Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 42

Mob No. 42 “Usually, people go to see their friends after a long time, but we meet frequently.”

Upon hearing that news, the old man Roans and I involuntarily froze.
After all, the results of the efforts of many people, including me, were brutally stolen away.
“Someone bold did something.”
“I hope they won’t suspect us who were doing the collection work.”
“It’s theft on the planet, after all. They’re not stupid enough to suspect those who have been in space all along.”
“I hope so.”
Honestly, it’s quite unsettling.
The nobles who were expecting profits from rare metals often direct their frustration towards the mercenaries and workers on-site.
In some cases, we might have to find the real culprit ourselves.
But that’s not something I should do.
“Just leave it to the police. There’s no need to stick our necks into it.”
Whether he read my thoughts or not, the old man Roans lightly inserted a nail.
“Yeah, you’re right. Well, let’s disperse for today. Before they start demanding the rewards back.”
“That might actually… be possible…”
I said it as a joke, but I didn’t think it would become a cause for concern.
So, I decided to leave quickly.

I headed to Gonzalez’s place on foot.
To get information about this mysterious theft incident.
On the way, I decided to buy some of that butcher’s products, so I entered the shop after a long time.
The shopkeeper was still a friendly old man as usual, but when I saw the lineup of products like,

Beef = Minotaur Meat
Pork = Orc Meat
Chicken = Cockatrice Meat
Ham = Membrane of Death Meat
Croquette = Blissful Golden

It went beyond curiosity and became worrying – how far is this old man taking it?
Anyway, I bought four croquettes, two teas from the convenience store, and then headed to the Paterson Dispensing Pharmacy.
And as usual, when I entered the store,
“The theft of the rare metal, huh?”
Without the usual greeting, he immediately asked what I wanted to know.
“Got any information?”
I placed a croquette and a bottle of tea on the counter and offered them to Gonzalez.
“Mostly manga-like developments or conspiracy theories.”
Gonzalez picked up a croquette, and I followed suit.
It was my first time trying a standard croquette, but it was undeniably delicious.
“When you say manga-like developments, is it about a grand illusion by a great thief? A war starting between a beautiful girl thief and a handsome guy thief?”
“Something like that.”
Gonzalez finished his croquette and reached for the tea.
“Anything serious?”
“No idea. Well, it’s certain that someone on the inside facilitated it.”
“Anyone could figure that much out…”
It seems that even in his information network, detailed information is unknown.
Well, it’s best not to delve any further into it.
Then, as Gonzalez reached for a second croquette, he asked,
“By the way, what about tomorrow’s joint alumni reunion?”
he asked.
In fact, on the first day of the collection operation, an invitation to the joint alumni reunion arrived through the mercenary guild.
The joint part is because of the incident where I was forcibly recruited into that mercenary group. It seems the reunion is organized for the generation of students I was in, which has drastically decreased due to that incident, and they’re having a hard time organizing a reunion.
But in reality, it’s just a means for me to get closer to Lior-Burnnext and Schoona-Noswile.
“When I got it, I was in the middle of the collection job, and I didn’t know when it would finish. Plus, I didn’t feel like going, so I declined immediately.”
“Me too. I’ve already met the friends I wanted to see. Besides, I’ll definitely get tangled up with that guy.”
Gonzalez had a disgruntled expression.
“Yeah, probably hasn’t changed at all.”
That guy is Aroldich-Ireblegas, who was our classmate in the second year.
He was at the top of the school hierarchy. Not a noble, but the son of the president of Ireblegas Trading, and of course, a handsome guy.
He’s always surrounded by his entourage, the epitome of an elite mindset – all about the vibes, loves to play around, loves to hit on girls, loves to assert dominance – a perfect example of a scumbag extrovert.
Because of that, not only us but also the introverts in the class, no, in the whole school were annoyed.
Wouldn’t you agree that not wanting to meet him is understandable, even if it means going to that Lior Burnnext?
At least Burnnext, while cracking some jokes, doesn’t resort to violence like that guy.
According to Gonzales, he’s currently on a study trip to inherit his parents’ company, living a very stylish life indeed.
“It’s usually because I want to see my friends after a long time, but since we meet often…”
Gonzales said, spreading the newspaper, reaching for the third croquette.
“Well, that’s true.”
I agreed with his words, sipping tea and putting the half-eaten croquette into my mouth.


I was relieved that there was no message demanding the return of the reward when I reported to Gonzales yesterday.
So, after finishing cleaning my room and whatever else by noon today, I decided to go to request gun maintenance for the first time in a while.
Since I don’t shoot often, I only clean it once a month at most.
So, I thought it would be a good idea to have a professional look at it occasionally.
The shop is located in the basement of a mixed building in the city called “Swanson Firearms Store.”
“Hey there~”
“Welcome! Long time no see.”
“I don’t really use guns much.”
Inside the shop, a sturdy counter is protected by thick explosion-proof and laser-proof acrylic plates, and all the products are selected through display screens.
And the one who greeted me was Linda, the daughter of the shop owner, who is still in high school.
As for school… she might be skipping quite a bit.
You can’t see the shop owner, but he’s probably doing repairs or restorations in the back of the shop.
When I placed the gun on the counter, she picked it up and said,
“It seems like you’ve been taking care of it fairly well.”
With that, she sat down at the workbench behind the counter and started disassembling the gun.
Unlike me, who takes it slow, it fell apart in no time at all.
Even with her skills, she still thinks she’s not quite there yet.
During the process, she suddenly spoke up.
“Hey. Do you ever want to make custom guns or anything?”
“What’s the point for a lousy human to use custom-made?”
“Let’s make some~. Mercenaries would want them, right?”
“I don’t need it. It’s a waste.”
This exchange has been going on ever since she started working in this shop.
She’s itching to make a gun she’s designed from scratch.
So, she’s basically asking me, someone who doesn’t have custom-made stuff, to make one for her, meaning she’s asking for funding.
“Even if I got custom-made stuff, I hardly use guns, so mass-produced ones are enough.”
“Tch~. I wanted to try out the new materials.”
Even though she’s pouting, I thought her expression was quite cute.
Just as we finished overhauling the gun, the shop door swung open with great force, and an obviously troublesome customer walked in.

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