Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Epilogue + Afterword


“Lies… Those were all lies. Lies, lies, lies!” Kurotsuki Kanade was shouting.
Two days after the conflict request battle was settled. My injuries had recovered enough to walk around. Thanks to Ishino’s rapid healing but…well, let’s put that aside for now. I immediately called Kurotsuki to “my classroom” and—
“Hah!? Lies, lies, shut up already you noisy fly!”
“Th-This isn’t Kurashiki-san!!”
Seeing Kurashiki’s transformation, Kurotsuki screamed. Hey now, I made sure the room was perfectly soundproofed, but try not to yell too loudly. It’s kinda worrying.
“Ah, Amamori-san! Is this really Kurashiki-san!?”
“…Unfortunately it is. Also, stop adding ‘-san’ to my name.”
For some reason, Kurotsuki had started calling me “Amamori-san.”
I didn’t ask why, but he probably developed a “Amamori > Kurotsuki ” mentality inside after seeing my power displayed. It feels kinda awkward considering he doesn’t actually know me, but whatever.
“Whaddya mean ‘unfortunately,’ I’ll punch ya, Amamori!”
“That’s way too cruel… You’d be more convinced if I said her insides got switched with Netsuhara’s right?”
“Alright, Kurotsuki -kun stand right there while I beat you a bit!”
Kurashiki stood up with a cute smile and cracked her knuckles. Kurotsuki looked ready to face her head-on, but that’d be unwise. She’s probably just as strong as you.
“Now now, both of you calm down. Kurashiki, stop getting heated up.”
“Ehhh!? But Kurotsuki -kun called me ‘Netsuhara inside’! I gotta beat that out of him!”
“Once committee chair, always a committee chair.”
At my words, alter-ego Kurashiki casually sat back down. Kurotsuki went “hieee” seeing her.
I turned to him and explained why I called him here.
“So, Kurotsuki . I want you to join the ‘organization’ I’m making.”
“I’d be glad to! Anything for Amamori-san!”
“…Answering immediately huh. Well, whatever.”
Why is he so obedient? It’s a little worrying, but his eyes are sparkling innocently so he probably doesn’t have ill intent.
“So what’re we specifically gonna do? You said support Asahina, but after that decisive loss, getting her fully back on her feet will take more time right?”
“That’s not an issue. I don’t want Asahina resolutely determined over vague reasons either.”
“…? So we’re doing something centered around Asahina-san?”
In response to his question, I started explaining to Kurotsuki .
How we’re seeking freedom. Dissatisfaction with the current school system. Moving overtly and covertly to take down the school itself.
The overt side driven by the unaware Asahina Kasumi. The covert side controlled entirely by [us].
“And in order to manipulate Asahina as we want, what’s necessary is…”
“Kurashiki-san who can stand by Asahina-san’s side and lead everyone together, and me to pass Amamori-san’s plans directly to Asahina-san as a strategist. Is that right?”
Damn, this kid’s understanding is too fast!
“Amamori-san is a monster, putting it mildly. If you want to move Asahina-san, it’d be better for Amamori-san to join as strategist directly… No. The fact you’re not doing that means you must have a reason.”
“…Amamori-san, could it be you’re also wary of someone?”
“Oh, oh, that’s what I was curious about too!”
Somehow he saw right through me despite me not saying anything.
“You said not directly joining as strategist was so you could move freely right? Means there’s someone you’re cautious of.”
“…Did I say that?”
I don’t really remember saying it, but… yeah, there is someone. In this school where I thought no one knew me, the sole person from my hometown I found. A childhood acquaintance. The woman who knows my past.
“Well…there’s one in Class A.”
“Class A…? But wasn’t their leader…”
Netsuhara Nagashi. Anyone would think that at first glance.
But the reality is likely very different.
“Don’t tell me there’s a bastard dancing Netsuhara around in his palm…”
I nodded at Kurashiki’s words. I was surprised when he appeared grabbing Netsuhara’s hair during the battle.
“I mean, what was that guy doing? Did he really show his true feelings back then? I felt like I was giving him a really cold look at that moment. It was the first time I’d ever seen such a farce.”
“…Well, let’s put that guy aside for now. He’s starting to sound like he might actually show up if we keep talking about him.”
So, let’s get back to the serious stuff.
“Enough of that. Kurotsuki, I want you to cooperate with Kurashiki and guide Asahina. Be the behind-the-scenes expert supporting Asahina. You may not appear in the open often, but you need to be a force with equal power and influence as Asahina.”
“Understood! With ‘Demon Lord’s Blessing,’ I can use ‘Telepathy,’ so I’ll do my best while consulting with Amamori-san!”
“Anything goes with ‘Demon Lord’s Blessing’…”
Saying this, I smiled and clenched my fist.
I extended my fist to both of them.
There’s still a lot to think about. Unexpected things will surely happen in the future.
But it’s our job to anticipate and overcome everything.
“Our immediate goal is to unite the first-year students. Crush the troublemakers in Class A, and Class B.”
It’s quite regrettable, but we’ll have to put off dismantling the school for now.
First, we need to sweep away the troublemakers among the first-year students. Once the unrest is gone… that’s when we’ll crush the school.
Otherwise, we’ll probably get swept away while fighting against the school.
Class A, Class B, and Class C of the first-year students.
If we’ve distributed our forces evenly among these classes, there will undoubtedly be students in each class at or even above Asahina’s level. Ignoring them would be a considerable obstacle.
“For now, our main job is to support Asahina Kasumi. I won’t ask for anything difficult, just give it your all to make sure she doesn’t ‘lose.'”
Kasumi Asahina is a defender of justice. In contrast, Class A and Class B harbor evil.
I don’t know the extent of their power, but as long as they’re evil, Asahina will undoubtedly react. Even without us doing anything, we’ll develop hostile relationships with both classes.
Your job is simply to ensure that “Kasumi Asahina wins” when that time comes.
How’s that? Pretty straightforward, right?
“…Geez, you’re not making it easy from the start.”
“I’ll take care of it! I’ll do my absolute best to complete any mission you give me!”
In response to my words, Kurashiki, Kurotsuki, and I each extended our fists.
Lurking in the shadows, controlling things from behind the scenes.
If Asahina is the sun — the “day” face — then we have to be the shadows — the “night” face.
Yeah, “night” face… “Night,” huh?
In that case, let’s name our organization like this.
“Organization name: ‘Yaen.’ the Night Banquet. From here on, we will destroy this school.”
Amamori Yuuto, Kurashiki Hotaru, Kurotsuki Kanade.
Let’s start with these three.
A life-threatening survival game against the school.

“…Seriously, can’t we come up with a less chuunibyou-sounding name?”

But we’re still high school freshmen.
Preferring darkness to light, and the shadows to the spotlight.
At this age, it’s natural to admire such things.




Hello everyone, nice to meet you, or hi again. I am Aizawa Tateru.
First, thank you very much for picking up this work.
This was originally a personal piece only meant for my own viewing – something I never thought would see the light of day. This story is one such work I wrote down assuming it would remain unseen eternally.
Yet through a convoluted series of events, I started posting it online, and now we’ve arrived at the present.
Amamori Yuuto – who is he? This work that will unravel his mysteries.
You must never forget – Amamori Yuuto is a liar.
He spouts lies without a change in expression, paying no heed to dialogue or narration.
I think there aren’t many protagonists you can trust less.
However, the awful thing about him is that he does speak truth at times.
Discerning what is true and what is a lie will be an ongoing task with him, so I hope you can enjoy unraveling that as you read.
Once again, thank you for picking up this work.

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