Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 2

Except for the embarrassment during lunch break, nothing significant happened, and the end of the school day arrived uneventfully.
Perhaps because there was a lot of talk about club activities today, only unpleasant memories from the past kept coming back.
As Haruya approached his shoe locker, if he looked outside the window, he could see some sports clubs vigorously running.
—One, two, one, two.
The voices of multiple people with perfect synchronization echoed in Haruya’s ears.
(Sigh… Let’s go home without thinking about anything. And let’s heal with some shoujo manga…)
His long bangs that covered his vision helped him calm his mind in this school environment.
When he reached the entrance on the first floor, he saw two students talking in front of his shoe locker.
(…Uh, excuse me, but I can’t go home unless you move from there.)
Although Haruya muttered that to himself, the two seemed to be arguing and it didn’t seem appropriate to approach them.
Haruya observed them from a distance.
“—Takamori, hey… Aren’t you going to continue playing basketball?”
“Onoi, why are you here…”
It seemed that the student called Onoi was from another high school,
as she was wearing a uniform unfamiliar to Haruya’s school.
“Saihara and I are going to have a match soon. I came to greet your advisor on the way back. I came here by bike and the teacher left by car earlier.”
“S-So… “
“On the way back, I never thought I’d run into you like this. So, Takamori, back to the topic, did you quit basketball?”
“……Shut up.”
Although they now attended different high schools, they were old acquaintances and met again unexpectedly. And it became a bit of a scene.
If we summarize the situation roughly, it would be something like this.
(…Heavy. This isn’t the kind of atmosphere I can not just step into.)
Haruya couldn’t say something like “Um, excuse me” in this atmosphere.
Sharp glances seemed to be flying from the two in that situation. Just thinking about it was scary.
(Um… Could you please stop having a showdown in front of my shoe locker!)
While shouting inwardly, Haruya could only smile wryly.
After observing for a while, Takamori, passed by the the student from the other high school, called Onoi, saying “Move,” in a strong tone.
“…Takamori, I want to compete with you.”
“Too late now, who do you think you are…”
With just those words, Takamori left.
Left behind, the student from the other school, while clenching her fists, left the scene looking somewhat frustrated.
(…What on earth was that all about?)
Although he felt like asking, haruya couldn’t help but remember fondly about the basketball team.
In an instant, memories of the past replayed in his mind.
Graceful movements. Refined technique. Charisma that united the team.
When he went to see a basketball game in middle school, Haruya remembered a player who shone particularly brightly.
The player who had brought him heat when he had lost his passion for club activities…
At that time, inspired by that heat, he was able to do his best in club activities.
While indulging in nostalgic feelings, Haruya headed home and his phone vibrated in his right pocket.
He took it out and checked the notification, it was a new message.

Nayu: It’s sudden, but are you free tomorrow? I want to have an offline meeting.
Haru: It’s really sudden. I’m free, though.

Today is Friday, so tomorrow is Saturday.
Since there is no school and no particular plans,
Nayu’s invitation was rather welcome.
(…Nayu-san must have found some really interesting shoujo manga. I should also organize and recommend some shoujo manga by tomorrow.)
Thanks to Nayu, the atmosphere that had become damp with talk of club activities cleared up, and Haruya quietly thanked her.



