My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 8 part 1

Chapter 8: Holiday Episode

The day after the turbulent school camp had ended.
Since they had used the weekend for the camp, today was a makeup holiday.
Even though it was past 9 in the morning, Saito was still in the realm of dreams.
And that was understandable.
Yesterday, with the incident involving Akashi, he was mentally exhausted and had a chaotic time. Additionally, the bus got stuck in traffic on the way back, and by the time they arrived home, it was already past 9 at night.
From there, he had dinner, took a bath, brushed his teeth, tried to secretly put his dirty jersey in the washing machine but got caught by his mother and received a lecture. He finally went to bed after 1 AM, two hours later than usual.
It was natural that his daily rhythm would be disrupted.
The door to his room opened.
In response to the sound, Saito’s consciousness surfaced.
(Who is it?)
With closed heavy eyelids, he thought about the person entering his room.
Basically, there was no one entering this room in the morning.
This is because Saito wakes up early and is usually outside the room.
No one visited a room with no one inside.
Also, Saito’s parents, who were generally laissez-faire, wouldn’t bother waking him up on a day without school. They wouldn’t come to wake him up.
(Father came to get manga? …Wait, isn’t my father working today?)
With a still sleepy mind, Saito remembered that his father had been borrowing manga from his room lately.
But thinking carefully, today was a weekday.
His father was working and not at home.
(Then, who is it?)
Such a question came to mind, and Saito opened his eyes.
He met clear, sapphire-like beautiful eyes.
Facing eyes that shouldn’t belong to the Minazuki family, Saito blinked in surprise.
Seemingly amused by Saito’s reaction, the girl with sapphire eyes smiled.
“Good morning, Saito.”
“Good morning. So, why is Lily here?”
After exchanging morning greetings, Saito asked why his childhood friend was in his house.
As far as Saito remembered, he hadn’t received any message from her yesterday about coming over.
In response, she smiled mischievously and said,
“Just felt like it. Came over on a whim.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Saito, who had never experienced this before, groaned in dissatisfaction. Lily giggled, finding his reaction entertaining.
Seeing this, Saito probably guessed that she had acted spontaneously to surprise him.
Even if she came without notice, Saito’s mother, Yabana, was exceptionally indulgent to Lily.
Even if Lily suddenly came over, she would warmly welcome her, abandoning her household chores.
(She’s a free spirit.)
Inwardly sighing at his childhood friend’s actions, Saito got out of bed.
Stretching widely to loosen his stiff body, his stomach growled loudly.
“Can I eat something? I’m starving from waking up.”
“Sure. It’s my bad for barging in like this. Just as usual.”
Saito couldn’t leave his childhood friend, who had come all this way, unattended.
Despite knowing she would forgive him, he still sought confirmation.
As expected, Lily gave her okay, so Saito left his room to have the breakfast that would be in the living room.
“Let’s dig in.”
“Here, help yourself.”
Entering the living room, there was no sign of his mother who had presumably let Lily in.
She must have gone out for shopping or something.
Normally, Yabana would reply, but this time, Lily responded instead.
“You didn’t cook any of this, did you?”
“Do you really think so?”
“Hey, is this Takosan sausage, miso soup, or green onion tamagoyaki that you made?”
As Saito was about to start breakfast, Lily said something meaningful, causing him to pause.
Looking down, there were indeed many elaborate dishes today.
Perhaps there was something Lily made among them. Saito scrutinized the options.
“Yeah, kidding. You think I’d go that far?”
“Damn! You got me! Ugh, you’re so mean!”
However, that was Lily’s blatant lie.
In reality, there wasn’t a single dish made by Lily.
Falling for Lily’s trick, Saito bit his lower lip.
Trying to think of a way to retaliate, he spotted the home video game console in the living room.
(This is it!)
An idea came to Saito’s mind.


