Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 5

One morning, I found myself fighting a monster near a river outside the town.
“Ugh! Damn it, take this!”
“Hey, no way! I can’t handle being in the frontline!”
Using the momentum of the punch, I quickly step back. “Blue! Pink! Switch with me for a bit!”
With a quick shout, I seek help from my comrades who were supporting from behind.
Banshoku pink – Nadeshiko Raven.
Banshoku blue – Ao Kaihara.
“Oh, Green, you’re such a handful.” “Maybe it was too much after all?”
Both of them are women, but their combat skills are higher than mine. They’re popular too. By the way, Ao Kaihara, aka Blue, is my niece – my sister’s daughter. Being surpassed by your niece, it’s a bit disheartening.
This time, the monster is called Stonegell by the Banshokuger Headquarters. It looks like it’s made of stone and is surprisingly fast.
We were able to lure the disguised monster – the one the investigation team had been tracking hiding in the city – to the outskirts, revealing its true identity.
*** scene transition
scene transition

Early in the morning, we managed to gather the three of us. We were summoned before breakfast.
“Come on, what if we’re late for work? Treat us to sweets later, Green!”
“Asking a part-timer for the impossible… Red and Black, can’t you come faster?”
Translucent green trees cover Blue and Pink, strengthening them by becoming transparent.
Blue uses a combination of short and longbows, while Pink manipulates various sizes of bombs as her basic combat strategy.
“Blue Grado Arrow – Short!”
Avoiding Stonegell’s arms, Blue’s arrows fly around, sticking into the surroundings.
“Here, Petal Bomb ♡”
Distracted by it, Stonegell’s feet are hit by glowing earrings. Explosion.
“Did it work?” “Don’t say that, Blue. It seems ineffective anyway.”
True to Pink’s words, Stonegell emerges from the explosion with not much damage.
“It’s tough! There’s not much damage, huh?” “The last one and the new ones from the other day, they’re all tough.”
(Maybe it’s not about being tough… but our power source – Colored, is having trouble reaching them?)
Despite my attacks (embarrassing as they may be), and even added the attacks from the two of them only caused that much damage. Anyway, we need to add more to it.
“Please support with melee attacks! We’ll somehow stack attacks and break it!”
“How do you feel about a guy who just gives instructions from behind?” “Hmm, Green needs to be more proactive, doesn’t he?”
“Could you please not do this…!?”
Having a boyfriend is a strict criterion.
Boosted by my boost, the Blue Grado Arrow turned into a multiple-shot bow, and the Petal Bomb increased the scattered thorns until Stonegell was finally destroyed. It took four sets of attacks afterward.
And now, I have three more sweets to treat Blue.

So, before noon, I’m heading to Saion High School for an executive shift.
(Oh no, I’m hungry. I skipped breakfast… )
And yet, here I am, coming to work after all that fuss.
“Mr. Kusama, you seem tired today, quite a change.”
“Oh, no need to worry, Vice Principal. Just a bit hungry…”
It seemed evident on my face. It’s a hero’s failure to cause concern.
“Mr. Kusama, is this enough to stave off hunger?”
A voice comes from the opposite seat. It’s Fujiki-sensei, the female teacher I passionately discussed figures with during the previous drinking party. She has lustrous black hair and sharp glasses, an appearance that didn’t hint at her surprising hobby.
In her hands is a bag containing what seems to be homemade cookies, perhaps intended to be shared at the workplace.


