Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 3

In conclusion, the scheduled hypnosis on Aisaka worked the next day.
At lunchtime, I headed to an empty classroom, and shortly after, Aisaka arrived, almost at the same time as the previous day.
Though surprised by the sudden activation of the app, Aisaka was undoubtedly under hypnosis, allowing me to add another skill to my repertoire.
Now, I no longer needed to wait for Aisaka to be alone; I’d been calling her out during lunch for the past few days.
“Alright, no new scars today, Aisaka?”
“Yeah… I promised.”
“Using the hypnosis app makes me feel like a counselor.”
Despite shaking my head, I secretly enjoyed our interactions.
And… after a few days of this back and forth, I leveled up!
“Ah, Aisaka.”
“Can I… have a hug? “
In response to my request, Aisaka embraced my head, inviting me into her ample bosom.
The soft sensation enveloping my face, coupled with her scent, not only relieved my fatigue but filled me with boundless vitality.
(It takes courage to make a move.)
I hadn’t yet gathered the courage to initiate physical contact,
so I ordered Aisaka to do it for me, resulting in this blissful moment.
“It’s unfortunate for Aisaka, being stuck with me and all.”
With an undoubtedly wicked grin, I declared,
“My heavenly kingdom. …… It’s started! “
Wrapped in sublime softness, I made my proclamation.
Yes, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that my reign through the hypnosis app had begun… Perhaps the moment where I truly become an adult isn’t far off!
“They say women’s breasts are filled with dreams, and that’s absolutely true!”
After fully enjoying the squishy sensation, I settled into a lap pillow.
While burying my face in her chest was more exhilarating, experiencing a lap pillow from her was a rare treat… Ah, the hypnosis app is the best!
Something touched my head as I enjoyed the lap pillow… Aisaka’s hand.
Did I ask for head pats too?
“Well, whatever.”
Setting aside the details, I focused on the magnificent sight.
Aisaka, with her eyes devoid of light, looked down at me, but the large, swollen breasts dangling in front of me were a feast for the eyes… If permitted, I’d gaze at them forever.
“I’ll definitely touch them someday.”
With determination, I voiced my thoughts to Aisaka.
“How’s your family?”
“They’re quite concerned. It’s better than before, of course.”
“That’s good then.”
Asking Aisaka about her well-being had become a daily routine.
Though I knew I had no right to worry after subjecting her to these actions, once involved, I couldn’t help but be concerned.
“What about your ex?”
“It seems like something big happened. His family, as well as everyone around him, seems really put off.”
“I bet.”
Running around half-naked and shouting would lead to that.
“But… I can’t help but feel good seeing him suffer. I don’t know if he went crazy and did what he did because of me, but it feels good to see him suffer for tormenting me.”
“That’s honest of you.”
Though I felt a twinge of guilt if Aisaka harbored even the complicated feelings toward her childhood friend, she didn’t show any signs of it, so I reassured myself that what I did was for the best.
“I’m relieved you didn’t have any new scars today, Aisaka. You never need to be hurt because of those bastards.”
“Yeah, just like this, I’m probably many times more of a bastard for freely using hypnosis on you! Ahahaha!”
I’ve gotten so used to calling myself a bastard.
Sure, cheating like her ex did, and saying awful things, is pretty low… But using powers that are anything but normal probably puts me on a whole other level of bastard.
“Masaki-kun helped me… right?”
“I wouldn’t call it helping. I just did what I wanted.”
With that, I stood up.
“Lunch break’s almost over. Thanks, Aisaka. Go back to the classroom as usual.”
As she was about to leave the room, Aisaka turned back once… but then she quickly left.


