I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 2

Manipulation magic forcefully intervened and controlled the target by pouring your own magical power into it. It could only manipulate the body-the physical shell, not the mental part of the will.
Therefore, if the control was interrupted during the invocation of Manipulation Magic, the target would explode, unable to withstand the flow of magic power.
Targets with wills could only be manipulated with simple movements. Puppets without wills could perform complex actions, but only puppeteers could do such things.
Spirit Magic was a bit different.
It forcibly controlled the target by imbuing words with one’s own magical power. So far, the same.
However, unlike Manipulation Magic, Spirit Magic didn’t inject magic power into the target’s body. It transferred magical power to the spirits believed to inhabit the words, and thus achieved its effect by interfering with them.
Therefore, in principle, spirit magic should be capable of much more. Even things beyond controlling objects.
For example–
“I have [more power than you].”
“Huh? Why…am I…!”
–Enhancing the body to gain more strength than the opponent.
“I am [faster than you].”
–Gaining speed to stay ahead of the opponent’s steps.
However, depending on the content, it would constantly consume much more magic power than a normal incantation. Thus, it was unusable for even a few seconds without sufficient magical power.
Using spirit magic for anything more complex than simple manipulation is extremely difficult. Even after decades of training, one can barely manage to use it.
For this reason, spirit magic is generally known only as a type of magic for manipulating objects. Even among magicians, many don’t know its true nature or have the ability to actually use it.
However, in the scene before me, Rafine used Spirit Magic on her own body to gain overwhelming strength and speed compared to Wisdom.
“For me to… lose to such a small girl…”
Before I knew it, Wisdom had collapsed and Rafine was standing triumphant.
“Please surrender,” Rafine begged Wisdom.

But Wisdom refused to bow.
“I’m sorry…but I have no choice,” Rafine said tearfully as she held a small dagger to Wisdom’s neck. Her pure white, delicate hands trembled visibly.



“The princess is victorious! Princess, I would be so happy if you would let me research your spirit magic…”
“I’m sorry…do you mind if I rest for a bit?” Rafine said weakly after the magic-obsessed idiot made his thoughtless remark at the end of her match with Wisdom.
She approached the bleachers where I was, her head bowed, her crimson eyes shimmering with anxiety. Her steps were heavy and stumbling, as if she might collapse at any moment. Her lips also trembled slightly and her face had lost all color.

It’s understandable. The feeling of taking a life doesn’t go away easily. The sensations transmitted by the dagger in her hand as it sliced through the neck, the agonized expression on her opponent’s face, the warmth of the splattered blood. Even though it wasn’t real death in the arena, the memories burned into her mind wouldn’t go away.
“Are you okay?”
I conjured some water with water creation magic and handed the cup to Rafine as she sat down.
“…Thank you,” she smiled weakly and sipped the water.
I watched her out of the corner of my eye for a while until her breathing calmed down before I spoke.
“I didn’t know. I never imagined that you could use spirit magic to such an extent,” I said, my voice a mixture of admiration and surprise as I spoke my thoughts honestly.
To reach that level requires unimaginable training and effort. For a fifteen-year-old girl like Rafine to be able to use it is unthinkable.
When I praised her sincerely, Rafine replied with a slightly worried voice.
“Yes… I was surprised too.”
“Huh? You didn’t know you could use it before?”
“No, I had been training for a long time, but…this was the first time I was able to do it. So I was very shocked.”
I’m stunned by this amazing fact. Really?
Rafine smiles weakly, “I knew it in theory, but since I’d never seen it used, I was worried if I could…”
“I see.”
Anyway, it was all because Rafine didn’t give up and kept trying.
She was able to defeat Wisdom because she faced it head on. And she sublimated her spirit magic at the last moment because she didn’t give in to her convictions.
“…? What’s wrong?”
Rafine tilts her head in confusion as I hastily avert my gaze into the distance.
I really don’t understand. Why go so far?
Surely, most likely, the source of her conviction is –
I shake my head vigorously to dispel the thought and turn my eyes away to look at the landscape.
I don’t care, it’s none of my business.
I should know, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to face Rafine until Eve’s match started.

