Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 1 Chapter 19

Episode 19 [Date]

Today is the date with Tanaka. Based on Hanazono’s advice, I arrive at the meeting spot a little early. Preparations are perfect. My hair is styled with wax. And I’m wearing the clothes Hanazono picked out. As long as I don’t say or do anything weird, there shouldn’t be any issues.
I’m a little concerned about yesterday’s Hanazono, but I can’t let it interfere with today’s date. I’ll talk to Hanazono after the date ends. That’s what I thought.

15 minutes before the promised time. I wait for Tanaka at the meeting place I used for my date with Hanazono before. This time there’s no sight of any weird foreigners.
I suddenly remember something unpleasant. I waited for Michiba at the karaoke place for two hours. At that time, I felt lonely and sad. I doubted if it was my own mistake. It was Michiba’s malice in the name of a joke.
I don’t know if Michiba can become normal. I’m far from ordinary myself. The human heart is difficult.
Even so, will Tanaka properly come see me?

“Huh? Toudo, you’re early! Hehe, good morning!”
Sooner than I expected, Tanaka showed up at the meeting spot.
I should be used to seeing her in casual clothes from our part-time job. But today she looks fashionable.
“Good morning, Tanaka. Y-you, your clothes today are very cute than usual. …Oh, my bad, disregard that. Tanaka herself looks cuter today.”
Indeed, Tanaka was very cute. Her eye-catching blonde hair also looks great with casual clothes. She’s very beautiful. I couldn’t find the words to express it.
“Happy to hear! Look, follow me Toudo!”
“What? But according to the plans after this, I have to wa-wait here Tanaka–“
Tanaka takes my arm. I feel Tanaka’s scent and warmth through my body.
I was so shocked that I couldn’t make a sound. My heart rate jumped up. No, that doesn’t matter. If this continues, my actions will deviate from the plan. That would be troublesome.
“Okay, I’ll go to the juice cafe. But until then, keep me company!”
“Ta, Tanaka”
I was pushed on the back by Tanaka and began walking into town.

Just walking around, why does she have such a happy expression on her face? It’s only a five minute walk to the juice cafe, our destination.
The flowing scenery all seemed fresh. It was different from my date with Hanazono, Tanaka was more carefree.
“Let’s go to the pet shop in the shopping center first!”
“The pet shop? Is that a place for dates?”
“Just come, hurry!”
Tanaka held my hand the whole time. I don’t know much about relationships between men and women. Is it okay to hold hands? She doesn’t seem bothered by it, so I’ll leave that matter on hold.
However, in my date plan… No, the plan is gone now. It’s the same as tests. If you cram at the last minute, cracks will show when unpredictable situations arise.
That’s my current state. Still, I had a good talk with Hanazono and studied. I must have gained some experience points.
–Spend time enjoying myself with Tanaka. That’s all I need to think about. Throw away the plan. It’s like the survival training in the forest during elementary school.

I headed to the shopping center, pulled along by Tanaka.
There were lots of puppies and kitties in the pet shop.
My heart hasn’t stopped pounding this whole time. This heart rate isn’t healthy.
“Ah, a Pomeranian! So cute!”
“Yes, many have bold personalities but are very fluffy and cute.”
“Does Toudou like animals?”
“Yes, I love them.”
I do like animals. They don’t need to have complicated emotions like humans.
Someday I’d like to live with a dog.
“I’m a dog person. Does Toudou like cats or dogs more?”
“I… like both.”
Dogs were my friends. Cats were also my friends. But they’re gone now. It’s a very sad thing, yet I don’t feel anything now. Even searching my memories, I just know the fact that we were together. There are no emotions remembered.

