Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 26

Pompous transfer order

When we entered, the person I had met before was waiting with a difficult expression, like he had just bitten into a bitter pill.
“We’ve been waiting for you, gentlemen.”
We were the ones who had been waiting.
Even though it had only been two days, I didn’t understand why we had to be detained.
“Sorry for the wait. We, the second inspection team of the Third Patrol Squadron Space Frigate [Akkeshi], have been summoned by headquarters.”
“Very well, let’s begin then. Lieutenant Nao-Bruce.”
“By special exception, you are ordered to transfer from the Space Frigate [Akkeshi] back to the Capital Space Security Force Headquarters, General Affairs Department, from the moment you sortie, and to form a squad within the General Affairs Department.”
“What are you doing?”
I was scolded for being puzzled by the incomprehensible orders read before me.
“Yes, sir. I humbly accept the mission.”
I hurriedly accepted the mission because I was scolded and stepped back.
“Soldier Meyrica.”
“You are ordered to transfer from the Space Frigate [Akkeshi] to a squad to be formed within the Capital Space Security Force Headquarters.”
“Yes, sir. I humbly accept the mission.”


Next, orders were read out to all members of the second inspection team, and the meeting seemed to be over.
“That’s all. We’ll prepare a room for you starting tomorrow, so be on duty there. Any questions?”
It’s not a matter of whether there are questions.
I just don’t understand.
Where should I even start with the questions…
“Um, may I ask a question?”
“What is it? I believe you are…”
“I’m Kasumi, Sergeant of the Maria Team of the Second Inspection Team.”
“Kasumi, what’s your question?”
“Yes, what are we supposed to do starting tomorrow?”
Kasumi’s question was exactly the question on everyone’s mind in this room.
Nice one, Kasumi.
The person in charge, who already had a difficult expression, began to answer with an even more severe expression.
“Do you know what our General Affairs team does?”
“Yes, it’s like supporting the front line. Doing behind-the-scenes work.”
“Indeed, we are the behind-the-scenes workers of your line. You could call us staff, but let me tell you about the work of these behind-the-scenes workers. Alright, we in General Affairs are the handyman of the Capital Space Security Force. We’re asked to do all sorts of unreasonable things. Yes, that includes dealing with people in positions like yours right now.”
“Starting tomorrow, you’ll be on standby here and just follow orders from above. You can relax. We won’t keep you on standby for long. Work will come down from above soon enough. Until then, please wait patiently.”

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