About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 7

The reincarnated individuals living in two different eras continue to pass on old games and memories to Yuki and Hale. Gathering up disappearing memories of the past, they gently share nostalgic feelings with their current friends.
In order to ensure that those past memories don’t fade away, they continue to share them with their current friends.

On the way home at night, Touri ponders.
The judge from Zeke’s memories said something about conveying the thoughts of past individuals and preserving them. Objects, music, they all contain the will of their creators and the memories of those who used them.
Such things are swept away by the waves of time and disappear. Trends, as the name suggests, flow past, and not everything can stay at the forefront of the times. Still, the past thoughts must be preserved, left behind, and passed on.
Touri thinks.
She has seen many things being swept away by the waves of time. As someone living two lifetimes as a reincarnator, she has seen more of those things than an ordinary person. What she thought was wonderful in her past life’s youth is now a thing of the past. Her current friends call it old, and those wonderful things are on the verge of being forgotten.
But those wonderful things are wonderful no matter the era…
She lifts her face. She exclaims as if she has come up with something. She stops walking. She puts her hand on her chest. She feels the small blood rushing within her get warmer.
The night breeze is getting colder. Guided by the gentleness of autumn, the chill caresses her skin. Looking up at the sky, the stars are not very visible, but the moon shines brightly.
As she walks down the night road, Touri thinks about what she can do.

And so, on a day when autumn deepens, Touri plays the piano.
” ………… “
” ………… “
In the large hall, the audience listened to Touri’s performance in an entranced manner. They just listened intently to the melody of the songs that Touri spun. She was alone on the stage, dressed in formal attire, playing the piano. She was wearing a white dress, and her red hair shone against the whiteness of the dress. She taps the piano keys with her red hair swaying slightly.
*** scene transition
scene transition

Today, the autumn piano concours was being held. Touri stood on the stage as a performer.
Everyone is entranced by Touris performance. Her performance today feels different from usual. She played something with an atmosphere that felt old, both in the piece and in the overall tone.
Music also has trends of the times. The songs that are popular at the time, the way they’re arranged, the musical styles favored at the time. Even interpretations of songs can change from time to time. Music, in fact, is sensitive to such trends of the times. And the decline of those trends doesn’t mean they’ve lost their value. It’s just that they’ve fallen out of favor or another trend has come along.
The charm of those trends remains unchanged.
Touri has lived through two eras. The way of playing that was desired in the past and the way of playing desired now. She received guidance from both eras and somehow sensed it. She thought it was a waste. It’s not popular now, but it used to be a trend. Those trends were wonderful no matter the era.
So she played it now.
She played something she thought was wonderful in the past, but isn’t heard much now. A slightly out-of-date musical tone. A composition that feels a bit old-fashioned.
However, she still wanted to say that it’s something wonderful. Touri is playing it now. She’s trying to dig up what moved her and convey it to the present. What sets her apart from ordinary people is that she directly feels the passion of those times on her skin.
Everyone was listening intently to Touris performance. The elderly audience felt nostalgia, while the children of today felt freshness.
Sparkling notes danced in this small world. Through music, Touri was conveying the thoughts of the past to the present.
The performance ends. A warm sigh escapes from her. A bead of sweat flows down her cheek. She was engrossed in conveying something she thought was wonderful.
As the piano resonance fades away, a solemn silence descends.
Then, slowly, applause started to sound, clapping hands creating waves of resonance. The applause turned into a roar, filling the venue as people shared their excitement, all inspired by Touri’s passion.
Touri’s heart raced. She stood up from her chair, hastily bowed, feeling light-headed. Walking with a floaty feeling, she descended from the stage, accompanied by the thunderous applause, and returned to the dressing room.
“Wow~! That was amazing! Well done, Touri-chan!”