Suddenly, I sensed something by my feet.
A small dog tied to a leash was squirming around my feet.
“Woof woof, ruff ruff… Bow wow, bow wow, woof woof, woof woof!”
“Pugsuke!? No way!!”
“…Hime? And this dog is…”
Hime, whom I met in the night streets, stood there. …Even though she was this close, I couldn’t sense her presence. Why? Was it because I was with Tanaka and felt at ease?
“Oh, hahaha, I saw Toudou’s figure, so I approached, but oh dear, you’re with a girl.”
“Ah, he’s my dear friend Tanaka. Tanaka, this lady here… um, the name…”
I don’t remember the name. …I only know her as Hime. This is troublesome.
“Oh, hahaha, you still haven’t remembered my name, huh… well, it can’t be helped. My name is Sumire Hiratsuka.”
I see, remembered. I probably won’t forget unless something significant happens.
“Um, I’m Haru Tanaka. N-Nice to meet you.”
“It feels so stiff. Anyway, I’m gonna go because I’m intruding! Enjoy yourselves!”
Hime was about to head towards the back of the pet shop, holding the dog, but for some reason, she stopped.
She came back towards me, gently handing over the dog she was carrying.
“W-Why did you give the dog? W-What should I do? It’s incredibly cute, but am I holding it right? I read about it in a book—”
“Okay, okay, then, Haru, get closer to Toudou. Since we’re at it, I’ll take a picture for you!”
“Ehehe, the dog is so cute. It’s licking Toudou.”
Tanaka approaches me. The distance is very close. It’s very embarrassing.
“Bow, bow-wow, bow-wow, bow-bow, bow-wow!”
It’s been barking at me this whole time. It seems like it’s trying to tell me something.
“Ta, Tanaka, help…”
“It’s okay. It doesn’t dislike you.”
No, the close distance between me and Tanaka is also an issue.
“Toudou, don’t move! Lend me your smartphone.”
I hand over my smartphone to Hime while holding the dog in one hand. Then, Hime takes multiple shots with the camera.
“Ehehe, the puppy is licking Toudou. It fell asleep being held by Toudou. Okay, I should get going now. You two enjoy your date! See you!”
This time, the girl went towards the back grooming area.
As I watched her back, I felt discomfort in my side.
Tanaka had puffed up her cheeks and was poking my side with her pointed lips.
“Toudou’s so popular. That girl was so cute. …Come to think of it, Michiba and Hana-chan are both cute too.”
“No, I didn’t realy pay attention. And I think Tanaka is the cutest.”
“Wha, Toudou, that’s embarrassing!”
Tanaka still had puffed up cheeks but had a happy expression. That was the right response.
“Ah, can I see the pictures from earlier?”
“O, okay.”
I show Tanaka the pictures on my phone.
“Yeah yeah, they came out really nice. Let’s take lots of pictures today, Toudou!”
“Very well…”
And so, our date began from the pet shop–

At the shop–
“Toudou, this stuffed animal is cute!”
“Um, is this cute? It looks like an alien but…”
“It’s cute! Ehehe, maybe I’ll get it as a souvenir for Hana-chan.”
“Then how about this. Hanazono likes hamsters.”
“Ah, that’s cute too.”


Even after moving to the candy store–
“Toudou likes sweets right? Did you like them since you were little?”
“When I was little I didn’t get to eat sweets much. The only thing I ate was candies.”
“I see, that’s why you like them now.”
“The cake I ate with Tanaka was especially delicious.”
“Wha, Toudou, that’s embarrassing!”

Time passed quickly. I even forgot about going to the juice shop, our destination.
“So this is the famous game center I’ve heard about. You can take weird pictures with those machines?”
“Yeah, let’s go try it!”
“O, okay, if you say so…”
“Umm, like this… There. Toudou, do a peace sign!”
“Like this?”
“Ahaha, your face is all stiff.”
“Tanaka, too close, isn’t it?”
“It’s fine if it’s with Toudou.”

Even at the plaza with a view of the bay–
“I’m glad the weather is nice! Toudou, let’s take a picture over there!”
“Tanaka, don’t rush or you’ll fall.”
“I’ll be fine– Kyaa!”
“Yes, just as I said. I… I’m sorry, I had to catch you.”
“U, yeah, thanks. I don’t mind.”
“…Do you, still need support?”
“Just a little longer like this is fine.”
“Hey, Tanaka…”
We took many pictures. It’s called a selfie. The me in the pictures had a smile. Tanaka was also smiling.
We both looked like we were having fun. The date I had with Hanazono the other day was fun too. But being on a date with Tanaka felt a little different. When I’m with Tanaka, my heart goes thump thump. Just what is this feeling?

