Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter Four: Something’s Changing Little by Little!

It’s been a while since I met my partner
and started using their power on the cute gal, Aisaka.
Summoning Aisaka discreetly using scheduled hypnosis and confirming her situation while she envelops me in her voluptuous body has become almost a daily routine.
“I’ve been feeling so fulfilled lately.”
I owe it all to my partner.
Because of this, every night before bed, I’ve started expressing my gratitude to my partner.
“I should start targeting other girls soon… but Aisaka is just too good.”
Yes, spending time with Aisaka is so enjoyable that I don’t have time to consider other girls. It’s like I’m a dedicated, kind-hearted guy, but in reality, I’m a scoundrel who takes advantage of defenseless girls… Ha, I’ve really gotten used to this.
“Today, too, I’ll rely on you, partner.”
I muttered to my phone before leaving my room, only to run into my sister.
Fortunately, my sister had the day off today, so she planned to spend the day relaxing at home.
“Are you heading out now?”
“Yeah. I’ll be back.”
“Take care… Oh, Kai.”
Midway down the stairs, my sister called out to me.
She is small as usual, but her face is about the same height as mine thanks to the difference of the steps.
Approaching me, she reached out and, began patting my head.
“Um… why?”
“Because you seem so happy lately. Whatever the reason, if it makes you happy, then that’s good enough for your sister.”
” …………… “
How heartwarming of my sister to say such things.
Although I turned my gaze away to hide my embarrassment, my sister chuckled, seemingly aware of my blush.
“Okay, then, really take care now.”
Thank you for making me feel this way since morning, sis. With these feelings in my heart, I left the house.
Well, with the reason for my enjoyable time being what it is, I felt somewhat sorry for my sister, but it’s a bit late for apologies now.
“Alright, let’s have some fun with Aisaka again today!”
I couldn’t wait for lunchtime to activate the scheduled hypnosis. This feeling alone made me grin uncontrollably.
In my drowsiness, the time I spent walking to school, which used to feel like a chore, now felt like a joy… Truly, the power of lust. It seems that lust really does save the world.
With a spring in my step, I continued walking, and as the number of students increased, I caught sight of a certain girl.
“Oh, isn’t that…”
With her lustrous hair swaying, the conspicuously striking beauty confidently walked ahead—a girl named Emu Honma, a junior one year below me.
While not on the same level as Aisaka, she also had a great figure and a cool demeanor, making her quite popular. However, she earned the embarrassing nickname “Ice Queen” because of her habit of rejecting boys who confessed to her mercilessly.
“Ice Queen, huh… Heh, interesting.”
Since we were in different grades, I’d never talked to Honma, and I had no idea what she was like.
Personality aside, she was an incredibly beautiful girl, so I would eventually capture her too! It’s amazing to be able to do as I please with a seemingly cold girl like the Ice Queen.
“Hah, my villainy has truly reached a new level!”
So, wait for me, Honma. I’ll definitely show show off your bare skin one day!



