Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 3 chapter 1 part 2

So, I just spoke my true feelings, and although there wasn’t any weird meaning to it, it’s all right.
More importantly, before we disband, there’s one thing I want to talk about.
I sat down in a chair and turned to Mashiro, leaning against the backrest… Oh, big…
Because she’s leaning her whole body on the chair, her breasts that rose are making an outrageous claim.
The buttons are about to burst from being so tight.
I feel sorry for her uniform because of her big tits…. That wasn’t the case.
I’m trying not to look at her breasts as much as possible… It’s impossible, this. No matter what, it comes into view.
It is said that children who eat a lot and sleep well grow up well… But could it be that they haven’t grown up even more than when they entered school?
…Oh well. I might as well talk to the breasts.
“Mashiro, did your parents approve of that matter?”
“Yeah, they said they’re okay with it~”
“…I see. That’s good then.”
The breasts are talking.
Just Mashiro’s words make her chest move up and down… What, ventriloquism? No, is it breast ventriloquism?
“Ufufu, it seems like Mashiro-san is quite tired,”
Reina says as she places a teacup in front of her.
She must have brewed it while we were talking.
The familiar good aroma lingers.
“This is for Karen’s… And here, Ouga-kun, have some too.”
“Thank you.”
I politely take a seat in the familiar student council president’s chair and take a sip.
Ahh… Reina’s tea is as delicious as always… Hm?
I sense something off about the taste. It’s more… bitter? The astringency is stronger than usual.
“Fuwaaa~ It’s delicious~”
“Yes, very much so. Thank you, Reina-san.”
“Oh no, I felt like taking a breather myself.”
The two of us drinking the same thing don’t seem to have a different reaction.
Mashiro is fluffy, and Karen isn’t putting on an expression either… Which means.
“Oh? Is something the matter, Ouga-kun?”
The culprit was Reina, whose eyes weren’t smiling at all.
…She must have noticed that I was staring at Mashiro’s breasts. No doubt about it.
She seems to be angry about that.
“No, it’s nothing.”
I gulp down Reina’s tea in one go and ask for a refill.
“Can I have another cup?”
“…Understood. I’ll brew it with extra care this time.”
It seems my intention to make amends has gotten through.
Judging from her words, the delicious Reina tea I’m used to will be brought out this time.
The bitterness is still lingering in my mouth, but thanks to that, my attention has shifted from the breasts to reality.
“Well then, as I mentioned before, I’ll guide Mashiro to the Vellet territory. Alice has arranged for the luggage to be loaded onto the carriage.”
“Got it!”
A lively response, good.
There are separate circumstances for this as well, and for a while, Mashiro will be staying at the Vellet household.
It has become clear that Flone is targeting Mashiro.
With Reina’s testimony, there’s no doubt that he desires her.
I can’t fathom the reason why.
[Possession Reincarnation]
Just as I reincarnated into this world with a soul from another world, Flone is trying to transfer her soul from her current body to a new one.
And the vessel that suits her taste is Mashiro-Reiche.
As a multi-magic aptitude bearer, she had been targeted since her enrollment.
If I hadn’t met Mashiro that day, she would have been…
…Well, let’s leave the gloomy talk here for now.
The delicious tea will get cold.
And the issue with Flone is something we’ll have to discuss thoroughly eventually.
In any case, I can’t just let Mashiro, who is in such a dangerous situation, return to her hometown.
Then where will she go? The safest place in this world is undoubtedly the Vellet territory.
And the one being protected is not just Mashiro.
“So everyone is gathering at Ouga’s house, huh. It’s going to be like a sleepover, so I’m really looking forward to it!”


