Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 22

XXII Battle of Brix

Kimblee was a veteran general of Dorsen Country.
Tall and gaunt, perhaps due to passing 50 years of age, his formerly gray hair had significantly whitened. As a military man his back was straight, his expression ever stern, giving off an air of tension to those around him.
Having experienced numerous large and small wars, he took steady strategy and tactics.
With deep trust from the King of Dorsen, Kimblee, granted full authority for the invasion of Cadonia, properly prepared.
Firstly, exercises at the Cadonia border.
The objective was a demonstration of force to the Cadonia northern nobles, but the exercises mainly simulated against the Faloon army.
Faloon’s projected troop count was 2000. Considering national power, that should be around their maximum mobilization.
In contrast, Dorsen’s troop count was 10,000. A 5 times troop advantage.
Common sense said there was no way they could lose.
However, the personal army of Faloon’s king known as the Hundred that suppressed the stampede were said to be elites whose ability couldn’t be looked down on.
Therefore, Kimblee trained the knights and soldiers in groups of three to always take on one opponent together.
No matter how strong a warrior, fighting multiple opponents is difficult. Humans are animals that demonstrate power when organized. Therefore they can defeat monsters far stronger than humans.
With three trained soldiers, they should be able to easily handle it.
There was another problem.
The current Queen of Faloon – Thunder Emperor Frau. A genius magician known as a prodigy from a young age.
Magicians are dangerous on the battlefield. Powerful magic can overturn the battle situation in one strike.
However, even with the group of mages, the numerical advantage was on their side here. No matter how excellent a magician, there are limits to the magic power one can wield.
As countermeasures, Kimblee ordered the sorcerers to thoroughly deploy barrier spells, training them in this during exercises.
There was no need to fire attack spells. He believed that without the effects of magic, they could overwhelm with troop difference.
And the biggest problem was the Faloon King, Zeros.
The man who seized power militarily, boasted the strongest in Faloon’s arena, and distinguished himself in the Cadonia stampede.
Most likely the blood of his ancestors, the heroes, strongly manifested.
Heroes receive divine protection. It would be no surprise for them to demonstrate superhuman power. No matter how many they surrounded him with, casualties might increase.
Therefore Kimblee borrowed two of the knights known as the Five Heavenly Seats directly serving the king.
The Five Heavenly Seats were famous as Dorsen’s greatest warriors. Comparable to S-Rank adventurers.
They would probably match Zeros in strength. Even if Zeros possessed greater power, two of them should be able to win.
If they could just defeat the Faloon army, the Cadonia forces would likely collapse at that point. Their morale was low, not even needing to be dealt with.
In fact, most of the lords who ruled Cadonia’s north readily responded to their manipulation here. The new king being Faloon royalty was also a factor for their easy betrayal it seemed.
Having made these preparations, Kimblee commenced the invasion of Cadonia.

The Cadonia nobles along the invasion route offered no resistance at all.
A let down with nothing whatsoever.
Not even troops stationed in the mountains expected to be obstacles.
As the advancing Dorsen army passed through northern Cadonia, they finally met the enemy forces.
The allied forces of Faloon and Cadonia.
The location was a plain surrounded by mountains and forest. Called Brix Plain.
Thus began the battle between the Dorsen army and Faloon-Cadonia allied forces, later called the Battle of Brix.
The opening of the war turned into a long-range magic battle.
As planned the Dorsen army deployed barriers, devoted to defense.
Numerous attack spells from the Faloon forces struck those barriers.
Deafening roars like the atmosphere itself was shaking, the warhorses grew restless.
Kimblee inquired about the situation from a sorcerer waiting nearby.
“More powerful magic than expected. However, we can block it. Shall we return fire aiming for when they run out of magic power?”
“No, unnecessary.”
Wary of giving the enemy a chance to target them when they fired magic attacks, Kimblee ordered the sorcerers to just maintain the barriers.
Then when Faloon’s attack magic stopped, he switched to the offensive.
“Dispatch the 3rd and 4th Knight Orders on the right wing, the 5th and 6th Knight Orders on the left wing.”
On the enemy Faloon right wing were 500 of the Red Knight Order, on the left wing 500 of the Black Knight Order.
In response the Dorsen army deployed four Knight Orders from each flank. With 500 per Knight Order, 1000 troops per flank. Double the Faloon forces.
The two knight forces, mainly cavalry, immediately clashed.
They should have overwhelming numerical advantage, but didn’t seem to be pushing through.
Kimblee muttered.
The dispatched Knight Orders were all experienced and highly trained.
To match them, what’s more with double the numbers, the enemy knights were stronger than expected.
But it was within expectations. He had information that almost all the Red and Black Knight Orders belonged to the Hundred, so he saw them as virtual elites.
Rather, that 2000 troops could match about half the Faloon forces was plenty enough.
The remaining Faloon forces were 1000. The Cadonia army had around 1000 as rear guard but they probably wouldn’t amount to battle strength.
In contrast, 8000 troops remained on their side. With the headquarters being 3000, the main force was 5000. 5 times the enemy forces.
No problem at all.
Judging so, Kimblee ordered the main force, mainly infantry, to attack.
5000 soldiers advanced, piercing through the center of the battlefield where the knight groups on both flanks clashed.
The Faloon army also soon commenced counterattacks but the numerical inferiority was clear.
As expected, their forces were gradually pushing through.
Next was just deploying the two Five Heavenly Seats when King Zeros showed himself on the battlefield.
With that, this war would be over.

They’d won.

Kimblee was convinced of their victory.


