Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 3 chapter 1 part 1

[Stage 3-1] Sea! Swimsuits! Vacation!

What exactly is meant by “paradise”?
A world where endless wealth overflows. A world filled with delectable cuisine that one cannot stop eating once they start. A world where one is gifted with talent and unrivaled in everything.
The heavenly world without suffering that one imagines may differ from person to person.
And for me, the paradise is── right before my eyes at this very moment.
“Ouga-kun! Let’s play over here~!”
Mashiro, with a beaming smile, waves at me.
She is wearing a bold black bikini.
The meager swimsuit struggles to contain her bountiful melons.
The ring I gave her as a present is half-sunken into her cleavage, secured by a golden chain.
The pareo wrapped around her waist is made of a sheer, lace-like fabric, making her thighs, which should have been hidden, alluringly visible instead.
And yet, it does not come across as vulgar, perhaps because Mashiro’s sunny smile purifies any perceived lewdness.
“Ouga, the water is so cold and feels amazing! Let’s work up a good sweat!”
Next to Mashiro is “My Fiancée” Karen, also holding a beach ball, eager to play.
She is wearing a swimsuit with a distinctive white frilly top.
However, the magnificent breasts she is supporting with the beach ball protrude through the frills,
making it even more erotic than if she had just worn it normally.
I guess she was going to play with a beach ball in her hand, but was it really safe for her to playing so actively?
I am worried that they might fall out.
“Ouga-kun. Everyone is waiting, so why don’t you join us and warm up over here?”
The one calling out to me is Reina, who has now become my “sister”.
She has a shirt draped over her chest to avoid exposing too much.
But a woman’s charm is not limited to just her breasts.
The shirt seems to be a size too large,
leaving her healthy, athletic legs peeking out from underneath.
The graceful lines of those legs captivate the gaze of anyone who lays eyes on them.
As my eyes travel down and then back up, Reina coyly pinches the hem of her shirt,
Just before I could see it or not, she stopped her hands as if teasing me on the verge of revealing and concealing.
This is Schrödinger’s panties…!
“My, my, Ouga-kun. It’s not nice to stare so intently.”
Of course, with the intensity of my gaze, she noticed, and Reina giggles mischievously at the success of her ploy.
I raise my hands in surrender.
There’s no way I can turn the tables on her at this point.
“Lady Reina, perhaps it’s time to stop your mischief…”
Alice, who has been observing the entire scene, subtly admonishes her.
She is setting up a parasol and other amenities to make our time on the beach more comfortable.
As reliable as ever, but… seeing her, I had a request I wanted to make.
“…Alice, why aren’t you wearing a swimsuit?”
Yes, Alice is still wearing her usual maid outfit.
It’s impressive that she’s not even breaking a sweat in the heat, but there’s so much I want to see.
Alice also has a lovely figure that can compete with the others.
I was looking forward to enjoying the sight of the three in their swimsuits, but I was equally excited to see Alice in one as well.
This is
I suppose it’s understandable that I was a little disappointed.
“I am Ouga-sama’s maid. I cannot abandon my duties…”
“Just for now, don’t worry about it. Come enjoy this time with us.”
“Your kind words are too much, I am unworthy…”
“Don’t overthink it, Alice. Remember what I told you that day.”
The day that marked the momentous first step of my villainous life.
The words I spoke to Alice in the arena, the meaning behind giving her that name.
“I named you Alice according to the Vellet family rules. – Alice, you are my sword, and you are also my family.”
So don’t hold back, put on a swimsuit and show me your breasts too.
I won’t be greedy, just your rock-hard abs will do.
I know about them, you know.
When you wiped the sweat with your shirt during our early morning training, I caught a glimpse.
“…Ouga-sama! I, I…!”
Alice becomes visibly emotional, tears flooding out like a torrent.
Yeah, it’s nice that she’s touched,
but I’d be even happier if she just put on a swimsuit already.
“…Then I shall reluctantly expose this unsightly form–“
“Alright, set aside your work for now and go change.”
“–Excuse me!!”
Before I could even stop her, Alice vigorously discarded her maid outfit on the spot.
And of course, underneath, she was not wearing a swimsuit, but rather just her undergarments.
Her chest is wrapped in multiple layers of bandages.
And below, she wears only “adult” panties, tied at the hips with strings.
I saw something amazing that froze my thoughts more than I had imagined.
“Ah, Alice-san!?”
“Your attire is indeed too stimulating…!”
Mashiro and the others interjected in surprise at the outrageous behavior.
In a panic, Mashiro rushed over to Alice and wrapped a pareo around her waist.
She must have tried to conceal it a bit, but the fact that it was visible through the pareo made it even more lascivious.
The person in question seemed completely unconcerned, which was amusing.
I watched the scene with a feeling of tranquility.
Mashiro, Karen, Reina, Alice…
Surrounded by such high-level beauties.
A situation that would have been unimaginable in my previous life.
This is the paradise I imagined and longed for…!!
I couldn’t hide my smile as the best moment began.
It was worth enduring that intense workload.
Why are we, having escaped from the academy, enjoying ourselves on the private beach of Vellet Territory?
Let’s rewind a bit to find out.