Karen will also be staying at the Vellet territory.
I directly requested this the other day when I visited the Levezenka household to thank them for protecting Mashiro.
[Please let me also protect Karen’s precious life]
I said, and they gave me permission.
Karen’s father may have changed since the incident with the Crown Prince.
In any case, Karen will also be staying at my house, and now all the student council members will be living together at the Vellet household for a while.
Of course, I also wanted to have Karen by my side and gain a sense of security.
But my true intention is something else… Kukuku.
“Rather, it’s like a real sleepover. Don’t be too uptight about it, just enjoy it as much as you can.”
“Yes, yes! The pajama party the other day was fun too, I want to chat and eat sweets with everyone again!”
“That sounds great. I’m looking forward to it as well.”
The conversation is progressing in a pleasant atmosphere, discussing how to spend the vacation.
Seeing the three of them lively and cheerful, I inwardly smirk, confident that things are going according to plan.
In this world, the concept of four seasons doesn’t exist, but the heat has been increasing lately, and we’re entering what would be summer in my previous world.
Summer tends to make people’s spirits more open and their actions bolder.
In other words, it wouldn’t be strange for the atmosphere to shift from this warm and friendly mood to a more… suggestive one.
When I started to become a villain, I didn’t intend to pursue individual girls yet, until I had built up my harem to the point where it was solid.
If I were to seek the ultimate, I would want all the cute girls in the world to be mine.
I’ve been acting with this villainous mindset.
However, at this point, with Reina being part of my inner circle, it’s safe to say that I’ve already deviated from that route.
I’ve constantly kept the overwhelmingly talented Mashiro by my side, engaged to the daughter of one of the Four Great Ducal Houses, and have a world-renowned mage known as the “Child of God” as my adopted “sister”.
There won’t be many who would want to join my harem as a new member at this point.
If there are any, they would either be as resolute as Reina or harbor fanatical devotion towards me like Alice.
In either case, they wouldn’t be easily found.
The Rishburg Magic Academy, where we first met, has also gone into an extended hiatus, leaving few options.
Therefore, perhaps it’s time to take the next step in my relationships.
Yes, my goal for this summer is… to become a full-fledged adult!
“I’m back, Ouga-sama.”
“…Good work. Is everything ready?”
“We have ten knights from the Vellet household and three horse-drawn carriages prepared.”
Alice, who had quietly returned behind me, whispered in my ear, causing me to suppress a flinch that would have made an embarrassing sound.
I’m impressed I didn’t let out a weird noise.
“Then, let’s move once the girls’ conversation is wrapped up.”
“Understood. …The ladies seem to be having a wonderful time, Ouga-sama.”
“It’s a joyous sight, isn’t it? This is exactly the scene I’ve been dreaming of.”
My favorite girls are giggling and smiling.
It’s no different from what I’ve envisioned since reincarnating into this world.
“That is… yes. The future that awaits Ouga-sama lies at the end of this scene.”
The end of the scene… in other words, she’s referring to me becoming the husband of the three and building a happy family.
“Kukuku… Alice, you’ve really started to understand, haven’t you?”
“Not yet. I aspire to fully comprehend Ouga-sama’s brilliant thoughts, for that is what it means to be your dedicated maid.”
“Is that so… Then, Alice, let me correct something you said earlier.”
“Thank you. Please, feel free to educate me.”
“You said ‘the end of the scene,’ but you didn’t include yourself in that future. I want to keep seeing your smile by my side as well.”
After all, Alice not smiling would be tantamount to my demise.
If the fanatical Alice isn’t smiling by my side, it means that in that future, she would harbor distrust towards me.
If my villainy is exposed to her, my end is easily imagined.
Even now, my win rate in our combat training doesn’t exceed 10%.
I only achieved that after mastering [Limit Transcendence], so if Alice were to seriously try to defeat me, I would undoubtedly lose.
Thinking about that, I realize I still need to become much stronger…
I need to acquire even more new techniques…
And suddenly, I notice something.
Has Alice ever taken this long to respond to my words before?
…Wait, could it be that she’s caught on to my intention earlier…?
Curious, I look up at her standing behind me.
“…Thank you, Ouga-sama. To receive such words from you, I am truly blessed.”
Alice isn’t shedding tears as usual, nor is she expressing any aversion. She has an indescribable, ambiguous smile on her face.
…It’s rare to see her with such an expression.
At least, I can’t recall ever seeing it since I hired her.
Is this… safe? Or is it dangerous?

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