That night.
Haruya went alone to his favorite café.
He goes to school in a sloppy manner, but when he goes out, he dresses up before he goes out.
Haruya visited the café with his stylish face.
Haruya pushed open the creaky wooden door and entered the shop, where a familiar waitress greeted him cheerfully.
she chimed, rolling the bell-like sound of her voice.
Since Haruya was recognized as a regular customer, he was familiar with many of the staff members.
The shop was a bit quiet, and besides Haruya, there were only a few other customers.
“…Your order, please?”
“The usual, please.”
“Alright, coming right up.”
Haruya’s “usual” order consisted of carbonara and coffee.
The coffee at this shop had a particularly pleasant aroma, and Haruya visited this place to savor its depth.
However, there was another reason he frequented this café.
It was because one of the staff members, who was close in age to Haruya, was one of the few people he was friendly with.
” S-so, you came to see me, didn’t you, Onii san?”
During his break time or when he had free time, the waitress would come to his table and chat like this.
With her slender figure, doll-like features,
and monochrome maid outfit,
she was the waitress Haruya relied on the most—Kohinata.
To maintain a comfortable distance from each other… Haruya didn’t know her first name.
He only knew her surname.
And since she addressed him as “Onii san,” she didn’t know Haruya’s name. Despite their frequent conversations, their relationship could be considered unusual.
However, Haruya found this non-intrusive relationship comfortable.
“Huh, what’s wrong? Onii san. Are you perhaps mesmerized by me?”
“…No, sorry if it seemed that way. Is something bothering you, Kohinata?”
He wasn’t sure,
but today she seemed a bit down.
“…Ah, even Master and nobody else noticed. You really are amazing, Onii san♪”
With a sly grin, Kohinata continued,
“Do you like me?”
“Don’t say foolish things. If I can help you, I’d appreciate it. I don’t think it can be resolved, but just talking about it might make it feel better.”
Taking a sip from his coffee cup, Haruya noticed Kohinata pouting slightly.
“I don’t think it’s about not being able to solve it. It’s about appears that you can solve it, right?”
“I think making such irresponsible remarks is worse.”
“Well, Onii san, that’s just how you are. But why do you listen to my problems?”
With wide-eyed innocence, Kohinata asked.
“I always asking for your advice. It’s just returning the favor.”
“…Ah, I see. Then I’d be happy if you listened to my problems!”
Usually, Haruya was the one seeking advice.
Especially during the incident with Sara’s arranged marriage, her advice was helpful.
Now it was his turn to listen to Kohinata’s troubles.
Haruya listened attentively to her.

Simply put, her problem stemmed from accidentally touching on a sensitive topic with a friend and regretting it.
Apparently, the topic of club activities had come up at school today, and when Kohinata discussed it with her classmates, one of them briefly made an unpleasant face.
Despite usually going home together, she was turned down by her friend.
Though it didn’t seem like a big deal, Haruya felt uneasy.
(…The topic of club activities in class, huh? Wait, that feels familiar… but it’s probably just my imagination.)
“If your friend didn’t seem comfortable discussing it, I think it’s best to leave it alone and act like usual.”
“…Yeah, you’re right. Everyone has parts they don’t want others to touch, right?”
Kohinata nodded with a self-deprecating tone.
“You’re going through a lot, too, Kohinata.”
Surely she also harbored worries and conflicts she couldn’t share with others.
That much was evident from her expression earlier.
“Onii san, why… are you being so kind today? You only know my last name, Kohinata. Oh, and by the way, it’s about time you told me your personal information.”
She said playfully.
It was selfish of her to want to know others’ information while not disclosing her own.
But Haruya quite liked Kohinata’s non-intrusive nature.
“I won’t tell you. It’s better for both of us.”
“Yeah, that’s true. But, about that person you talked to the other day, if you get a girlfriend, tell me, okay?”
The person he talked to the other day was Sara.
“Sure, sure.”
Haruya replied casually.
And so, Haruya and Kohinata spent some casual time together.

Fragment of an old memory.
This was from his middle school days… two years ago.
Unpleasant memories from his club activities.
The other members were discussing Haruya in the clubroom.
And Haruya overheard it while standing outside the door.
“…It’s all his fault.”
“We lost because of that guy, right?”
“…He’s really hopeless.”
“You know, all he sees is talented people. He can’t understand how those without talent feel.”
“…He’s just a sweaty guy now.”
Haruya just wanted to do his best in track and field.
Without ulterior motives, just straightforwardly…
As Haruya, his voice trembling, tried to enter the clubroom…
Instantly, noise filled the air as the scene changed.
The location… was it the grounds?
Three people, including Haruya, were running around the field with joy.
Other friends followed closely behind them.
…It was fun.
He thought he could aim high with these guys.
The sight of the old Haruya, competing with the two by his side, still shone brightly.
…But as they ran, the two on either side of him gradually drifted away from Haruya.
Then, the other friends began to look at Haruya with disdain.
Haruya was left alone in a lonely world.
And then came the rain of accusatory glances and words.
(Stop it. Please, stop it…)

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