I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 3

…it’s not like some muscle-bound person came, or someone who clearly has a fighting job and carries a huge sword. She’s wearing the certification uniform of a white magician and is undoubtedly one,
I look at the girl again.
Her entire outfit is sloppy, with the loose white magician’s robe just draped over her. This leaves her healthy shoulders completely exposed.
She wears a knight’s hat. Her shoulder-length, crystalline purple hair and the purple choker around her neck are distinctive. She has her front bangs pinned up with a hair clip, exposing her right forehead.
Well, her outfit itself isn’t particularly problematic. Adventurers with similarly casual outfits aren’t uncommon.
So it’s not a problem…anyway,
“A white mage with so much skin exposure?”
It’s strange for a white mage.
The uniforms certified by the White Mage Association all have low exposure. Supposedly, it’s because of the standards the association has set for “priestesses,” but I don’t really know the details. They’re probably just stuffy people.
In short, white mages are required by the Association to wear certain outfits that reflect their idea of “proper”. This girl, however, is wearing it in name only, draped only over her exposed shoulders and arms. And with her hot pants, even her thighs are exposed. She’s even showing her navel.
It’s understandable that I’m wondering if she’s really a white magician. I mean, the White Mage Association is notoriously rigid, and yet she’s clearly picking a fight with them. Of course I would think that.
“Ugh… why do I have to do this? I wish you would take care of it yourself…”
“…If I could do it myself, I would.”
“Oh, is that so? Well, I’m doing it because I have no choice. But I really want some gratitude, ‘kay?”
“You, watch how you talk to the young hero-“
“Yes, yes, the young master is soooo amazing, I’m sorry, soooo sorry!”

Some kind of argument seems to be developing. Wisdom warns the purple-haired girl, but she doesn’t listen at all and adopts an insolent, mocking attitude. Are party relations that bad?
After Wisdom raises his voice at her attitude, he sighs in resignation and says,
“That’s your opponent.”
“Wait, so you really lost? And to a girl… how lame, right?”
The smirking girl taunts Wisdom. Wisdom’s face morphs into something unfit to be shown to children. Please stop, seriously.
“Ugh, I shouldn’t have come to the hero’s party. I’m too busy and can’t see her at all…I thought if it was a hero party we could interact a little, but…”
The girl complains resentfully in an unmotivated way.
“Let’s get this over with. I don’t want to waste my rare vacation time on this, huh?”
The moment she turned her eyes in that direction, the girl’s eyes opened wide.
She stared at Eve in front of her and exclaimed in surprise, her eyes wide.
…Oh, she knows Eve?
“Hmm, I see…so that’s it. So the white magician was you.”
The girl seems to understand something and grins wickedly.
“I didn’t want to deal with that annoying thing, but if it’s you, that changes things. Hehe, what perfect timing. We can finally settle which of us is superior. Well, it’s obvious that I’m superior to you, but you had the advantage at the academy. Now that the situation is reversed-“
The girl crosses her arms, puffs out her chest and starts to chatter happily. Her attitude is antagonistic, but she seems strangely pleased. If she had a tail, it would probably be wagging vigorously.
Judging by this, she must be Eve’s friend. They’re probably the same graduates of Magikos Magic Academy. I guess they were close friends at the academy. Probably.
But to think that…
Eve tilted her head in confusion and said mercilessly.
“…Who are you?”


The girl froze like a statue, as if time had stopped.
“Aldi. Hey, wasn’t she Eve’s acquaintance? She totally came here under that assumption.”
“They were classmates, but Eve had no friends…” Aldi slowly explains the circumstances. I see, they were classmates at the same age of fifteen. Both were top students who graduated early.
At the Academy, Eve was always first and this girl was always second. So she always saw Eve as a rival and would snap at her at the first opportunity. Aldi apparently just looked after her warmly, thinking “she probably wants to be friends” without saying anything. You should have told her.
A few minutes later, the girl finally thawed from her frozen state and spoke in a trembling voice.
“We t-talked a lot…at the Magic Academy…right?”
“? I didn’t have any friends at Magic School.”


