Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 25


After thirty minutes, a tube was connected over and more people kept coming in.
Suddenly, the soldier who entered the bridge broke and a dignified figure emerged from it.
I stepped forward to greet him with a salute.
“I’m Lieutenant Nao-Bruce, the commander of the second inspection team of the Third Patrol Squadron Space Frigate [Akkeshi],” I said.
Acknowledging my greeting, the other person saluted and revealed his identity.
He looked very important.
His rank insignia was already at the level of a general.
Yes, he belonged to the class of people referred to as admirals.
“You’ve done well. Your actions have already been reported by the First Patrol Squadron. I am Rear Admiral Stone, the captain of the flagship of the First Mobile Fleet, the [Dragon].”
A big shot suddenly showed up, but what was he planning to do?
The people gathered on the bridge began to stir.
Encountering such a big shot was not something you saw every day.
He was the kind of big shot you might see on a monitor during New Year’s greetings.
“Lieutenant Bruce, the admiral is waiting for you on the flagship. Sorry, but I need you to come with me.”
“Ha, Your Excellency. What about the other soldiers?”
“I’ll be taking over this ship, so leave only the handover and depart… but I suppose that’s not possible here either.”
Then, Sister Meyrica stepped forward and said to the admiral,
“I’m Meyrica, serving as Lieutenant Bruce’ adjutant. We’ll handle the handover, but there are the bridge and the engine room, so we’ll handle the handover with everyone.”
“Oh, I see. Then please do so. Once the handover is done, I’ll send my adjutant over to you, so follow his instructions.”
“Well then, Ensign, shall we go?”
I followed the captain of the flagship and headed towards the [Dragon].
This ship is quite large.
It’s no wonder, as it’s the largest ship in the Coast Guard and was a warship in the space navy until recently.
In the space navy, there are larger ships like the space super-dreadnought and the space battleship, but it’s still a cruiser-class ship that follows the space battleship in size.
With this class of ship, there’s plenty of room for living space.
I was taken to a room that serves as the fleet commander’s office, a room adjacent to the bridge’s operational command room, where the commander of the First Mobile Fleet and the overall commander of the Coast Guard, the general commander of the Capital Space Security Force, were stationed.
It’s like the highest-ranking person’s office in space for the Coast Guard.
By the way, this person usually has a splendid room at the headquarters in the capital and rarely ventures into space unless absolutely necessary.
As Kasumi from our team mentioned before, this ship doesn’t operate alone.
Indeed, it doesn’t operate alone, but it often stands by alone.
Moreover, it’s not uncommon for only the vice-commander to be on board, while the commander stays back at headquarters.
Actually, that’s more often the case.
So, this room is truly used only on rare occasions.
A truly wasteful use.
It’s a story that can happen because we confine our activities to the narrow range of the capital region.
Even if we deploy, it’s usually just for a few days of travel, and sometimes it’s even just for a day trip.
That’s a big difference from the military.
Returning to the story, I was escorted by the captain to the office of the supreme commander.
Upon entering, I found myself in a truly spacious room.
It’s about half the size of the spacious room we passed earlier, known as the operations command room.
While the operations command room usually has over ten staff members and officers present, this room is occupied only by the supreme commander.
I’ve heard that there’s often a secretary, but still, it’s spacious.
“I’ve brought him.”
“Hey hey, Captain. In space, I’m the supreme commander.”
“I apologize for that. He’s the captain of the Second Inspection Unit.”
As the captain addressed me, I saluted and introduced myself.
“I’m Lieutenant Nao-Bruce, captain of the Second Inspection Unit, belonging to the Third Patrol Squadron Space Frigate [Akkeshi].”
“So, you’re that lieutenant who caused us some trouble. Well, go ahead.”
As suggested by the supreme commander, I sat on the sofa in the reception area.
It’s amazing to have a reception area in space.
Truly fitting for the leader’s room.
After the supreme commander suggested I sit down, he took his seat opposite me.
Then, he casually started talking and asked me.
“Well, technically, we’ve received reports about you from the First Patrol Squadron. Also, we’ve been briefed by your superiors about the circumstances that led you to confront the pirates. But, just for confirmation, I’d like to hear the situation from you in detail. Do you mind?”
Although he asked if it was okay to ask questions, I have no choice.
“Yes, it might take a bit long from the beginning, but would you mind?”
“Oh, this needs to be thoroughly investigated. It’s become a significant matter that can’t be resolved with just reports.”
After being told that, I politely reported from when I received the assault order from Akkeshi’s Captain Dusty, to Maria defeating the pirates with a strange weapon and seizing the space destroyer, and finally, to capturing the fortunate frigate that was coming afterward.
“I see… It seems so.”
The top brass seems to be quite troubled.
There’s some problem, but honestly, I don’t know what it is.
“I understand your explanation. You and your team will accompany us back to the capital. Perhaps, soon, you’ll receive orders. It’s a transfer. Be prepared. That’s all.”
At the end, something quite suspicious was muttered, which made me quite concerned.
I don’t really aspire for promotion, but I hope they spare me from being transferred to an administrative position.
After being escorted by the captain and leaving the room, I was taken to the officer’s mess.
Our group had already gathered there.
“Sorry, but please wait here. It’ll only be a few hours. This ship will head to the Flarene Spaceport soon.”
After saying that to me, the captain returned to his duties.
Once the captain left my side, Sister Meyrica came to me and gave me a report.
“The handover of the frigate has been completed safely.”
“Was there any problem? Like with the engines?”
“Oh, that? Maria managed to cover it up herself.”
“Did Maria get scolded or anything?”
“No, nothing like that. Just that it was a terrible breakdown.”
I breathed a sigh of relief at Maria’s answer.
She managed to cover it up somehow.
But what will happen from now on?
Oh, that’s right.
I was told about the transfer by the supreme commander.
I should inform everyone just in case.
“Captain, how was the meeting with the higher-ups?”
“Oh, I just reported what we’ve done. They seemed quite troubled. But more importantly, there was something concerning mentioned at the end.”
“Something concerning?”
“Yes, it seems like we’ll receive transfer orders as soon as we arrive at headquarters.”
“What? Where to?”
“I have no idea. They just said we’d be transferred immediately.”