“Phew… With this, we can rest for a while too.”
It’s been a month since the tumultuous Academy Magic Combat.
During that time, we, the new Student Council, worked tirelessly, and being exhausted every day is now a distant memory.
This is because the academy has been officially announced to be closed for an extended period.
The mass murder incident targeting the students of the magic academy, orchestrated by “Flone the Lightning Strike.” As well as the various tragedies that occurred in the past on the Island.
Since the crimes don’t stop there, it’s likely that his heinousness is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.
Flone the lightning strike was the one who presided over the academy as the headmaster of the Rishburg Magic Academy.
Naturally, there is a thorough investigation by the country.
It’s unlikely that she left any traces, but there’s no choice but to overlook it.
To search the entire academy.
This is the first reason for the long-term closure of the academy.
The other reason is for the mental care of the enrolled students.
In response to this incident, many applications for temporary leave of absence were submitted.
If you are a parent with a decent mind, it’s only natural to avoid entrusting your beloved son or daughter to a place where such a mass murderer served as headmaster.
Especially since all the students are born nobles, the influence of the Rishburg Magic Academy is significant.
It’s even possible to hire private tutors themselves.
Although the curriculum at the magic academy may be superior, it’s understandable that priority is given to safety.
We don’t know when Flone, who is missing, will return to the academy.
For these reasons, the academy decided to give the students a long vacation and temporarily close the academy.
So, we, the Student Council, had just finished our last patrol and returned to the Student Council room.
“As we all went around, I realized once again that Rischberg is a big place. We started in the morning and it took us until noon. …… “
“Hahaha,” said Karen with a wry smile.
Indeed, if we had divided the work, we would have finished a little earlier.
However, I insisted on everyone moving together.
The reason is simple.
“Flone the Lightning Strike” sees me as an enemy.
According to Reina’s story, it seems that she regards me as a threat.
In addition, I took away a piece raised by that person.
So it wouldn’t be surprising if I were attacked at any time.
In that case, Karen, who relatively lacks combat power, is in danger. Leaving her alone would be foolish.
With me, Mashiro, and Reina, we should be able to prevent the worst-case scenario.
“I’m sorry. But there are reasons for this.”
“Oh, sorry! It’s not in that sense? Besides, I was happy with those words…”
Karen’s voice, poking my finger, became timid and I couldn’t catch the last part.
Those words at that time… Are they about that thing when I suggested we all go together?
[Let’s all go together. Because I don’t want anyone taken away from my side.]
A fluffy classmate who clears the air with bottomless brightness.
A fiancée who understands my preferences and emits a great aura of love.
And a “sister” who has recently begun to enjoy teasing me.
I can’t let Flone take them away from me.
I’ll do anything to protect the strongest harem I’ve ever thought of.

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