I, the “false hero” expelled the “true hero” Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 6

Just before the sun fully sets.
We return and leave Ratio with the soldiers.
I take Iris-chan and Jamama back to the inn first, then visit the village elder’s home, explaining the circumstances including Jamama. After that, I went to Fabbro’s shop.
As always, it was deserted, and he was working in the back.
“Hm? Oi, bro! Quick return huh.”
Raising a hand in greeting, Fabbro welcomes me. I also raise a hand and greet him.
“No good huh. Well, don’t worry about it. It’s a magical beast, sometimes you can’t find them. As long as you’re not hurt.”
“No, I beat it.”
“Huh, seriously?
“Dead serious. It’s right next door, so take a look.”
I guide Fabbro. Perhaps having heard the commotion, a crowd had gathered even though night was falling. The man named Billy whose horse was killed testified this magical beast was undoubtedly the culprit.
“No way, you really subjugated it…”
Mouth agape, Fabbro stared at the “silvery white wolf” lying before him.
And his comment was this.
“No, wait, that can’t be right?”
“I mean, I thought just maybe with your skill bro. But to subdue it so easily. And a “silvery white wolf” at that.”
“It wasn’t easy. If this individual was in top condition, it would’ve been tough even with my current gear. I could beat it because it showed an opening and was already weakened.”
“Yeah…looking closely, it has wounds all over. I can tell the neck wound is your sword but the others are claw marks, not from a sword, like something with curved hooks scratched it.”
Fabbro lightly touched the fur, seeming to grasp what had wounded it.
“Dunno what magical beast injured it, but probably territorial disputes or something.”
“I think so too. And about that wolf, actually it had a child. Iris-chan is with it now and doesn’t seem willing to part with it…”
“What? Is it not dangerous?”
“It’s a child now. A human child would be bad, but it probably won’t attack adults.”
“Maybe so but…”
“And if Jamama grows up attacking people…I’ll kill it.”
I won’t compromise on that.
If by chance I overlooked it and that wolf grew up attacking people, unrelated people would get hurt.
I don’t intend to repeat the same tragedy.
Perhaps sensing my resolve from my expression, Fabbro nods in understanding.
“Well, if you’re saying that much I’ve got nothing more to say. After subjugating a magical beast, the rights are yours anyway.”
“You’ll believe me?”
“A man’s wiping his own ass here. Poking my nose in would just be rude.”
“Sorry, and thanks.”
“Don’t worry about it. So what’ll you do with this guy? Or how about I make you some armor?”
“I appreciate it. But I’ll have to decline. I decided I’ll properly bury this “silvery white wolf” later. If I wore armor made from Jamama’s parent’s materials, Jamama would probably be reminded of its parent and feel sad.”
With fur this excellent, even with claw marks it could sell high and make armor. But I decided to bury it.
I feel bad for Billy who was victimized but I’ll only give him materials from a small portion that won’t affect selling it. I don’t intend to take from most of it.
“Oh right. You may be correct. I said some thoughtless things, sorry bro.”
“No, I should apologize for declining your goodwill.”
“It’s fine. I’ll talk to the village elder tomorrow and wring out a reward.”
“Is that okay? I intended it as an apology for the awful mess at your shop.”
“That’s its own issue, this is another. This magical beast tormented the whole village. So you’re the village’s benefactor bro. They’ll pay out money. Though there’s not much in this village…”
“I don’t intend to demand a large sum. Oh right, there’s something I want to ask.”


“Hm? What is it?”
I take out a feather from my pocket. Fabbro made a puzzled face.
“What’s this? A bird feather? It’s huge for one. Where’d you get this?”
“It was on Jamama’s parent, that “silvery white wolf”.”
At those words, Fabbro’s expression became serious.
“On that huge “silvery white wolf”? You’re sure? No mistake?”
“Yeah. So I suspect it’s from a creature that could wound Jamama’s parent. Fabbro, have any idea about this feather?”
“No…sorry. I’ve seen materials from various magical beasts but got no clue what this is.”
“I see.”
“But yeah. I can faintly feel an unpleasant aura from it.”
Fabbro’s words matched my own feelings.
Aside from the size, an unremarkable feather. But for some reason, I couldn’t settle down.
“I’ll ask acquaintances right away if they know anything.”
“Yeah, thanks. Maybe it’ll shed light on why magical beasts started appearing around here.”
Yes, while I could subjugate that “silvery white wolf”, it was just temporary. If we don’t determine the underlying cause, the same thing might recur.
“I’ll head back to the inn for now. Iris-chan might worry even if unlikely.”
“Hehe, quite the big brother huh.”
“Ha ha, don’t tease me. See you tomorrow then.”
Saying just that, I parted from Fabbro.
Returning to the village’s only inn, the landlady who was preparing breakfast foods greeted me.
“Welcome back, your companion’s in the innermost room upstairs.”
“Ah, thank you ma’am.”
Heading upstairs as the landlady said, I heard a rapid pattering sound from the hallway’s end.
“Wait~! I said wait~!”
“Ah, Iris-cha…whoa!?”
Iris-chan comes toddling at full speed.
Seeing her enter my vision, my face stiffened.
That Iris-chan was stark naked. Yes, totally nude.
Her bare skin without a single thread looked dewy and supple. Her slightly wet hair held precocious sensuality and gloss.
“Got you! Running away on your own!”

“No escaping if you don’t like it. Jamama’s dirty so we have to get you nice and clean. Elf family secret resin soap! Use this and your skin will be smooth, hair silky!” …Hm, Sir Ayame?”
Iris-chan notices me.
Not good. I saw Mei-chan naked once but got yelled at and holed up in my room. Afterward I was punished, getting one hit to the jaw and knocked out until morning. If Yuu hadn’t tended me I would have been a sorry sight sprawled in the alley.
For a girl, having a man see her naked seems that detestable.
Sure enough, Iris-chan toddles straight over without pause but…wait, hold on!?
“You’re back Sir Ayame. How did it go?”
“Wait, why are you so calm!?”
“About what?”
“I mean, Iris-chan, you’re naked!”
Shocked me is met with a confused Iris-chan.
“Oh, that? Fufu, Sir Ayame is so innocent. It’s fine if it’s you seeing me. Because my body is paaafect! Nothing at all to be ashamed of! Byuutiful!”
Iris-chan proudly thrusts out her small chest. Her body was certainly slender with fine skin. Together with her blonde hair it resembled a doll.
But her figure was far from adult charm, her body lacked curves, with a toddler’s belly smooth like a squid belly.
“Certainly your looks may be cute. You can take pride in that. But that’s why being in that state is a bit much! It would make me a criminal too by society’s standards!”
“Ehh…oh, then let’s bathe together Sir Ayame!”
“I won’t do it!”
Pushing Iris-chan’s back, I force her into the room then shut the door with a bang. Then I slid down with my back against the door.
With one hand I covered my maskless side.
“Could elves have loose sexual morals…? No, I heard chastity was valued most of all…so what is with Iris-chan…unless she has that kind of fetish, no but…”
I seriously pondered Iris-chan’s moral education.

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