Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 11 part 1


“Reed-sama… Reed-sama!!”
I seem to have fallen asleep while lying on the bed. I sit up from the bed, groggily staring at Diana. She’s wearing a maid outfit with a sword at her waist. Yeah, quite a surreal sight. I suddenly wonder, is it okay to wear a sword in the reception hall? I blurt out my half-asleep thoughts.
“Diana, is it okay to wear a sword in the reception hall?”
“Yes. We have obtained approval from Sir Reiner and the facility manager, Sir Zack.”
Diana bows and answers with grace. She’s naturally elegant, which makes it even more so. But, how should I put it… she seems a bit intimidating, as if she’s exuding a knightly aura. With this atmosphere, Reubens might end up being dominated in the future. As I’m lost in thought, she looks at my face and speaks with a slightly firmer tone.
“Reed-sama, because you expressed a desire to use the hot springs in this reception hall, I was instructed to wake you up after some time had passed. Therefore, although you are still resting, I have come to inform you. Now, I will go and ask Sir Zack to prepare the hot springs.”
She speaks quickly, bows, and then quickly leaves the room. Still groggy, I gaze blankly at the door she exited. Shortly after, as my head gradually clears, a question pops into my mind.
“…Did I tell Diana that I wanted to use the hot springs today…?”
Hmm. I vaguely remember mentioning that I wanted to sleep a bit due to the carriage sickness, but my memory of expressing a desire to enter the bath is unclear. However, if Diana said so, then it must be true. Besides, I do feel a strong desire to soak in the hot springs myself.
I get out of bed and look around. The room is similar to Magnolia’s, but with some Japanese like elements here and there. For example, the design of the sheets on the futon I was sleeping on is a bright check pattern. There are paintings on the wall, but they are ukiyo-e prints. However, they’re a bit different from the ones I’m familiar with. They seem to resemble more modern paintings from my past life.
I’ve never seen ukiyo-e prints of dark elves before. The painting depicts a dignified dark elf woman with long hair, slightly disheveled, wearing a light purple kimono. Her figure exudes a unique charm. The title reads “Eltia Combing Her Hair.”
“The impact is impressive…”
Lost in the painting, I’m interrupted by a knock on the door. I quickly respond, and Diana and Zack enter the room. They both bow to me. Zack looks up and notices the painting I was looking at, then smiles.
“Do you like that painting?”
“Yeah. It’s a very beautiful piece.”
Upon hearing my words, Diana’s expression turns slightly stern.
“Reed-sama is still a child. It might be too early for him to be interested in such paintings…”
Not understanding her intention, I look puzzled. But soon I realize and gasp, denying it with a flushed face.
“No, no!! I wasn’t looking at it with those feelings!! It’s just because it’s a very beautiful painting, that’s all!”
“I understand…”
She covers her mouth with her hand and chuckles. She got me… teased me. I pout slightly and glare resentfully at Diana. Zack, who has been watching our exchange nearby, inexplicably starts explaining the painting with a smile.
“This painting is modeled after Lady Eltia, one of His Majesty Elias’s concubines.”


I admire the painting while Zack speaks. The technique of the painting is impressive, but surely the person who served as the model must be very beautiful. As I think about this, I notice Zack’s face beginning to smirk. Diana sighs and shakes her head. What’s going on? At that moment, I remember the name Eltia. I glance fearfully at Zack, who smiles meaningfully.
“Here, Lord Reed has become a prospective spouse, and this is a portrait of Lady Farah’s mother, Lady Eltia. My, Lady Farah does resemble Lady Eltia quite a bit. If Lord Reed was captivated by this portrait, Lady Farah will surely catch his eye as well.”
I felt my face turning red. I couldn’t believe I was admiring the portrait of my potential mother-in-law… I was filled with embarrassment internally. I had to say something to Zack, who was grinning. Feeling that way, I hurriedly spoke.
“Well, it’s not a lie that I was captivated… um, you know, because the painting is good, the model must be beautiful too, right? See, it’s a very charming painting, and I think anyone would be captivated like me. Right? Right?”
What did I just blurt out? I felt my face getting even redder. Zack looked at me, with a smirk on his face.
“Yes. Lady Eltia, the model, is indeed very beautiful. Since Lady Farah inherits Lady Eltia’s blood, I believe Lady Farah will also be a captivating figure to Lord Reed.”
Zack had a look on his face as if he had extracted some confession, making me flinch involuntarily. Diana, who was watching our exchange nearby, had an exasperated expression.
“Sigh… Lord Reed, let’s stop this here. It will only expose weaknesses.”
“Even Diana…”
Was “expose weaknesses” the right way to put it? However, Zack didn’t seem to have any intention of pursuing this further. He had a meaningful smile on his face though. But there was something in our conversation that bothered me.
“Zack, are you not against me marrying Princess Farah?”
Perhaps it was an unexpected question, as Zack showed a moment of hesitation before carefully crafting his response.
“I am not in a position to say about that matter. However, I do wish for Princess Farah’s happiness. I got a glimpse of Lord Reed’s character in our previous exchange. And I believe if it’s Lord Reed, Princess Farah can find happiness.”
I see. The Renalute Kingdom isn’t unified in its stance, as His Majesty Elias seemed keen on the marriage. And judging from Zack’s words and actions, Renalute might be torn between being enemies, neutral, or allies with the Baldia family. Zack seemed neutral, but leaning towards an ally. I had become contemplative during our exchange, and with a slight smile, I responded to his words.
“Sorry for asking something difficult. But if Princess Farah is as beautiful as the painting, I might fall in love at first sight. At that time, Zack, you’ll support me, right?”
I tried to sound childish, but I looked at him with a sharp gaze. Zack seemed to show a brief change in expression at my words. But he quickly smiled again.
“Then I shall certainly support you.”
“Great, thanks.”
Alright, got his word. It’s not certain, but for now, Zack seems to be on our side. Then, Zack, with a pensive look, glanced down for a moment before looking up with a sly smile.
“By the way, may I enjoy this conversation with my friends, perhaps as a topic over tea and snacks?”
Oh! Good move. Zack, along with others, is neutral and an ally. And then, reaching out to potential adversaries like me, who they don’t know yet.
If I disregard the princess or don’t value the relationship with Renalute, they might try to find a way to remove me as a candidate. From the perspective of the country, Renalute will use the princess as a trump card in this marriage. It’s a dry way to put it, but that’s how countries work.
Arguing with them about the relationship between the Empire and Renalute based on reason would just provoke resistance. So, what should I do? It’s about convincing Renalute of my worth as a marriage candidate, and explaining what benefits there are for Renalute.
Of course, since it’s something decided between nations, marriage seems inevitable. However, as the Baldia family, will we ally with Renalute for the marriage? Will we marry while being enemies or neutral with Renalute? These differences will come into play.

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