A plan to foil his childhood friend’s smug smile came to Saito’s mind.
Implementing the plan immediately, after quickly finishing breakfast,
Saito placed the dishes in the sink and said,
“Alright, Lily. Let’s play Marika!”
And so,
Without knowing what Saito had in mind, Lily casually agreed.
(You fool, gotcha.)
Internally laughing triumphantly, Saito turned on the TV and started the game.
Handing her a controller, the two sat side by side on the sofa, facing the TV.
Moving the cursor and selecting a game, the mustache man enthusiastically shouted the title call.
“So, 150, okay?”
“As usual, the loser of the game has to do whatever the winner says for the penalty game.”
While adjusting the settings, Saito tried to attach the usual penalty game.
Expecting something from Saito’s expression, Lily, who had been cautious, looked surprised.
This was because Saito and Lily’s records in this game were almost evenly split,
For many years, thanks to their skills and shared knowledge, there’s no guarantee that Saito can always win against his opponent.
Yet, is his childhood friend really that stupid to propose a penalty game?
(She’s probably thinking that.)
However, the reactions so far have been exactly as Saito anticipated.
The real focus of the plan is the Grand Prix selection.
“Alright, today we’re going for the Ultra Mash Grand Prix. Race start!”
“Ultra Mash… Wait, I don’t know this stage! Why wasn’t there anything like this before?!”
As Saito selects the Grand Prix and presses race start, the screen switches to an unfamiliar stage, leaving Lily’s face filled with astonishment.
The calmness she had moments ago is gone, and her genuine panic is now apparent.
In response to Lily’s ideal reaction, Saito can’t help but let out a smile.
“Haha, a new download content came out a week ago after five years. Oh, by the way, I’ve raced on it a few times, so I’m well-prepared.”
And finally, the reveal.
When he informs her that he has raced on the recently released stage multiple times, she complains like a child.
Of course, she would.
The fair competition she thought it was turned out to be an unfair match for Lily.
However, this is something easily known if she had taken the time to gather information online.
It’s her fault for neglecting research, not being cautious, and accepting the challenge without any vigilance.
“Come on, you should check the screen soon, or you’ll miss the starting dash.”
“Ugh! Mind your own business. I’ll show you that I can win even on a first-time course.”
“Hah, give it a try. I think it’s impossible, though.”
Teasing his childhood friend who’s glaring at him, Saito successfully raises Lily’s excitement level.
Her face no longer shows the ease she had when mocking Saito earlier. Instead, she’s entirely serious.
It seems he successfully provoked a reaction from her, which is satisfying for Saito.
Still, he doesn’t want to be force-fed snacks through his nose, so he decides to take the match seriously.
“Why!? It was right on the first lap, but now it’s going left on the second lap! It doesn’t make any sense!”
“That’s the course. Deal with it.”
“Why is there a car coming there!? It’s a violation of traffic rules!”
“Don’t expect real-life laws in a game.”
“If I get first place in the final race, it’s my win with one billion points, right!?”
“Aww~!? Then, my loss is confirmed.”
“Don’t mind.”
As it turned out, Saito won overwhelmingly.
The new course turned out to be more complicated than Lily had imagined, and she was completely manipulated by it.
Around the third lap, she complained like a grade schooler, but in a match where a penalty was at stake, Saito had no intention of letting her off easy, and the race ended with him simply racing.
“Hmm? What should the penalty be?”
So, it was penalty time, but Saito was struggling to come up with an idea.
“…You proposed it yourself and didn’t think about it?”
“Well, I did think about it. But the match ended so easily in my favor that it seemed too harsh to make you do something tough.”
Even though the piercing gaze from the side was painful, the cause was the childhood friend who directed that gaze at him.
Because she made him do something like eating snacks through her nose, Saito had prepared something in return.
However, the one-sidedness of the match had taken away the excitement.
“Is that so? …By the way, what were you thinking of doing?”
Knowing that she won’t experience anything too harsh,
Lily curiously asks Saito what he had in mind.
“I was thinking of having you eat one Gero (vomit) flavor and one rotten egg flavor of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans or drink a spoonful of Death Sauce.”
“Harsh!? Just for losing one Grand Prix?”
Honest about what he had in mind, Saito receives the response that it’s too much.
Either option would be hell. That’s obvious.
More lenient penalty games could be something like a shoulder massage or treating the winner to a drink. However, those wouldn’t be as interesting.
Trying to come up with a better idea, Saito suddenly recalls something appropriate in the bathroom.
“Oh, how about wearing a maid outfit? I found one in the washing machine yesterday.”

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