Aristocratic Daughters Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 2

After the second period ended, during the designated break time.
A girl swiftly opened the door to the library entrance.
Without showing any sign of hesitation, she approached the counter and addressed the librarian.
“Um… Excuse me, is Miss Luna attending school today?”
“Yes, she is. She’s up on the second floor.”
“Thank you very much!”
She bowed deeply to the librarian in gratitude and hurried up the stairs.
And there, she found her immediately.
Seated on a sofa on the second floor, with a picturesque appearance, was Luna Perenmel, a bookworm quietly engrossed in her reading.
While exuding an aura that drew no one close, she lazily flipped through the pages with sleepy eyes.
[Don’t disturb my reading.]
Directly sensing that atmosphere, a girl instinctively froze in her tracks and wore a perplexed expression. However, this situation was quickly resolved.
Sensing someone’s presence, Luna slowly raised her face, and upon confirming the approaching girl, she inserted a four-leaf clover-shaped metal bookmark into her book and stood up.
[Interrupting her reading] was an incredibly rare occurrence for her. Yet, she held an interest in the visitor worth doing so.
Dispelling the tense air, Luna took the initiative to speak.
“Good day. You must be Sia.”
“Y-Yes! A good day to you as well. My apologies for disturbing your reading.”
“No, no.”
Shaking her head slightly, Luna met the girl’s gaze again and continued speaking to expand the conversation.
“What brings you here today? You seem to have something to discuss with me.”
“Indeed. I’ve come to express my gratitude for the holiday and to offer my personal thanks!”
“Regarding the holiday, you mean the day before yesterday when I accompanied your master?”
If she were to express her true feelings, Luna would prefer to use the word ‘date,’ but she refrained from saying so in front of her exclusive maid.
Given the vast difference in status between the eldest son of a duke and the third daughter of a baron, it would be inappropriate to convey such sentiments directly.
Feeling a pang in her chest at the irrevocable class distinction, Luna prompted the girl to move on to the main topic to avoid dwelling on it further.
“Then, let’s discuss the holiday first. Thank you for spending time with sir Byleth. He enjoyed it very much!”
“I-I see. I also had a great time, so there’s no need for thanks.”
Just hearing the report made her slightly choked up.
Feedback from a third party often resonated with her more deeply than hearing it directly from the person themselves. It brought her immense joy.
Knowing that her decision to stop reading was worthwhile just from hearing the report was something she had never imagined before, and it immediately eased the discomfort in her chest.
“Did Byleth-Saintford mention anything else?”
“He expressed his desire to go on another date with you!”
It was a moment that showcased Sia’s excellence.
She understood Luna’s true feelings, read them accurately, and smoothly answered the questions using those words.
By employing such conversational skills, she further strengthened the bond between Byleth and Luna.
” …… “
If the person in front of her were to take control any further, Luna’s smile would become too difficult to contain. She realized that.
“Miss Sia……. Since I’m always available, could you please convey to Byleth-Saintford that ‘[I look forward to your invitation again]’?”
Having realized the implication, Sia skillfully brought the topic to a close.
So, if you try to prompt for another matter in a natural flow…?
“Uh, um, may I talk about my personal matter then…?”
“Oh, yes, of course.”
She takes the lead. As if she’s seeing through all of Luna’s thoughts.
She knew how outstanding her grades were at the academy, but experiencing it firsthand like this was a first.
She inadvertently stammers.
“Well… regarding my personal matter, thank you so much for the day before yesterday!!”
“That was just the thanks I received earlier.”
“Oh no, it’s something a bit different from that!”
With her small hands flapping, she begins to explain in detail.
“During the date the day before yesterday, Luna-sama apparently told Byleth-sama various things about me! Thanks to that, I received a lot of praise from Byleth-sama!”
“Was there any inconvenience? I may have spoken about various things without permission.”
“As I said, nothing of the sort! I’m glad to hear that!”
“In that case, I’m relieved. That’s good, isn’t it?”
“Yes! I even got my head petted… and, I received this hairpin and this necklace as presents too! Ehehe…”


With the topic shifting to her master, Sia’s expression becomes so carefree that her cheeks droop. Where did her excellence from earlier go? With a smile full of the expectation of being teased like that, she showcases the hairpin and necklace.
From Sia’s perspective, something pleasant happened because Luna conveyed those things. It’s a straightforward report, but upon hearing it, Luna’s initially heartwarming feelings change, and she remains silent.
That’s to be expected.
Just like her, Luna received a present in the form of a bookmark from him, but she didn’t get her head petted.
The budding feeling of envy.
(I was going to praise Sia, saying [It’s because you’re working hard every day], but I can’t say it anymore.)
Just by seeing her melted expression, the meter of frustration rises.
“Just in case, I also received a present from him. It’s really wonderful.”
“Is that so!?”
Although it was definitely not intentional, now that she’s been one-upped, Luna has to take it back.
She pulls out the bookmark she had placed in a book, almost as if to present it as evidence.
[You should also feel frustrated.] That’s the counterattack… but it doesn’t go as expected.
“Wow, it’s really a wonderful present! As expected of Byleth-sama!!”
It doesn’t go as planned.
With her hands clasped together and a sparkling expression, Sia continues speaking.
“Since it’s something Byleth-sama would be pleased with, may I report that you’re using the present?”
“Uhm, um… please refrain from conveying it from you. It’s very embarrassing.”
Originally, Sia didn’t intend to make Luna jealous.
But she receives a counter from an unexpected direction.
Completely caught off guard, Luna ends up harboring even more frustration like [Only Sia gets her head petted…].
The only rebellion she can do now is to not show that envy.
“…Is that all for your matter, Sia-san?”
“Yes! Thank you for making time for me!”
“…No. Since you move around a lot, please be careful not to lose the necklace. I think it’s a treasure.”
“Thank you very much! Ehehe.”
Seeing Sia’s triumphant face, who is said to be the most outstanding in this academy, Luna once again thinks,
[Don’t be deceived by appearances.]
“Uhm, then I will take my leave now!”
“…Uh, Sia-san. One last thing.”
“About your master’s stories, please let me hear them next time. I’m interested.”
“Really!? Then, it would be about yesterday!”
“Hehe, it doesn’t have to be today. You might be late for the next class.”
“Ah, I’m sorry! Then, I’ll take my leave now!”
Quickly checking the time, Sia bows once and then disappears like a shadow.
And then, a quiet space returns.
“…She’s really scary, isn’t she, that girl?”
The carefree face when Byleth was mentioned. The sloppy appearance that only appears when that topic comes up. On the other hand, the serious expression when being late was imminent, maintaining a high-speed movement speed with elegance.
[Can humans change so much?] Luna, who had experienced such a shocking experience, takes a breath and sits back down in her chair.
“Now then… how far did I read, I wonder…”
Having taken the bookmark to show off to Sia, she unintentionally voices her regret in the library.

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