“…What was that?”
I knew that she wouldn’t react unless I said something.
Well, regardless of whether that was a reaction to me, it was pretty surprising for her to turn around without me saying anything.
“…Did the hypnosis wear off?”
I looked at my phone in a panic, but the battery was still full, and it didn’t seem like the hypnosis app had crashed forcibly… Hmm?
“If she turned around and told me to stop doing whatever when she wasn’t even hypnotized, then it would be a flaw in the hypnosis app…”
But if that were the case, it would be game over!
With a hint of anxiety, I reassured myself that the hypnosis app was absolutely invincible, while also trying to distance myself a bit before returning to the classroom.
Thanks to the hypnosis app, I could experience a paradise that would otherwise be impossible, so during class, I couldn’t help but grin as I recalled the sensation of Aisaka’s body.
(Oh no, I shouldn’t… I need to focus!)
I thought to myself, but soon, Aisaka filled my mind again.
Maybe it was because I hadn’t had any interactions with girls close to my age, apart from my sister… No, that couldn’t be it.
(With the hypnosis app, I can do things I couldn’t do before… My fetishes and everything else might get twisted…)
I might become a villain… But I’ve decided not to become a mindless beast──That’s what I’ve decided now.
However, it’s true that I can’t forget the sweet fruit I’ve tasted.
Although I was careful not to arouse suspicion among my classmates, during break time, my tiny dam of desires collapsed beautifully, and I was so distracted that my two friends who always came by asked if I was okay.
“Why are you suddenly laughing? Is something wrong?”
“Did you eat something bad?”
“Don’t worry about it.”
I replied coolly, but soon, my cheeks relaxed.
A laugh that even I thought was dangerous escaped, and both of my friends recoiled.
“Could it be…”
“What’s up, Shogo?”
With their gaze still on me, Shogo pointed his finger sharply and spoke.
“Kai… You… Have you awakened a special power!”
And then, there was a dramatic pause, as if there were sound effects playing.
“What are you talking about?”
I retorted coolly to Shogo, who was pointing his finger dramatically, but my heart was pounding so hard I could almost hear it.
“What do you mean by ‘special power’?”
“Well, you know. It’s the sexy power to do whatever you want with girls.”
Why is he so oddly spot-on?
Even though Shogo doesn’t know anything about me, let alone suspect anything about the hypnosis app.
“What is it?”
As I listened to my two friends chatting, my gaze shifted to Aisaka’s voice.
Just like us, Aisaka’s friends seemed to have a good conversation, and seeing her like that, I couldn’t help but think back to lunchtime.
(…She was soft and felt good.)
That was a good thing… A really good thing.
I need to pay attention so that I won’t be found out, of course, but I have the hypnosis app… From now on, whenever I want, I can do whatever I want.
Even if I can’t move forward due to the weather, I have plenty of time… So there’s no need to rush.
“What should we do after school today?”
“I wonder… Do you have any plans?”
Since Aisaka stands out, her voice carries well, even including her friends.
While her hypnosis state makes her voice a bit lower, it’s a bit selfish to wish for her to speak in such a bright voice… Yeah, it is, but eventually, I plan to not only touch but also cuddle with Aisaka’s breasts! And we’re almost at the goal!
(…Actually, I didn’t just bury my face in Aisaka’s chest, I pulled her close to me! Even though it’s the power of the hypnosis app, we’re just a little bit away from the goal!)
Thinking about it made the lust inside me burn fiercely.
I don’t know where this burning desire will lead, but first, there’s a negative legacy that needs to be discarded──The status of being a virgin.
“I’ll definitely get rid of it…”
…Phew, first of all, I need to fix the habit of losing sight of my surroundings when I’m lost in thought.
Anyway, I need to have more confidence.
While listening to Akira and Shogo’s conversation, I stroke the smartphone tucked in my pocket.
(For me, this thing is already a necessity… You could say it’s like a partner.)
At this moment, the nickname for the hypnosis app changed to “partner” within me.
Hey, partner, I’m going to keep doing things my way from now on.
So please, lend me your power──just like the characters in manga and anime, let me walk the path of a naughty daily life!
My determination towards this erotic endeavor apparently showed clearly on my face, as I was unexpectedly called upon by the teacher.
“Masaki, you have quite a determined look on your face. I’m impressed that you’re attending the class with such spirit.──Try solving this problem, it’s a challenge.”
“Ah, yes.”
For now… I guess I’ll listen to the class seriously after all.
It’s only natural, but I thought about it again.


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