Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 56

Mob #56: “700 credits. Cash only.”

After departing, in just half a day we arrived at the space where the shabby pirates from the request were said to appear.

Since they don’t seem to stray far from this area, it’s obvious they have a hideout nearby.

I’ll cruise around a bit first, then try asking around at the nearby service area.

That’s what I thought, but…

Incredibly, after drifting for about two hours, I came across what looked to be their hideout asteroid.

I tried hailing them but got no response.

Seems like they’re out working.

With no place to hide near the asteroid, I marked it before heading to the service area.

Maybe I’d find them there celebrating.

The service area closest to here is the group on planet Lugo.

Planet Lugo is a beautiful pink gas planet. Looks nice, but the atmospheric temperature exceeds 240°C, and it contains acidic compounds, making entry extremely dangerous.

But since it’s a so-called “instagrammable spot”, it has tons of service areas.

The only one pirates would celebrate at is the veteran [Service Area Conca].

Its paint is peeling in spots, clearly showing its age.

It’s simple – just an energy stand, toilets, and a restaurant/bar. No tourists, mostly rough transporters and mercenaries frequent it.

So it’s easy for pirates to blend in.

Thinking pirates wouldn’t be near the lively service areas is also a sort of camouflage.

Inside, men who looked like transporters and mercenaries were enjoying food, drink, and crude conversation.

I sat at an empty table in the corner.

A female android with synthetic skin and mechanical parts patched together came to take my order.

“What’ll you have?”

No “welcome” or niceties, but she politely handed me the menu.

It listed junk food and drinking snacks – burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, fried chicken, sausages, mashed potatoes, mixed nuts, jerky, pickles. Drinks were just cola and water, everything else was alcohol. A rough crowd’s menu.

Of course there were no size options.

Well, normal people wouldn’t come to a place like this anyway.

“I’ll have a burger and fries with a cola, please.”

“Any drinks?”

“I’ll have those later. Don’t drink during meals, you see.”

Didn’t want to say I don’t drink at all or the guys here might hassle me, so I spurted that out.

She took my order, then briskly headed off without even a “coming right up”.

I looked around the place while waiting for my food.

Some guys looked to be celebrating, but no sign of my targets.

After a while, my order was placed on the table without so much as a “here you go”.

“700 credits. Cash only.”

Curt as ever. Considering the clientele, having people pay up front rather than on the way out prevents dine-and-dashs.

I handed her a 1000 credit coin. She took some bills from a leather pouch on her waist,

“Your change, 300 credits.”

I reached out to take it, but she didn’t try to drop it in my hand, just kept glancing at me.

Ah, I see.

“Please, keep the change…”

“Oh, thank you! How nice!”


Getting my intent, she smiled for the first time and chirped a cute “thank you” while pocketing the change, then left my table.

At first I thought she was an android, but she may be a human with cybernetic implants.

Anyway, I dig into the burger I ordered.

Surprisingly, the burger and fries are pretty high quality. If you don’t mind the place and clientele, it’d make a decent meal.

As I’m enjoying my burger, fries, and cola, two clearly suspicious but small-timer guys enter the restaurant.

One tall, one short – the classic mismatched pair.

And they were the shabby pirates I was looking for, no doubt about it.

After all, they brazenly showed their faces on the comms calling themselves the [Hands Brothers], bragging about how feared they were.

So their photos were clearly in the guild’s records.

Of course they may have altered their appearances after publicizing their faces, but these were the exact same faces.

The [Hands Brothers] sat at the table two down from me, oblivious to my presence, cockily bragging about their latest score.

I could jump them and capture them now, but that’d cause problems for the restaurant, and something about that woman gives me pause.

So I decide to hold off for the moment.

The woman heads over and serves them their food.

“12,900 credits. Cash only.”

An exorbitant bill.

Beer mugs were 500 credits.
Fried chicken plates with 6 pieces were 900 credits.
Sausage plates with 5 links were 750 credits.
So 2 servings should be 4,300 credits. 12,900 is exactly triple the cost.

Clearly she was pissed at the rude remarks they threw at her. Her expression was pure displeasure.

Of course the [Hands Brothers] wouldn’t take that lying down.

“No way two beers, sausages and chickens cost that much!”
“You tryin’ to rip us off, bitch?”

Though the [Hands Brothers] acted tough, as mentioned earlier they were small fry. Anyone experienced with real roughians wouldn’t find them too intimidating.

“That includes compensation for me! Cough it up, now!”

So she was utterly unintimidated, even threatening them with clenched fists.

In fact, her intensity seemed to overpower them.

It was considerable, even the other customers seemed scared.

She might double as the establishment’s enforcer.

“Shit…! Celebrating here was a mistake!”
“Too bad! We were gonna make a killing!”

Though they spit defiant parting shots, the [Hands Brothers] fled the restaurant, cowed by her intensity.

I quickly finished my remaining burger and cola, left a 1000 credit coin – what would’ve paid for drinks – under my plate, and followed after the [Hands Brothers].

To confirm if that asteroid was really theirs, and capture them without interference.

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