Despite our concerns, the flagship Dragon, with its accompanying ships, headed to the Flarene Spaceport in the capital at almost top speed.
I was surprised when we arrived in less than two hours, faster than what the captain had said.
It seems they used interdimensional navigation, a method rarely used in this region, for the journey.
It seems like things are moving quite hectically.
Upon reaching the port, we were almost detained in what seemed like a confinement situation in the military accommodation facilities attached to the base.
While it’s a military facility, it looks nothing like it, more like a luxury hotel in the capital, comfortable to stay in but unsettling due to the circumstances of our arrival.
Ultimately, two days after being detained here, we were summoned by headquarters.
I brought everyone and headed to the headquarters where I received my transfer orders before.
When we went to the reception to explain the purpose of our visit, we were greeted by Sasha-san, the receptionist who had welcomed me before.
“Oh, Sasha-san, is it?”
“Yes, Lieutenant Bruce. I’ve been informed of the matter. Please come to Meeting Room C on the eleventh floor. They said everyone should come together.”
“Oh, was it Sasha-san?”
“Yes, that’s right. Do you remember the place?”
“Ah, it’s okay. Shall we go from there?”
“Yes, please head to the elevator.”
“Thank you, Sasha-san.”
We walked together to the elevator hall.
“Captain, Captain, who’s that person?”
“Is she the captain’s lover? Or girlfriend?”
“The captain is quite popular.”
And so on, with all sorts of gossip.
“She’s the receptionist who kindly guided me here the first time. Moreover, it hasn’t even been a month since we met. At least, since then, I’ve only met her. She must be a professional receptionist. She wouldn’t forget in just a month.”
With that, we chatted as we headed to the meeting room.
Just like before, when we knocked on the door, there was a response from inside, and we all entered together.

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