Before the tutorial begins chapter 37

Chapter 37: True Intentions, Divine Power, Wrath (Latter Part)

◆Dungeon City Sakuraflower – 336th Dungeon [Eternal Darkness] First Midpoint “Residential Area”

“I cannot control my spirit beast. Because this power was forcibly implanted in me by the [facility’s] people…”

A gloomy atmosphere flowed through the living room of the rented house.

After that, what Jupiter wished for after somehow recovering from her disturbed state was, “I want to talk.”

Understanding her intention, I set up a place for her to talk…but the content was as you heard, extremely painful.

She said she was sold to an organization called [Paradise of the Gifted] when she was young.

She said that at that facility, inhumane research was conducted day and night to produce compatible hosts for specially modified spirit beasts.

She said she was given a spirit beast named [Keraunos] after winning through intense competition.

She said Jupiter was just a codename given to her at that time, and she can no longer remember her real name.

She said she only became free when a man calling himself a “champion of justice” suddenly appeared one day and helped her escape.

She said the facility was destroyed by that man, but he also lost his life from injuries sustained in the battle.

She said she followed the man’s dying words of “Go to the Empire” and came to this country late with the help of his comrades who came to rescue him.

She said this, and she said that, over and over.

Every part of the half-life she described was a tragedy that made one’s chest feel like it was being ripped apart – it was hell.

“[Keraunos] is a very special spirit beast. Essentially a divine armament type without a self was forcibly given emotional characteristics and enhanced.”

Divine armament type.

That is the collective term for formations of pure spiritual power that take on shape after an extremely long maturation period, devoid of will.

If that doesn’t make much sense, it’s fine to interpret it as “Technically categorized as a spirit beast, but in reality just an incredibly powerful energy that looks like one.”

That’s a rough explanation, but it’s what the Danmagi producer said, so it’s probably accurate.

In short,

the characteristic of these divine armament types is “They can unleash tremendously powerful attacks, but are utterly inflexible and difficult to handle.”

After all, they are merely a conglomeration of power without will. So not only can they not communicate intentions normally, they barely try to understand their master’s orders.

They simply obey mechanically according to the logic of contracts and the directives of techniques.

That’s why, despite having transcendent-level output power, divine armament types are generally recognized as difficult to handle.

Other types like the spirited or the other category that can properly communicate intent are easier to use, even if their power is slightly lower.

However, this is from a player’s perspective. For the people actually living in this world, a transcendent-level spirit beast is likely something to be envied no matter what.

Nevertheless, in Danmagi, handlers of divine armament types are often portrayed as characters who cannot control their power well.

How many times have we seen the development where a handler who initially cannot control the divine armament’s power becomes able to after intense training?

Having immense power but poor control – that could be said to be the fate of the divine armament type.

However, there was a group that attempted to solve this shortcoming of divine armament types through an extremely inhumane approach.

That group was the [Paradise of the Gifted] – the facility that bought the young Jupiter.

They attempted to simplify control by endlessly infusing specific human emotions into the divine armament spirit beasts they acquired through special connections.

“The emotional characteristic implanted into [Keraunos] was [Fatherly Love]. Viewing the contractor as a child, it has the nurturing will to protect them at all costs.”

A parent’s love for their child.

That should originally be an emotion to be revered, no doubt.

However, from the memories of the many test subjects, the black lightning divine armament infused solely with that emotion naturally became distorted.

“He absolutely will not allow anything to harm me, his daughter. Not just clear things like enemies or attacks. If I feel even slightly afraid or stressed, he immediately becomes enraged and destroys everything around him. He attacks indiscriminately – people, objects, spirit beasts, without distinction…”

That was the real reason Jupiter was passed around from place to place.

She is an overwhelmingly powerful artillery, but the slightest damage causes her to instantly become an uncontrollable disaster.

“Earlier, when I went berserk, it was probably because I vaguely thought I was useless. Today, I couldn’t contribute at all. I was carried by Kyouichirou, Haruka looked out for me, and I couldn’t do anything in the boss fight. So I felt sorry about that, and…before I knew it…”

The girl said she started wondering why she was so powerless.

“It was the worst thought. I selfishly became dejected over the others’ kindness and my power went out of control. No matter how much I apologize, it’s not enough. I’m really…sorry.”

Jupiter deeply bowed her head and offered to leave from here.

“I can’t trouble you two any more. I clearly shouldn’t live among people. I understand that now. So—-“

“You’re not planning to say some childish thing like ‘So from now on I’ll live alone’, are you?”

As if she was struck where it hurt, Jupiter’s eyes slightly dimmed.

“There’s no other way. I…shouldn’t exist.”

“I see. Well then, let’s say you do try to live alone. Assuming you make a living as a solo adventurer, you’ll specialize in solo hunting, right? To avoid bothering anyone, you’d probably make the eleventh floor your area. There you’d hunt spirit beasts every day to scrape by. Sure, it might work out at first.”

