Aristocratic Daughters Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 3

At the same time.
“Elena, want to go home together today?”
“W-what’s with you all of a sudden…”
As they walk down the hallway together, Byleth makes such a proposal.
“N-no, well… I guess?”
“Ah, I see. You’re afraid, aren’t you? Afraid of confirming father’s invitation all by yourself. You still haven’t opened it, have you?”
“…I-if you understand that, isn’t it unnecessary to ask?”
“Hehe, even at eighteen, you can’t even open a letter by yourself. I worry about your future.”
She lightly taps his shoulder.
Looking beside him, Elena is there, with a smirk on her face and a hand covering her mouth.
She’s clearly teasing Byleth.
“Haah. You always tease me whenever you have the upper hand, Elena.”
“I’ve told you this morning, it’s your fault for always being mean to me. You’re not normally like this.”
“I know it’s a little late for this, but am I that mean? “
“Yes, you are. You didn’t tell me about Alan’s consultation, or when you teased me about being embarrassed when I wasn’t?”
“I’m sure you were teasing me, but I don’t remember doing that…”
(Though, that teasing didn’t seem all that mean.)
byleth keep these thoughts to himself to maintain the atmosphere.
“Well, you can be mean too, Elena.”
“Oh really? Then tell me where I’m mean.”
“The chocolate you give as thanks for helping Alan’s consultation? It was slightly melted. I see that as a subtle form of teasing.”
“Oh, you… Only Sia would think of such cute teasing.”
“Haha, true.”
It seems she understands the playful banter.
“If I were to use chocolate for teasing, I’d melt it completely before giving it to you.”
“Not so cute teasing, huh?”
“What about you?”
“I guess… I’d say something like, ‘I’ll give you this chocolate, so hold out your hand,’ and then I’d put a bug I caught on your hand.”
“Heh. That’s the kind of unexpected thinking that leads to rumors about you being bad.”
“Sorry about that.”
It was a famous prank in Byleth past life, but apparently, it’s not acceptable in this world. Byleth reminded once again that you’re in a different world.
“…You have quite the difference between when you’re serious and when you’re not, huh?”
“Yes, people might misunderstand and think you’re doing it for the contrast.”
“That much, huh?”
It sounds like a compliment. Byleth accept it graciously.
“Oh, I meant to ask earlier, but I gave the chocolate I got to Sia too. It was really good, so I wanted her to have some too.”
“You’re always so kind. How did she react?”
“She took a small bite at first, then widened her eyes and said, ‘Mmm!’ She quickly put the rest in her mouth and enjoyed it.”
She’s a pure and straightforward girl. Sia can easily express expression.
“I see. If she was that happy, I’ll bring some more next time.”
“I-Is it okay? Chocolate is expensive, isn’t it?”
“Well, who knows? I’ll give you a vague answer like you often do.”
“I really wish you’d be honest about this…”
“Even if it’s expensive, would you accept it graciously? It might be wise not to ask.”
“…R-right. Thank you. Sia will surely be delighted.”
Byleth learned that it’s expensive from her answer, but he’ll accept her kindness.
Elena seems satisfied with that, as she smiles and tugs on his hem.
“Just so you know, don’t keep it all to yourself.”
“I wouldn’t do that…”
That would make Sia sad.
If Byleth were to do something, it would be a prank like pretending to give her the chocolate but then eating it himself.
“Well, now that we’re done with that tangent… I’m okay with going home with you.”
“Of course, but I’ll demand a present from you in return.”
Her unexpected condition turns Byleth joy into astonishment.
“[Huh?] Not that. I want a present from you, just like you give one to Sia.”
With a haughty attitude and slightly pursed lips, Elena continues.
“That’s not all… From now on, whenever that girl brags about you with a happy face, I’ll feel jealous, you know? It’s unfair. So, as her master, you should take responsibility.”
“Haha, that would be awkward if you said that.”
Sia, who can’t hide her emotions, would be pitiful.
Of course, she understands that too, which is why she’s making this request.
