The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: I Became a Freshman… And Then

It was a bit chaotic after that.
For some reason, localized earthquakes seemed to be happening around Count Auber’s territory, causing residents to panic and rush to the chapel.
In a panic, we hastily made Tina sit properly, and demons and vampires worked together to clear the rubble. We distributed warm tea to the frightened residents… Seriously, they were so diligent.
In addition, it’s decided to fake Count Auber and his wife deaths using this earthquake as the opportunity arose.
As we were dealing with all of this, morning came, and the vampires were already going to sleep. I shook off the clinging Mylene, who begged for more task, and we started our journey back home.
I, being the fastest in the demon world, grabbed the collars of my attendants and flew at full speed. I mean, going out silently and returning in the morning would definitely get me scolded!
We managed to return just before the wake-up time, but for some reason, I was welcomed by Vio standing with a lovely smile, and I ended up sitting in seiza with my attendants until breakfast.
By the way, on that day, an unidentified flying object emitting golden light, moving at high speed in the sky, was witnessed. It caused quite a stir, whether it was an auspicious sign or an ominous one….

In front of Vio and me, the attendants lined up perfectly and knelt before me without a single flaw.
They showed an elegant and composed atmosphere, unlike before when they used to make sloppy faces. However, many of them still harbored dissatisfaction with the previous situation.
To indicate their rebirth, I assigned them various tasks, and after a whole day passed, they begged from various directions to let them do more of the attendants’ work since they had no other jobs.
“…What kind of outrageous deeds did I have to perform for this to happen?”
“…It’s a trade secret.”
Maidens have plenty of secrets.
Despite claiming to have absorbed knowledge, the fact that a mere change in consciousness could lead to such achievements made me wonder how much they had been slacking off, utilizing their high abilities…
While I could do nothing.
“By the way, Eurushia-sama… their demeanor and enthusiasm make even the appearance shine differently.”
“Well, yes. Things have changed.”
Indeed, they have.

“Eurushia-sama… this.”
“Oh, Fanny… what is it?”
Fanny, one of my attendants who has officially moved beyond being an apprentice and started taking care of things around me, handed me something with a bright but somewhat disheartened face.
“This …… “
“I tried fixing it with my hair…”
It was my silver comb and a rabbit plushie that Fantine had broken. Fanny had sewn it with her silver hair, repaired the chipped teeth, and it was now completely restored.
Fanny wasn’t the one who broke it, but perhaps a sense of guilt had awakened in her, having merged with Fantine.
These kids are indeed different from the four they originated from. Despite the similarities, my adorable demons grow in their own ways.
I took only the silver comb and gently placed the rabbit plushie on Fanny’s arm.
“I’ll give this to Fanny. Can you keep it safe so it won’t break again?”
Fanny hugged me with a beaming smile, and Noah and Tina looked a bit envious… while Tina was biting off her handkerchief.
Alright, line up there, I’ll pat your heads!

At the end of the year, I attended the party at the royal castle.
The secluded daughter, Mylene-la-Auber, known as the [Silver Princess], rarely participates in events. However, she attended as the acting lord, causing quite a stir.
Despite her youthful age of eleven, her enchanting beauty and her status as the next countess of a high-ranking noble attracted a swarm of men. However, Mylene first greeted me instead of the royal family, indicating the friendship with the [Golden Princess] to the surrounding nobles.
This might reduce the number of nobles meddling in the Auber Count’s family who has only one daughter.
As a bonus, by being friendly with her, I could convey to Lady Elea, who was suspicious of her, that there was no issue.
“I’ll be with you for about a thousand years. Don’t get bored, Eurushia.”
“Yes. I’m counting on you, and you can count on me. …… Mylène “
As we whispered to each other and chuckled, the surrounding nobles, including Sherry and Betty, for some reason kept their distance.
Well, the only “otherworldly knowledge” I could provide was about [Hair Growth]…
And as the new year began…