With Jupiter’s power, simply living in this dungeon itself is likely possible.

The fact that currently only we attackers can enter the area past the tenth floor is also an advantage.

“But you know, Jupiter, you never know what could happen in this world. The enemies appearing in Sakuraflower’s dungeon could suddenly go berserk. Some mysterious phenomenon that amplifies people’s darkness of heart could occur. And if society becomes unstable, the areas around you will naturally become stronger too.”

Jealousy, envy, irrational discrimination.


“Why is that brat the only one making money when we’re suffering? Unforgivable.”

“—-What do you think would happen to you if you were targeted by such unjustified lashing out?”

“That is…”

“Of course, you’d become stressed, right? Living in that solitude, the only emotions directed at you from the few people you meet would be violent ones. It’s only natural to reach your limit. The strange one would be if you could endure it.”

And when that stress reaches its critical point, the true tragedy begins.

“The loneliness and anxiety, the resentment from those around you – as those stresses pile up, your inner spirit beast will undoubtedly go berserk eventually. And if you, who is not under the protection of a major clan, cause an incident, officials will immediately come and lock you up for a long time.”

In the Empire, foreigners who commit even a single crime tend to receive harsh punishment.

It doesn’t matter if they have naturalized citizenship. The higher-ups of this country see that as mere formality.

They may be citizens, but they are still foreigners.

So outwardly they treat them kindly, but when push comes to shove they knock them down mercilessly and stone them.

This way of thinking is not limited to the Empire alone.

All nations, big or small, harbor similar ideologies to varying degrees.

To think even after obtaining their ideal energy resource, this is how they still are – humans really are hopeless creatures, aren’t they?

“Or before that, an evil [organization] targeting a child like you could deceive you…that kind of development is also possible.”

That’s why those extreme idiots are born in reaction.

“You have done nothing wrong. It is this society that is mistaken.”

—-That is their constant excuse. Luring lonely prey and using them as convenient tools. Ah, it’s truly vomit-inducing.

“Being told things like that by those evil adults and the overbearing idiot parents they have becoming, you would descend into the world of violence.”

“It’s society that’s wrong.

You don’t have to endure any more.”

“Everyone around you is a criminal who tormented you.”

“If you kill people, you’ll be praised. If you destroy buildings, you’ll be rewarded. You don’t need to feel guilty about those who died, since they were the evil ones tormenting you…when placed in an environment like that, do you think you could remain yourself?”

“…All of that is simply fabricated, combining implausible scenarios.”

“Maybe. But didn’t you also think – if you were placed in the delusional developments I described, perhaps you too would end up making similar choices?”


She cannot deny it.

Because this story is the fate walked by someone just like her dumbass self in a world very much like this one.

You know? That guy was called “The Furious Black Lightning” as his epithet.

What a grandiose name, like he’s always furiously raging about something. How lame, how lame, so damn lame.

“Sorry, but Jupiter, I won’t let you pull that kind of cringe act.”

Alone? Persecuted? Going berserk? Deceived? Ending up as a terrorist in the end?

—-Don’t be ridiculous! Who would approve of such a bottom-of-the-barrel trashy script, you piece of shit!

Too bad, you untalented, out-of-touch creator.

This time too, your crybaby melodrama has been rejected. Better luck next time, you damn mite.

Unfortunately, this one is going to seize plenty of glory and happiness alongside us from now on.

We absolutely won’t hand her over to some laughable secret society that just blames everything on society.

“Can’t control your power? Your spirit beast arbitrarily goes berserk? Then let’s blast away that lightning dad. A father shouldn’t intrude on his daughter’s social circle, you know?”

“Good idea, good idea. While we’re at it, let’s neuter him so he doesn’t cause any more trouble.”

“A great plan indeed, Haruka.”


We laughed together in our usual carefree way, a bit more exaggerated than normal.

The silver-haired girl looked at us with an expression like she was gazing at something unbelievable.

“Aren’t you scared of me?”

“Not at all.”

“Aren’t I a nuisance?”

“On the contrary, I want you to trouble us more.”

“Why…are you being so kind to me?”

“Well, that’s—-“

“—-because we’re”

Haruka and I unintentionally spoke over each other, saying “party members.”

It’s quite embarrassing, but that’s basically it.

“Listen, Jupiter. We asked you to join because we got stuck on the fifteenth floor. If you left us just as we’re finally getting started after making it past the tenth, that would be a huge loss, you know?”

“That’s right, this time it’s our turn to have you carry us! So we’re counting on you, Yupi-chan!”

“Kyouichirou, Haruka…”

Slowly, as if chewing on something, Jupiter buried her face.

“If you two say that, then I…I want to try a little harder.”

To the utmost courage of the young girl, we responded with beaming smiles.

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