“Thank you very much. Are you sure? “
“It’s totally fine. You showed me how to make ornaments to scale for 1/12 figures the other day.”
Although her words sound like a code, to explain briefly, in the action figure culture, people often create scenes by adding accessories or setting up miniature items in the same scale.
They equip figures with different gear, create scenes with everyday items, and so on.
“I never expected a Chinese cookies collection to come out from gacha machine. I managed to secure it before it disappeared from the store. Thanks.”
These items are capsule toys or miniature retail snacks separate from the company producing action figures. Therefore, enthusiasts keep an eye out for good mini figure-related products in various places.
“Thank you. I’ll take one…”
As I reach for Fujiki-sensei’s offering, a voice calls my name.
“Mr. Midori Kusama.”
I heard a voice calling my name from the entrance of the staff room. It was the clerk at the entrance reception desk.
She looked at me and breathed a sigh of relief.
“A visitor asked for you, Mr. Midori…”
Wondering, I withdraw my hand from the cookies and head over. That’s when I reach the school’s first-floor plaza.
The familiar silver-haired figure catches my eye.
“Oh, you’re here, Midori-san.”
There she is, a silver-haired brown woman named Asherah (widow mode).
Why is she here? She glares at me for almost adding “san” and crosses the plaza towards me.
By the way, the receptionist seems relieved and withdraws with a [Oh, they know each other] kind of look. Keep it up a bit more.
Approaching me, Ashella presents a lunchbox.
Taking it with a puzzled expression, we communicate our true feelings through calm words but expressive faces.
“Ashella-san, thank you so much for this. (What are you doing?)”
“I heard you forgot it this morning. (It’s because you always forget your lunch.)”
Certainly, this morning I went straight to work after the Banshokuger mission.
She hands me the lunchbox, and Ashella, with sharp eyes, surveys the surroundings.
“So, this is your workplace, Midori-san. …Quite a lot of young people here.”
“Well, it’s a school, so… Yeah.”
“Don’t wander around, come home early,” I was about to say something when I felt nearly a hundred eyes piercing through us, accompanied by murmurs.
“Whoa, who’s that?!” “She’s stunning.”
It was the students. The attention and voices increased instantly.
“Is she from a game or manga?!” “She’s with Kusama!” “Having a tan, silver hair, nice body, beautiful woman, Kusama-sensei!” “Wait, what’s with that waist position?” “Is she a model or something?” “A storm is coming.” “Kusama-sensei wife?; I’m very shocked…”
Saiun High School had classrooms surrounding the central space. From the windows of the first-floor classrooms, gazes concentrated on the rare intruder. Additionally,
“Is Professor Kusama married?” “No, he’s supposed to be single.” “Then, a girlfriend?” “No, he said it’s someone living next to him.”
From the staff room where I emerged, multiple gazes were directed—more like the receptionist was casually entering gossip and sharing personal information.
“Midori-san, please do your best with the afternoon work.”
To add insult to injury, Ashella’s voice came through loud and clear. The commotion turned almost into screams.
“Ah, haha… Yes. I’ll eat my bento and do my best.”
I had no choice but to respond with a forced smile. Damn it.
“We’ll be waiting for you to come back!”
As I left, waving my hand, the excitement in the gallery heightened even more.
I raised my glasses and looked up at the sky.
This was clearly harassment.

Walking on the way back, Ashella, the former high-ranking executive of the evil organization, sighed displeasedly.
Kusama Midori’s workplace. I knew it was an educational facility, but there were far more young people than I expected. There must be a reasonable number of colleagues as well.
“I made my presence felt, and it’s not like anyone will lay a hand on him… but really.”
It’s impudent for him to have a lover, and if that affects the service to Lord Taratat, it’s unacceptable. Prevention is crucial.
For that reason, there’s no helping it.
This is not at all a restraint for those attending the [workplace socializing] until late at night or anything like that.
“Well… yes, that’s it. There’s no problem at all.”
Verbalization is important after all. Doubts clear up. When I lifted my face, I saw the nearby supermarket, Daikokuya, where I would be working part-time from next week. I should buy ingredients for dinner.
“Today, eggs were on sale… Also, yes, Kusama Midori, he mentioned liking menchi-katsu.”
I could buy ready-made dishes, but it’s also good to make it myself and make her appreciate it.
Cooking itself was something I started after my frail body transformed, but it’s quite interesting when you think about how raw ingredients change like this.
(There’s a saying among people, [Capture the stomach, and you can move them as you wish.] Considering that, it’s quite effective without relying on abilities. Haha, Kusama Midori. Keep indulging in gluttony without realizing that your self-consciousness is being eroded day by day…!)
With such thoughts in mind, I added minced meat, cabbage, and onions to my shopping list and continued on.

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