The piano teacher welcomed Touri with an excited voice, her red hair damp with sweat. Touri could feel her own warm breath escaping. It was the first time she had played the piano with such internal heat.
“Totally! Surprisingly, Touri-chan is not just a simpleton! Bringing back the trends of the past and adapting them to the present!”
“You must have studied a lot! You! The historical background, the triggers for trends, the charm of that era… It was brimming with realism!”
The teacher’s rough hands affectionately ruffled Touri’s head. She swayed a bit, absorbing the teacher’s enthusiasm. Of course, Touri hadn’t studied much about the past. She simply played the passion of the old times, and being praised for effort she hadn’t put in made her feel a bit uneasy.
“Touri! Touri!”
“Great job, Touri!”
Her friends rushed into the dressing room. It was Tiffy, Yuki, and Kasumi. While Yuki and Kasumi had entered the middle school and quit piano lessons, they had come to listen to Tiffy and Touri’s performance today.
“What is it, Tiffy…?”
“It’s just…it was so good!”
Tiffy approached Touri with shining eyes.
“I can’t really express it in words…but it was really good!”
A fluffy review flowed from Tiffy’s mouth. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes sparkled, and she tried to convey her impression of “wonderful” with exaggerated gestures. It seemed like Touri’s passion had spread to Tiffy.
“Uh, thanks…Tiffy…”
Tiffy turned around, and her dress fluttered lightly.
“Next is me! My turn! I’m going to play something amazing too!”
Saying that, Tiffy left the room, heading for adjustments before the performance. The people in the room saw off Tiffy, who left in a flurry.
Then, Kasumi muttered softly.
“…Hey, isn’t Tiffy going too wild with her performance? Changing arrangements at the competition is not okay, right?”
“……! Tiffy-chan! Changing arrangements at the competition is not allowed…!”
The piano teacher realized, raising her voice, but it was already too late for Tiffy to hear. The teacher sighed.
“…In any case, good job, Touri-chan. It was a great performance.”
“Oh, um…thank you very much.”
Touri replied in a slightly tired voice. She had immersed herself in the piano like never before.
“It feels like you’ve broken out of your shell, doesn’t it?”
Smiling, the teacher put her hands on her hips, peering into Touri’s face. She knew well that Touri had been struggling recently.
“…What do you think? Did I break out of my shell?”
“I wonder if I can fly from now on.”
As Touri said that, the teacher burst into laughter.
“It’s still a long way to go! Still, from now on!”
The teacher once again gently patted Touri’s head.
“From now on, refine your expression methods more, think deeply, polish them, consider from multiple perspectives, simmer, simmer more, and sometimes take a step back, look at it objectively… and practice more.”
“So, this is your first step.”
The teacher said so and smiled.
“…After doing this for ten years, is this really just the first step?”
Touri said, pursing her lips. Even though she had been exposed to music for over twenty-five years, counting from her past life, the teacher still referred to this as the first step. However, the teacher’s smile remained constant.
“That’s how it is, you know?”
“…It’s tough.”
“Well, yes. Because even a whole lifetime isn’t enough.”
Hearing those words, Touri mumbled softly,
“It’s exhausting…”
However, contrary to her words, Touri slowly smiled.
Behind the glittering stage of the battle, the teacher and Touri laughed together. Although many difficulties and a long journey awaited them, they still laughed.
It was a smile full of dreams, a refreshing smile.

The reincarnated individuals had lived through two different eras.
They remembered what had disappeared, swept away by the waves of time. They could serve as a bridge to those times. Gathering up disappearing memories of the past, the reincarnated individuals gently shared nostalgic feelings with their current friends. With distant memories of the past held close to their hearts, they continued to live in the present.
They carried the memories of the past in their words, in their songs, as treasures, slowly narrating the past.
The reincarnated individuals… no, all people living in the present, connected the past and the present.

It was a cool autumn day.

The approaching footsteps of the past draw near.
The suppressed regrets resurface, and the once-forgotten memories of the past rise silently, unbeknownst to others. The past, never spoken of or passed down, resurrects from the soil.
What returns is not only the gentle memories of the past. What remains is not only warm feelings. The memories of raging flames are also summoned back to the present.

A cry is born from within the flames.
To forget or to be forgotten, I open my eyes.

The echoes of the past footsteps resound.
It is the unspoken regrets of a certain girl.

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