked Seal, who actually hates ghosts, she looked surprised, then immediately crouched down and held her head.

“………Kya, Kya?”

“Wow, that’s the first time I’ve heard a scream like that in the form of a question.”

I raised my eyebrows, somewhat puzzled by her reaction.

Well, as long as Seal can make jokes after hearing everything, I’m fine with it.

Seal stood up with a giggle after the laughter subsided.

“I scared myself there for a moment.”

“No, I didn’t say you should be scared… but it’s quite amusing that after freezing up from your ears to the tip of your tail when we first met, you can now make jokes.”

“At that time, I didn’t know what kind of person had bought me. After that, he stroked my ears and tail so many times that I couldn’t sleep for several days…”

Seal added that it took her some time to relax. Seeing her face without resentment, I averted my gaze.

Seal happily laughed again when she noticed my reaction.

Then, when the laughter subsided, unexpected words escaped the beast girl’s mouth.

“U-Um, do you also plan to eat me?”


I tilted my head in confusion, and she did the same, mirroring my gesture.

“Aren’t you training me to level up and then eat me?”

Upon hearing her question, I clapped my hands together, realizing the misunderstanding. Letting Luna María teach her to fight, sleeping with her, and empowering her—all of that was taken as preparation to devour her soul by Seal.

To be honest, it was a misconception. The truth is, I recently discovered that my seed can affect others. The reason I have nocturnal activities with Seal was simply due to lust.

However, from Seal’s perspective, it seemed like my actions were all part of a plan to devour her soul.

Understanding her misunderstanding, I attempted to deny it again, but before I could, she exclaimed,

“I-I’ll always be willing!”

The beast girl clenched both fists and approached me. Instinctively, I leaned back, taken aback by her sudden enthusiasm.

“W-What do you mean by ‘willing’?”

“I’m willing to do the same as Luna-san! I’m prepared!”

She stood close, gazing at me with determination and urgency.

Her ocelot ears stood upright, giving her a fierce yet earnest appearance. I hurriedly waved my hands back and forth, stepping back slightly.

“N-No, no, it’s okay, don’t worry. I’m not going to force you to let me devour your soul.”

“It won’t be by force. I’m offering because I want to be of help to the master.”


Seal’s sincere words left me momentarily speechless. To be honest, I had a desire to devour Seal’s soul. I had no doubt it would be delicious.

There were moments when temptation struck while we were together at night or when I observed her sleeping up close after our encounters.

However, devouring another person’s soul—whether it’s by killing or eating parts o it—I had decided that I would only devour the souls of those who harbored hostility towards me or posed a threat. Seal had not violated those conditions, and I couldn’t bring myself to devour her.

Yet, in a way, there was a voice in my head saying, “I suppose it’s okay if I have her consent.”

Initially, I established the conditions for devouring souls to prevent myself from becoming a monster consumed by power, attacking others indiscriminately. If individuals understand the circumstances and willingly offer their souls, I believe it’s unnecessary to fulfill the original conditions.

After pondering for a moment, I raised an important point to Seal.

“By devouring the soul, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be bad effects manifest later, you know?”

The souls I devour will recover in time – that’s what I’ve decided – but it’s not unlikely that Miroslav, Luna María and Iria will suddenly die or become disabled one day.

It’s also possible that the Soul Devourer could suddenly change their personalities. In the case of Miroslav, who hated me like never before, he became eerily docile. In several cases it was the same with Luna María.

I told Seal about it too, but the beast girl didn’t change her attitude towards me. At this point I’m glad about Seal’s decision.

So, let’s get started – I was going to say that, but when I saw the slave collar around Seal’s neck, I stopped myself.

I am in complete possession of Seal. Obviously that should have had a strong influence on the situation. In other words, the words “it’s okay to devour her soul” are not free will for Seal. Because Luna María, who is also a slave, is doing it, there seems to be a certain pressure.

It wouldn’t be right to exploit that feeling. Although it may not be “forced,” it left a sour taste. Thus, I decided to take a step back.

“Well, in that case, I’ll release you from slavery.”

“Eh? But, that’s…”

Interrupting Seal’s attempt to say something, I continued speaking.

“If your feelings don’t change after that, then I’ll proceed without any reservations.”

For now, this conversation would be postponed until we returned to Ishka. As I conveyed my decision, Seal displayed an unusually annoyed expression. It appeared that they had prepared themselves and now felt frustrated.

Well, considering I was delaying the conversation immediately after they had mentally prepared for it, it was understandable that they would be in a bad mood.

I apologized for that, but devouring Seal now might damage her consciousness.

However, I didn’t expect Seal’s response. I didn’t know if Suzume would express a similar sentiment in due time. With that in mind, I continued interacting with Seal.

Ordinarily, she was a calm girl, or perhaps precisely because of that, she proved difficult to handle when in a bad mood.

Fortunately, Seal’s sour mood didn’t last long, and by the time we left the royal capital the following day, she had returned to her usual self. I secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

By the way, Claudia did not accompany us on the return journey.

She expressed a desire to come with us, but considering the recent attack and her just being released from a year-long curse, Duke Dragnote vehemently shook his head at the idea of immediate emigration.

Claudia would wait a little longer, allowing her physical condition to stabilize before joining us in Ishka.

In this manner, we departed from the royal capital, where the aftermath of the attack still lingered, and set off towards Ishka.

To be honest, I expected some form of contact or obstruction from the prince, who was infatuated with Kurausora, or from Marquis Corquia, who had ties to the empire. However, due to the recent events involving Jijinbo, they didn’t seem to be in the mood for such interactions. Thus, the journey back was rather peaceful.

Just as I started to feel relieved after a few days, my state of alertness resurfaced the moment I laid eyes on the familiar walls of Ishka. I was glad we had returned without any incidents— that’s what I thought. However, it was premature to feel at ease.

That’s because standing in front of the house, wearing a troubled expression, was a young man who looked remarkably familiar.

The instant I saw his face, I instinctively furrowed my brows and murmured his name.


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