A few dozen minutes after Rafine’s match ended.
“I’m back…how was the match?”
“Oh, Lady Eve! It was a huge upset! The princess sublimated her spirit magic and…”
Eve, who had disappeared somewhere before the match, returned and the still excited Aldi explained the situation.
She had gotten into the magic carriage, saying “I have to prepare” and had gone somewhere…I wonder where she went?
As if sensing my curiosity, Eve turned to me and explained.
“I went shopping in a nearby country. I can’t enter that country yet.”
“I see…”

So she went to get some things she needed because she hadn’t finished the immigration process for this country. She even went all the way to another country to do it, how inconvenient.
Eve rummaged through her adorable purse – the item storage magic tool – and tried to take out what she was looking for.
“A magic wand?”
What came out was a long stick-like object, a wizards’ staff, longer than Eve’s height.
“Oh… Lady Eve, does that mean you’re going to use that?” Aldi said excitedly. “I’m really looking forward to it!”
“Yes, with this I think I can use it a little.”
I was totally confused and my head was full of question marks. Huh? Didn’t Eve have her own staff? Why would she get a long staff that was hard to use? Oh well, she must have some plan for it. I don’t really get it, but sure.
“Rafine, you look unwell…are you okay?”
Eve approached the silent Rafine with a worried look on her face.
“N-no, I’m fine! I’m energetic! Because I’m at Sir Jirei’s side, and thanks to the water Sir Jirei gave me, I’m bursting with energy! So much so that it’s becoming a problem!”
Rafine smiles. Eve seems to sense something about her condition, but doesn’t pry any further and averts her face.
“Will you be okay though? I can’t imagine Eve fighting.”
I ask doubtfully as Eve adjusts the staff she bought. She answers confidently with a slightly smug face, “Well, I studied martial arts and attack magic at the magic academy. I always got top marks in the written exams.” Sounds reliable.
“But I was always last in practical skills.”
Not good, huh?
Well, her opponent seems to be a white mage as well, so it might be an even match. White mages are basically rearguards, so most of them don’t have much combat ability to defend themselves with. However, if her opponent was a burly gorilla, she’d be finished.
To be honest, I think Eve will be fine because of that. A fight between white mages probably won’t turn into a bloody mess, I’m even a little curious what they’ll do. Like a healing power showdown or something?
“Your opponent is late.”
Looking at the magic clock on the wall of the country’s clock tower visible from here, I mutter.
It seems they’ve been calling it since before Rafine’s match started, but there’s no sign of her coming. Wisdom finally went to fetch her because it was getting ridiculous, but isn’t she way too late?
Well, I often oversleep too, so I can’t really talk about others lol. Beds are just so comfortable, you can’t help it, you know?
“If I remember correctly… besides Lady Eve, there was another girl from our academy who got into the hero’s party. If I remember correctly, it was just the two of them who made it so that their opponent was supposed to be that girl. She was often late.”

While I was seriously considering [the theory that beds have an evil power dwelling within them], Aldi said something like this. It sounds like he knows who the opponent is.
“Oh, what kind of…”
“Hey! I told you I can walk by myself, so stop pulling me!”
“-If I don’t, you won’t come! Hurry up and walk! Really, why did the young hero let such a problem child into his party…”
Loud voices interrupt me as I try to ask Aldi about her. The opponent seems to have arrived.
I turn my face to the voices. I hope it’s not some muscular gorilla. Well, the way Aldi described her, she sounds feminine and was a white mage enrolled in the academy, so it should be alright.
“Hey Aldi, can I ask you something?”
“Yeah, what?”
“Um, she’s a white mage?”
“Huh? How could you see her as anything but a white mage?”
Aldi looks at me confused. Well, he certainly seems to be,

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