scene transition

I clenched my fist tightly, but before I could react, Honma, who was walking ahead of me, turned around.
Stiffening up along with my clenched fist, I didn’t know what to do.
Did my desires leak out, or did I say something out loud? I considered various possibilities, but Honma turned back without saying anything, walking away as if nothing had happened.
“…What was that?”
My murmurs dissolved into the air, ignored.
It wasn’t so much that Honma turned to me, but rather, she seemed to be curious about something behind her… Well, if I were to say something, seeing her icy beauty up close made my heart race.
“I’ll definitely do it… That’s enough for now.”
Remember that, partner—she’s another prey.
I felt the same excitement imagining what Honma would be like under hypnosis as I did with Aisaka.
Upon careful consideration, there are many beautiful girls in this school, like Aisaka and Honma, so my excitement never ends, and I’m thrilled.
“Good morning!”
Arriving at school and then entering the classroom, my excitement never wanes… In other words, I’ve been thinking dirty thoughts this whole time.
Aisaka, Honma, and the unseen beautiful girls… While I was thinking about them, I was unexpectedly approached by someone, and my thoughts came to a halt.
“Masaki-kun, can I talk to you for a moment?”
As I foolishly replied, I turned my gaze to the source of the voice, and there stood Aisaka.
Why did Aisaka approach me…?
It’s not particularly unusual for a classmate to do so, but still, Aisaka, who isn’t in a hypnotic state like this, has never approached me like this before.
Could it be that the hypnosis is exposed?
Although I harbored such an unfounded anxiety, I quickly realized from Aisaka’s expression that it wasn’t the case.
“Look, that.”
Aisaka pointed her finger at the blackboard.
In the corner, it indicated that Aisaka and I were on duty today, and I stood up with understanding.
“Sorry, Aisaka, I’ll go right away.”
I don’t know about other high schools, but it’s customary for us to go to the staff room to fetch the duty journal before the morning assembly.
Even if the teacher brings it for us if we forget, if that’s the rule, it’s definitely better to take it seriously.
“This is the first time you and I have been on duty together, right?”
I nodded in response to Aisaka’s question, and we headed to the staff room with few words.
On the way back to the classroom after receiving the journal from the teacher, I was asked a curious question by Aisaka.
“Hey, Masaki-kun.”
“Does Masaki kun ever get told that your voice is soothing or calming?”
My voice is calming…? What is this girl talking about?
Seeing me dumbfounded, Aisaka apologized with a wry smile and told me why she asked.
“Sorry for asking out of the blue. I’m not sure why I thought that… Hmm, I don’t know, but it just felt reassuring, like a strange feeling.”
Apparently, my voice has the power to reassure women… Yeah, right.
“Sorry, seriously… Don’t worry about it!”
I was surprised by her loud voice, but even more so, Aisaka, who was blushing slightly, was incredibly cute… I don’t know, seeing Aisaka, who doesn’t usually interact with me, treat me like this, it’s like watching a kind gal being friendly to an otaku, a recent trend.
“Well, whatever… I’ll count on you for today.”
“Yeah, leave it to me.”
With a smile, Aisaka nodded.
Aisaka is really beautiful, and with so many expressive and non-condescending actions, it’s clear why she’s popular.
But! Even such a girl can’t escape from my power… Heheheh, I’ll make sure to spend plenty of time with her during today’s lunch break!
“…And now, the worst time has come!”
Time passed quickly, and it was lunch break again.
As I visited the vacant classroom as usual, Aisaka, as if deliberately late, came in a hypnotic state as usual today.
“So, Aisaka, I’ll leave it to you as usual.”
As if saying, “Come here,” Aisaka opened her arms, and I jumped into them.
Feeling the softness against my cheek, I opened my mouth while recalling this morning.
“Well, you know. You said that to me this morning, but in reality, I’m just a jerk doing whatever I want to you.”
Is my voice calming? A strange feeling?
Sorry, Aisaka, the real me is just a jerk taking advantage of you unconsciously.
If I rub my face against her, Aisaka’s ample bust will change shape depending on the pressure… Mmm, it’s the best!
I glanced up.
Aisaka, who continued to stare at me with her eyes devoid of light, is undoubtedly in a hypnotic state, turning into a puppet that faithfully carries out my orders… Seeing her like this makes me feel very, very sorry for the Aisaka who said those things to me, but I can’t let go of this amazing time.
“…Phew, satisfied, satisfied.”
“Are you done already? There’s still plenty of time, you know?”
Aisaka said something teasingly to me as I pulled away.
At first, she only responded to my questions, but recently, Aisaka has been asking me questions like this.
Is this the power of my partner? I’m not sure, but there’s no doubt that Aisaka is in a hypnotic state, right? After all, there’s no way a girl who makes such proposals to a perverted classmate would do so in a normal state.
“Thanks, Aisaka. But today, let’s change things up a bit… Um, could you hold onto my arm? Like, cuddling with a lover.”
Aisaka nodded to my words, then moved to my side and hugged my arm tightly.
“…This is amazing.”
It’s not even a sexual act, yet there’s an incredible satisfaction in being treated like this by a girl.
“Is it good? Is it good?”
Thanks to the power of my partner, the excitement of conquering someone is great, but it’s even better to enjoy happiness like this.
I boldly asked Aisaka about the considerable bulge I felt on my arm.
“Isn’t it tough having them this big? I’ve heard it’s hard for women with large chests to choose underwear and stuff.”
It’s something I wouldn’t normally ask at all.
“Yeah. It costs money, and my shoulders get sore… Plus, you get plenty of lewd stares.”
“That’s unavoidable. With something this impressive, any guy would look, right?”
I’m definitely guilty of that, and I’ve even experienced it firsthand.

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