Who Killed the Hero? Volume 1 Epilogue


It took us some time to get to Retin Village after that.

Solon’s teleportation magic could only take us to places he had been before, so we had to go near where the Malica Kingdom used to be and head for Retin Village from there.

“Magic isn’t omnipotent. There’s no way I could identify and teleport to places I’ve never been before,”

Solon boasted for some reason.

But in that case, it means he’s been to Talis Village before.

“I…I went close to it once, to try and meet Ares’ parents. But in the end, I couldn’t meet them,”

he answered, looking a little displeased and embarrassed.

Oh, he seems arrogant and aloof on the surface, but deep down, he’s timid and kind. He must have wanted me to ask about it in his stead, since he couldn’t work up the courage to visit Ms. Shera himself.

We borrowed horses in the town we teleported to and headed for Retin Village.

I’m good with horses, but surprisingly, Solon was able to ride one too.

“I wasn’t very good before, but I got plenty of chances to ride during our journey. Zack taught me. It was one of the few things he taught me,” he said proudly.

He seemed pleased with himself.

The area where the Malica Kingdom used to be still bore the scars of the Demon Army’s invasion, and the whole country was in ruins.

“The closer you get to the Demon Territory, the more places you see like this,”

Solon said, seemingly unmoved. After his previous journey, he must have seen sights like this countless times.

But for me, who had never left my country before, it was shocking. It made me realize just how ignorant I was. My mother must have seen far more devastating scenes many times over.

We finally arrived at Retin Village, which was located near the sea.


The buildings and fields were still quite unkempt, but it was far better than the other places we had passed through. Plumes of smoke rising into the air indicated that people were living here.

When I asked a villager working in the fields about Zack, he immediately told me where to find him.

Apparently Zack had come to this village two years ago and was helping rebuild the village. He works hard and even defeats the monsters that show up occasionally, so he seems to be a welcome presence.

In the place the villager indicated, Zack was stacking bricks for a house.

With his somewhat unruly chestnut hair and matching brown eyes, he looked about his age, though his appearance was basically unchanged. He blended into the villagers so seamlessly it was as if he belonged, which was just like him.

Zack noticed us approaching right away. He’s observant, as expected of the hero.

“Oh, Solon! It’s you!” he exclaimed,

surprised. Well, we wanted him to be surprised. We went through a lot of trouble to get here.

Solon walked up briskly and embraced Zack.

“I found you,”

was all he said, but I sensed the weight behind those words.

“Yeah,” Zack simply replied, hugging him back.

After a while, he turned to look at me.

“Could it be Princess Alexia? What are you doing here?”

I was happy he remembered me.

Solon moved back a bit from Zack, putting some distance between them.

“We know about your lie, me and Ms. Shera,”

Zack looked surprised.

“Oh dear. I see, I see. But for the princess to come all this way to say that?”

“I came to fulfill my promise.”


“The promise to marry the one I love.”


He looked puzzled. Solon was grinning.

“The one you love…you mean me?”

How dense can he be? I just silently nodded.


Zack flushed and scratched his head, looking troubled.

Then after thinking for a bit, he said:

“I know a place with delicious sweets in the capital, would you like to go together?”

TL Note : There’s one more chapter left, although IMO this is the perfect ending

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