My emotions can’t keep up. But I understand one thing – right now, I’m having fun.
Time seems to pass very quickly. I’ve heard about it but didn’t think I would get to experience it myself. I don’t want it to end. I was able to spend such time that makes me feel that way with Tanaka.

At our original destination, the juice shop, we finally arrived at a karaoke place on the third floor of the shopping center.
But why karaoke?
“Huh? Hurry up and go in. Because I wanted to go karaoke with Toudou right?”
“Ah, yes but, that’s–“
“You wanted to go with everyone but couldn’t right? There might be some bad memories but, I’ll go with you!”
“Tanaka, got it. I’m going so stop pulling my sleeve.”
And so, I tried karaoke for the first time.

The karaoke box was a small private room.
Tanaka skillfully operated the machine. I observed the interior. Nothing seemed suspicious.
Not knowing what to do, I drank all the juice I brought from the drink bar.
“Wha!? Too fast! Anyway, I’ll go first so pick a song you want to sing with this!”
She put a tablet and tambourine on my lap. A tambourine… How do I use this? While I was confused, Tanaka grabbed the mic and started singing.
When the intro played, a song I knew that was popular on the streets came on. I think it’s sung by an idol called Hamster Girls. Tanaka’s body swayed to the intro. I mechanically hit the tambourine with an unchanging rhythm, a bit hesitantly.
When the intro ended and Tanaka started singing,

The air in the room changed–
I got goosebumps on my back. In that instant, Tanaka had taken over this space. It was only a moment. I forgot about hitting the tambourine. Tanaka’s singing voice resonated directly in my head.
I’ve heard singing on TV before. I understood it theoretically. I’ve also experienced chorus contests.
My goosebumps won’t go away. I’ve only gotten goosebumps like this when I’ve felt my life was in danger–
Tanaka’s voice pierces my body. Calling it moving feels inadequate.
I wasn’t interested in music before. I didn’t understand why singing was popular all over the world. The answer was here.
When Tanaka finished the song, I was naturally applauding.
It was my first time experiencing this. Tanaka seemed like a different person when she was singing.

“Phew–, first time since I went with my brother… Toudou, you okay!?”
I couldn’t stop applauding. For some reason, sweat was coming out of my face. Why? I only listened to singing. There’s only one thing I can say.
“…I’m glad I came to karaoke with Tanaka.”
“Hehe, I’m glad I brought you! I’ll keep you company anytime! Ah, Toudou, let’s sing this song together!”
Tanaka passes me the mic. I haven’t picked a song yet…
Of course I can’t sing my chorus contest songs here. If I did that, Hanazono would scold me later. I have to sing a more trendy song.
“–Tanaka, sorry but… can I sing the song Tanaka sang?”
“Huh? I don’t mind at all! Then press here!”
–I remember the lyrics and melody. Plus I had the best example.
When the song started playing, I gripped the mic tightly and started singing–

“Amazing!! So good!!”
I sang desperately.
Since it was a girl’s song, there were some parts where the pitch was off, but I think I sang it almost perfectly.
But, I find it strange. My singing had a completely different quality from Tanaka’s.
There may also be technical issues I’m not aware of.
I asked Tanaka about it.
“Ah, that’s, you know! It’s a little embarrassing but, isn’t it about liking the song or not? Singing with feeling, you know, ahh it’s difficult!”
“No, I understand. I sang desperately. Rather than singing, it was more like imitating Tanaka. So that’s why… I see, it’s a deep world. It’s very interesting. Also, singing together with a friend is very fun.”
After finishing singing, my body was wrapped in a sense of accomplishment. It’s a strange feeling.
Tanaka looked at me with a happy face.
“Hehe, I’m glad I brought you! I’ll keep you company anytime! Ah, Toudou, let’s sing this song together!”
I sing together with Tanaka. Is this what everyday life is like for high schoolers?
Can everyone sing this well? No, Tanaka is special. I was able to have the valuable experience of being moved by art for the first time.

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