“By the way, what kind of present do you want, Elena?”
“…I want your time as a present.”
“It’s simple. After meeting with your father, I want to spend time with you. [Don’t leave right away.]”
It may seem easy for Byleth to provide, but in reality, it’s not.
“I-I think that’s already… Isn’t that it? After meeting your Father, it’s a tactic to completely cut off my escape route…”
“Hehe, while it may seem like that, it wasn’t my intention.”
“Yes. I just… I just think it’s unfair. So, would you like to play with me?”
She pleaded with a hint of a pout in her eyes.
At that moment, Elena’s voice was filled with genuine emotion.
“You really wanted to play that much?”
“Uh, well… I’m just saying it’s mean when you interrogate me like that.”
“Sorry, sorry! So, after I speak with your father, can we spend some time together?”
“Just so you know, it’ll be in my room. So…”
“Okay. Not in the guest room?”
“Well, technically, yes…”
“Oh, I see…”
“What kind of response is that? Are you saying you don’t want to be alone with me? If you say you don’t, I won’t forgive you.”
“No, it’s not that. I’m just wondering if it’s okay to come to your room…”
“If it’s bothersome, I won’t make such invitations. It’s obvious…”
Blushing, Elena muttered. Though she seemed slightly irritated, it was just shyness.
“Well, now that you mention it… Okay, let’s do it in your room.”
“Promise. But make sure to consider our time together and adjust the timing.”
“Of course, I’ll do that.”
“…Hmm, alright then.”
Seeing Byleth nod enthusiastically, Elena turned away.
Byleth didn’t notice the smile on her face reflected in the window.


Time passed, and during the lunch break…
“It’s a big story, isn’t it? I didn’t know that Miss Elena’s father was there at that dinner”
“Yeah… It’s just too much of a coincidence.”
Byleth, who had finished his meal and headed to the library, was telling Luna about the recent events.
Instead of replying while reading, she had stopped reading altogether, focusing her eyes firmly on him, which was unusual for her.
“I wonder what the discussion will be about…”
“It’ll mostly be about the topics I discussed with him. Common ground, you know.”
“Him? Oh, yeah… Alan, right?”
Elena’s younger brother, Alan, had discussed matters concerning business.
Essentially, it meant engaging in discussions on a level where the opponent had too much experience and expertise.
“Yes, …… “
“That sounds… burdensome. Given who you’re dealing with.”
“Yeah… It’s not that I dislike it, but powerful people are intimidating.”
“What does the scion of the Duke’s family say?”
“Well, that’s a different matter…”
She was accustomed to receiving such flat responses without any expression.
“It’s useless to say this out loud, but if you were the type to ignore those in trouble, things might have been different.”
“You say that, but isn’t Luna the type to help people in need?”
“I’m not that kind-hearted.”
“I find that hard to believe. Luna is kind and was even trying to help Alan.”
“If you think so, then that’s fine. It’s not a bad impression.”
“Yeah, yeah…”
While Luna delved into difficult management books, jotting down her own opinions, she understood the risks, even with the responsibility it entailed.
Unlike Byleth, who didn’t even know there were risks associated with higher status, Luna was different.
Upon reflection, Luna’s actions were humane and admirable enough to be imitated.
“Um, will you be going home right after the meeting?”
“At first, that was the plan, but I’ll be spending some time with Elena afterward. She invited me to her room.”
“In her room…?”
“Yeah, it’s surprising, right? I even double-checked if it was the guest room, but she insisted it was her own.”
“Why do you think Elena invited you to her room?”
“Isn’t it just more convenient that way? With a guest room, the servants would be too attentive, and Elena’s the type to consider that.”
“Could there be another reason?”
“Another reason?”
“…I’m sorry, I suddenly forgot.”
“Haha, Luna, you do that too?”
“I’m only human.”
She skillfully evaded, and Byleth didn’t notice. There was a certain answer within Luna,
but she chose not to speak it, deeming it unsuitable to disclose.
“In return, I remembered to inform you of something.”
