Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 1.5

Chapter 1.5 : Wing Break 3

Dragon’s Wings’ expansion was going smoothly.
Though approval hadn’t come through yet, no one disputed them being an A-rank party at this point, and they had no shortage of recruits.
“How’d it go with that girl, #15?”
“Hmm, that redhead warrior?”
“Yeah, her.”
“Not sure. She’s a cutie, right?”
“Totally. Questionable battle strength, but cheerful–“
That’s when we heard the news about Night Dragonfly conquering the 98th Stratum.
“Hey, that thing just now, true?”
We were in a tavern, having a meal and reflecting on the earlier interviews.
Two low-rank looking adventurers behind us were talking.
“…Oh, Mr. Chronos…”
“What’s this about? Tell me the details.”
Hearing me, they make awkward faces.
Did something happen?
“We don’t really know, but didn’t Night Dragonfly go on that big expedition recently? Seems they encountered the Floor Boss midway and defeated it.”
Idiotic. Way too fast.
It took us three years to conquer the 97th Stratum.
No way the 98th Stratum, even larger and tougher, was cleared in just months.
“You sure?”
“You know Night Dragonfly’s signature victorious roar on returning, right? Lots of people heard it, talking about defeating the Boss and stuff. Seems they already submitted the report too.”
I’m speechless.
So for big parties, our hard-won Stratum conquest means nothing.
And hearing Night Dragonfly, an annoying thought I can’t help crosses my mind.
That guy’s there now.
He must be deployed on the major expedition even as just a provisional member. Probably got some of the glory too.
Damn, so Vim that bastard’s doing well for himself.
Wasn’t supposed to be like this.
A useless guy like that would be wandering lost without me.
But what now, he’s an executive candidate, even acquainted with Heidemarie, the 74th Sage? Despicably presumptuous.
That bastard left looking so smug.
How unfair is this world?
“As expected of the ‘Silver-Haired’ Camilla. We’ve gotta–“
“Ah, well, seems that’s not right. There’s weird rumors…”
“Weird rumors?”
“Apparently the Floor Boss wasn’t defeated by the ‘Silver-Haired’ Camilla or anyone in Night Dragonfly, but by an adventurer with them.”
“Huh? What’s that mean? From another party?”
“No, not that.”
He’s inarticulate.
“Speak clearly.”
“Um, seems a provisional member did it alone. Defeated the Floor Boss.”
“Alone…? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Just… just that…”
A provisional member?
Of Night Dragonfly?
Beat a Floor Boss alone?
Absurd. Makes no sense. No one that capable–
I dismiss the thought of that guy popping up.
“No way, you kidding? “
“You know, …… Mr. Chronos? “
How one person defeating a Floor Boss? Can’t happen! Who made up this bullshit!?”
“Eek! S-sorry! We’ll be going!”
“Correct that! Nothing like that happened!”
Impossible. Can’t happen.
Even our Dragon’s Wings defeating the Boss was an unthinkably small party.
For one person, preposterous. Impossible.
“Hey, stop it Chronos.”
At some point, someone was rebuking me.
“Everyone’s staring… see?”
I realize I’d been shouting.
“S-sorry Mr. Chronos, it’s just a rumor, pardon us!”
The two hurriedly left the tavern.
I realize I let my emotions run high.
Right, just a rumor.
Not fact.
Calm down.
“Sorry everyone, got worked up. My temper’s been short lately, messed up. Haha.”
I sit back down and resume eating, but the mood doesn’t recover.
An unpleasant air hung.
Nothing should be wrong. No problems arose.
We’ll soon be promoted to A-rank and get glory and rewards. Our savings built up naturally anyway, and we have plenty of time to rebuild the party.
“Let’s take it slowly. With conquering happening this quick, unexplored territory must still remain.”
Nicolah says calmly.
“That’s right Mr. Chronos. With increasing members, getting the party on track comes first.”
Sophia agrees.
“Yeah… you’re right.”
That’s the voice of reason.
But if it’s true Night Dragonfly cleared the 98th Stratum, it cheapens our conquest of the 97th.
We’re no longer the “party achieving results at the frontier.”
Then it’s like I’ve–
“No, let’s go. To the 99th Stratum. We have endless funds and manpower.”
This is unacceptable.

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