“This year’s freshman representative speech will be given by Eurushia!!”
…Huh? What is this grandpa talking about?
After concluding the New Year’s events, just before entering the magical academy, His Majesty, my grandfather, declared this with a triumphant look on his face.
A freshman representative speech? Does such a thing even exist? Glancing at those who seemed to be alumni of the academy, all of them shook their heads slightly.
According to rumors, it used to exist in the era of my grandfather and grandmother. So, why isn’t it done now? Simply because it’s troublesome.
Freshmen are six years old, you know? Isn’t it difficult for them? Moreover, there are no exams; it automatically makes the child from the most prestigious family at that time the most important one entering the academy.
So, my grandfather, who had stopped it because he found it bothersome, was the one responsible. He selfishly abolished it because he didn’t want to do it himself, and now he’s making his granddaughter do it. Seriously, grandpa!
Rick and Timothee are thankful they didn’t have to do it during their time, looking indifferent as if it doesn’t concern them at all.
Grandpa’s foolishness? Is it grandpa’s foolishness?
“Eurushia has performed admirably during the earthquake commotion in the Auber Count’s territory. We’ve received gratitude from the residents, and the school principal is eager to showcase Saint Lady’s divine magic to the students. So, they’re planning to set up a stage right in the middle of the auditorium.”
During the earthquake commotion, I did feel some responsibility, so I secretly used my divine magic in the corner of the chapel to heal the injured. However, it seems one of the children kidnapped in the demon summoning incident was among them, and my existence was exposed.
“Miss Mylene, acting as the representative of the acting Lord of the Auber County, also praised everything as being thanks to Eurushia.”
That brats sold me out! She totally filled in the gaps!
“Well, there’s no other choice…”
I really hate this, though.

On the day of the magical academy’s entrance ceremony…
As I heard from Mother, unlike the branch school in the Tull Territory, children with noble status usually attend the main school in the royal capital.
The reason for the “usually” is that secluded young ladies like Mylene (laughs) either attend a nearby branch school or engage in home study.
Nobles without a mansion in the royal capital reside in the dormitory, but I moved to the mansion in the royal capital with Mother and everyone from the New Year.
The elder sisters are studying abroad in the Sigres Kingdom with Auntie. (Tears)
Escorted by ten knights on horseback who seem to make commoners bow down unintentionally, I arrive at the academy in a massive carriage.
And then the ceremony begins…
“Representative of the new students, Lady Eurushia von Versenia.”
Even though I’m a student, they don’t address me casually…
As I stand up from my seat with quite a low tension, I see Father and Mother sitting nervously in the guest seat. Grandfather and Grandmother are in the same box seat, and if you wonder how King and Queen are comfortable in such a place, it’s because Uncle and Lady Elea are working for them.
With a mechanical sound, a circular platform with a diameter of five meters rises in the center of the spacious auditorium. Isn’t spending a bit too much money just for this? The principal and others were talking normally on the stage, weren’t they!
I, dressed in the school uniform, ascend the platform. The school uniform is a knee-length one-piece dress, and we wear this until the sixth year. Of course, bare legs are prohibited. Thick tights are mandatory. It seems hot in the summer.
For some reason, not only parents but also the entire student body are gathered for the new students’ greetings. Sherry and Betty, in the same uniform, wave their hands slightly from the upper-class noble seats for current students.
Both of them look cute in their uniforms… I wonder if I can pull off something like that too. Why am I the only one being kept at a distance by my classmates?
Standing in the center of the stage, all eyes are on me from the entire venue.
What is it… Is it okay if I don’t sing or dance?
…Do you really not need it?

I start my greeting.
Many eyes gaze at me… the pure admiration of the children’s hearts is conveyed.
I decided to live as both a “human” and a “demon.”
What do you see in your eyes…
Can you see my figure?
As the princess of the Holy Kingdom, I will save all of you.
What is reflected in your heart…
Can you understand my feelings?
From the dark side of this world, I will love your soul as a demon.
Offer your love foolishly.
Sleep like a fetus in a nightmare…

“Blessings to your lives!”

I will love that “despair.”

At that moment…
My feelings spread like light, illuminating the entire auditorium. The light spirits without will are infinitely absorbed, and thousands of angelic beings converge in a swirling manner, forming the shape of a gigantic “Archangel.” Granting “blessings” to everyone… screams of chaos echoed from the entire auditorium.
…I messed up!
Naturally, the entrance ceremony was canceled right there due to my reckless act. The representative speech for the new students was abolished for this year only.
And I ended up being caught by Mother and Lady Elea, forced to write handwritten apologies for all participants. Under Vio’s supervision, I was confined to the royal palace.

Someone help… (sitting in seiza)

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