“During the second break, Sia came to greet me.”
“Huh, really!? What for…? Did she disturb your reading?”
“What do you think?”
“W-why such a scary response…”
Byleth was worried because Luna cherished her reading time.
Moreover, Sia was like a pure child who would bask in the sun if left outside.
[What kind of book are you reading!?]
Luna’s interest in the book she was reading made her wonder if she had made a mistake. However, it was all unnecessary worry.
“Sia is very capable, isn’t she? She gave me a very firm greeting.”
“I see. That’s good then.”
“But she inadvertently give me a jab.”
“…Wait a moment. I’m sorry, could you tell me more about that?”
Relief was fleeting. The impact of being informed of a “jab” from “but” was indeed powerful.
“She was talking gleefully. About receiving a gift from you. And… about having her head petted.”
“I haven’t had my head petted by you, and Sia only came to thank you, so I called it an ‘unintentional jab.'”
“Uh, sorry about that. Sia’s the type to spill everything she’s happy about.”
This was something that probably wouldn’t change, even with caution. Even if caution were given, it was easy to imagine slipping up.
Furthermore, for a maid, whose job included supporting her master, the caution was indeed misplaced.
Since their current school life was going smoothly, it couldn’t be considered a major problem.
“Judging from Sia’s behavior, I could tell she had her head petted multiple times, or for a long time. I understood that much.”
“Y-Yeah… That’s correct.”
Sia’s straightforwardness was truly genuine. Luna genuinely worried she might be deceived by a bad man someday.
“After conversing with Sia, I understand that you are truly cherished.”
“…If it weren’t for Sia, things wouldn’t have turned out like this.”
“I don’t think so.”
“I do.”
This was where Luna’s opinion was likely correct. She had indeed done terrible things in the past.
It was because Sia was pure that she believed in reasons like “[Those actions were for Sia’s growth].”
That one phrase summed it all up.
” …… Do you usually pat her head when she asks for it?”
“W-Well, it’s only recently that I’ve started to take that kind of physical affection, but generally, yeah, it’s like that.”
“I see.”
Luna seemed to be breaking down her words, making them more digestible.
“Do you wonder about those things, Luna?”
“I’ve never thought about it before, but after seeing Sia’s expression, I became curious about experiencing it once.”
“Ah, Luna’s the third daughter, so wouldn’t it be better if you asked your older sister?”
“I personally prefer it from the opposite sex rather than the same sex.”
“Ah, that makes sense too.”
For some reason, she closed her mouth and stared at him with sleepy eyes as soon as he agreed with her opinion.
“Is it just me, or are you trying to rely on me…?”
“If it’s a hypothetical situation, what would you do if I asked you to do something like that?”
“Um… Well, it would be difficult. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just embarrassing. And the situation matters too.”
“Please tell me more.”
“The act of petting someone’s head isn’t something you do often, so unless it’s a situation where you’ve done something good or noble, the hurdle is high.”
“It’s like how Luna would feel difficult if I asked her to pet my head, right?”
“…I understand.”
“Well, that’s good.”
To his own response, Luna didn’t speak, only moving her mouth slightly.
[That’s not good.]
Luna had many thoughts running through her mind.
At the end of the meeting invited by Elena’s father, perhaps talks of engagement might come up.
Furthermore, an invitation to her room.
As a premise, the fact remained that it was a place she wouldn’t allow anyone who wasn’t important to enter.
Her room is a place that only an important person would invite you to.
” …… “
This was probably also a “revenge measure: against their recent date.
[Spending time with Bureto in her room] was the most “revenge” there was.
Contrary to that, and wanting to become closer, Luna wanted him to pet her head, but she found herself oddly convinced.
Things weren’t going as planned, and frustration was building.
[…Miss Elena, isn’t it okay to let me have a little more…?]
Unavoidable frustration, unavoidable jealousy.
Today, Luna managed to endure it, but every time she looked at the bookmark she received as a gift, her anxiety grew.
One day, it might overflow naturally.

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