Mars was satisfied with the Dorsen army’s fighting.
Because the Dorsen soldiers made use of their numerical advantage, constantly maneuvering into 1 against 2 or 3 combat, they were well trained.
Especially the infantry who were the core of the Dorsen army formed groups of 3. With a soldier bearing a large shield defending, a spear soldier pinning, and a sword soldier attacking, they fought against the soldiers here as if against monsters.
Faced with this, even the Hundred members were struggling to respond, being pushed back.
It was probably because they felt like they were on the monster side that they normally hunted.
However, Mars wasn’t worried about his own forces’ plight.
What Mars feared was the upper echelon of the Hundred devastating the enemy soldiers in an instant.
In that case, the lower members, especially those outside the Hundred’s top 100, wouldn’t get to fight enough.
That would be troubling.
Fighting humans and fighting monsters is different, arena fighting and field combat fighting is also different.
At this rate, not knowing when the next war might happen, he wanted to give battlefield combat experience to as many as possible.
They needed to get used to group battles.
Since this was the first battle led by Mars’s Faloon army, he wanted them to gain experience points as much as possible.
He had given instructions to Warren and Chrom, the Red and Black Knight Order leaders who were knights, to focus on command and moderately hold the enemy in check.
He also told Frau to refrain from attacking herself, and skillfully utilize the magician sorcerers.
Since those at the top tend to stand out on the battlefield, this time he intended to have the subordinates learn command there.
So currently those outside rankings were the main ones fighting, an appropriate level of struggling.
He hoped the Dorsen army would fight properly as well, tire, and retreat.
Inflicting too much damage would leave resentment.
While thinking such, Ogma called out to him.
“King Zeros, the lower ranks are reaching their limit. Should we send in the upper ranks?”
As Ogma said, the soldiers fighting the central forces were starting to show fatigue.
In addition to being unaccustomed to fighting a large number of people, most of them were not accustomed to fighting a life-or-death battle.
Well, enough with the experience.
“Alright. Gradually swap them out.”
I gave permission for that.
By swap out it didn’t mean Ogma and the others immediately joined the battle. Only members of the Hundred a bit lower in the rankings went in to replace the struggling spots.
Even so, the effect was plenty.

There’s a man called Wanfu in the Hundred.
A huge brute of a man, bald and bearded. With shifty eyes.
Originally he was a lumberjack, known for monstrous strength that could fell any huge tree, it seems.
Joining the Hundred at a relatively early stage, he stood out with that appearance.
His creed was brute force attacks, no technique or finesse, fighting by smashing with swords and axes.
This was intense – hard to block and painful to take, Wanfu’s strength too much to properly deflect.
As a result, “Dodging Wanfu’s attacks is the only option” became common knowledge within the Hundred.
The top rankers dealt with him by nimble footwork, evading and attacking openings.
His freakish strength made him popular in the arena, but he remained around rank 20, having trouble rising higher.
Yet Wanfu never changed his style.
Rather, he thought it was because he lacked strength that he couldn’t win easily.
He preferred eating the meat of powerful monsters like bears and giant apes, and his training was all about gaining more strength.
Thanks to that as well, he kept getting stronger, earning the assessment of “Strongest in the Hundred in pure power.”
Mars had fought together with Wanfu before.
A few years ago, there was a giant tree monster deep in the Magical Beast Forest. A subspecies of Giant Tree, but larger and harder than normal Giant Trees.
So exasperated by its hardness that Mars took Wanfu the lumberjack of monstrous strength along to subdue it.
With that slow moving but high defense monster, Wanfu was perfect, fully demonstrating his freakish power and contributing to the monster subjugation.
When they defeated it, the Giant Tree subspecies left behind a reddish-black rod-like object. It was the core portion of the monster.
Larger in both length and thickness than a spear, simply very heavy and hard.
Mars thought it might become material for something but it was too hard to process and too heavy to seem useful, so he decided to give it to Wanfu as a reward for the deed.
Wanfu was so impressed he’s used that rod as a weapon ever since.
Within the Hundred it had the worst reputation.
Too painful, it broke equipment and weapons blocking it, it destroyed arena facilities, complaints were numerous, but Wanfu paid them no mind and kept using it. It came to be known as the Bloody Rod along with Wanfu.

That Wanfu came to the front lines.
Immediately three enemy soldiers tried to block him, and Wanfu swung the Bloody Rod.
The soldier bearing the shield to defend took it and had his shield splintered, arm broken, spinning around collapsed.
Losing their defensive member, the two left were disturbed, and Wanfu mercilessly attacked them.
Faced with the Bloody Rod’s mass from that freakish strength, swords and spears trying to block were snapped, the blown back soldiers died with literally broken bodies.
Before Wanfu’s power beyond expectation, the Dorsen army’s group combat tactics were meaningless.
Each time Wanfu swung the Bloody Rod, Dorsen soldiers died.
Some were blown away 2 or 3 together.
Soldiers taking a direct hit to the head had their heads fly off like balls. Blood sprayed from the remaining bodies.
The Bloody Rod absorbed that blood. The Giant Tree subspecies it originated from was also a blood-sucking species, and the Bloody Rod core inherited that trait.
Wanfu didn’t know, but the Bloody Rod recognized Wanfu providing it new blood as its host, and conferred recovery effects from that blood-sucking – namely, automatic restoration of health and wounds.
Wanfu wasn’t agile so didn’t escape unhurt in battle, but could keep fighting unrestrained thanks to the Bloody Rod’s recovery.
Like a walking fortress.
Covered in the blood spray, Wanfu was a terror to the Dorsen army.
Not human, a monster – they said.
Not just Wanfu, but the new Hundred rankers deployed fully demonstrated their power, in the midst of turning the tide of battle.

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