“Come on, you were always first in tests and I was second…don’t you remember Maya Cattleya Vioretta? That name doesn’t ring a bell…”
Maya says desperately, but Eve just tilts her head in thought,
“…I’m sorry, I don’t remember. I wasn’t very… calm at the time.”
She bows her head politely in apology. Mercilessly.
“Wh…why? I mean, I-it’s not like I cared about you at all! I didn’t remember a thing about Eve either!”
Maya tearfully explains. It’s hard to believe, though, when you were acting so familiar just a few minutes ago.

Ignoring the shocked Maya, the ruthless Aldi signals for the match to begin.
“Well, if they fight normally, Eve has no chance, but… let’s see how it goes.”
After the match begins, Aldi, sitting next to me, analyzes Eve and Maya as they face each other in the arena.
“I thought they’d have a healing showdown or something, since they’re both white mages.”
“They didn’t accept that either…oh well, whatever works.”
Since it’s a showdown between white mages, both delicate girls, I figured it wouldn’t turn into a fierce battle, so I said that, but…
“Yeah, I didn’t mention it, but-“
Eve takes a fighting stance, holding the long staff in both hands. She prepares herself to respond to anything, while Maya is still dejected, but-
“Maya is a rare breed of white mage who specializes in close combat.”
In an instant, a light step kicks off the ground and the girl’s figure blurs.
In one step, Maya takes Eve’s back and immediately slams her palm into the defenseless back.
“Dark flames!”
A magical follow-up comes without a pause for breath. Eve desperately regains her posture and channels power into the staff she is holding, defending against and nullifying the pursuing magic.
“Hey, you said she was a white mage?” I ask as I watch the scene unfold before me.
“Maya is a rare white mage who specializes in melee combat. Her scores in close combat at the academy are top notch. She can defeat even students of the sword division barehanded, and she can also fulfill the rearguard roles of support and healing. A girl who is good at everything, including cooking and housework. Truly an all-rounder!”
“That’s way too high-spec!”
She might as well not even be a white mage at this point!
But accepting that would explain her high-spec outfit. The loose white mage clothes would restrict her movement, so she dresses like this.
In other words, she’s not picking a fight with the Society – or so I thought.
Or so I thought, but apparently I’m wrong. It’s apparently irrelevant.
“Come on, stop just defending and attack me!”
As we speak, the battle situation has become Eve on the defensive, barely able to defend herself with her staff against Maya’s dancing barrage of fierce attacks.
Sweat was beginning to form on Eve’s forehead, indicating that she was not in an advantageous position. It was clear that if this continued, she would be overwhelmed.
“Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve fought like this since I enrolled. Just thinking about it makes me irritated… After losing pathetically to you and working hard to improve, yet…”
“You…don’t remember?”
“Oh, I don’t remember that, but I definitely remember this!” Maya lies desperately. Annoyed that Eve simply replied, “I see,” she purses her lips and scrunches her face.
“But why were she so strong and still second? Eve was terrible at practical skills, so you should have been first…right?”
“Ah, well, you see, Eve had other highly rated aspects. Combat courses don’t get much bonus points in the white magician department, but more than that…”
Aldi gestures at Eve’s form with his paw. Hm?
“Maya was an excellent student without any weaknesses. But still she couldn’t take the first place.”
In the scene in front of me, Eve slowly takes a stance, holding the long staff in both hands. It seems that Maya has finally decided to attack, as she watches with her arms folded leisurely.
“This is because Eve’s thesis on healing magic had a huge impact on the White Mage Association. She was even mentioned as a ‘potential Water Saint candidate’. But more than anything-“
Eve takes a deep breath, as if concentrating, and gently closes her eyes.
Around Eve, aqua-colored magical power resonates, converging on the staff, which had been white, but now glows a fantastically tinted aqua.
“Magical use – water reaper.”

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