Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 4

“Your brain can understand even that much.”
With a hated words from Ashella, Taratatt continues.
“On the other hand, I can’t lead someone to believe something they don’t actually think. For example, I can’t make you completely obedient to me.”
“Hmm,” I said, taking a mouthful of yogurt. It was mixed with dried fruit, the moisture being absorbed by them, leaving the fruits juicy and the yogurt with a concentrated, rich flavor.
“This is delicious, I’ll have another… No, not that… So, the people in the country you ruled over thought, ‘Being ruled by Cleared might be okay,’ then?”
“Human societies everywhere have people dissatisfied with the system.”
Ashella, who had offered me more yogurt, continued from there.
“Your societies are too unstable under any governing system. That’s why the merciful Taratat-sama intervened.”
I grumbled at the abrupt criticism of modern society. Indeed, there’s probably no one who has no complaints about society. In that sense,
“Cleared’s complete control over humanity… is it?”
The name of the ruling mechanism that our Banshokuger overthrew. Therefore, Cleared and the world became enemies.
“Well, that’s over.”
But the big boss who proclaimed it laughed and cut off the topic.
“Come on, Green. Do you really have time?”
“Oh, crap.”
Now that you mention it, it is. I check the clock, finish the remaining breakfast, and stand up.
“Thanks for the meal.”
Ashella, remains expressionless. But she did respond.
“Hmph. Just this much. It’s not like it’s more work because of one more person.”
If translated, it would mean [You’re welcome].
“Here, take this too.”
What she bluntly handed over was a square-shaped lunchbox, essentially a bento.
“Uh, but this…”
I’m puzzled, and Ashella averts her gaze and snorts.
” I said it’s nothing. Just packed up the leftovers for dinner. But if you don’t eat it completely, I won’t forgive you.”
” …Well, thanks.”
As I received the food, I glanced at Taratat, who was grinning and looking at me.
” By the way, Ashela’s ability…?”
” You guys experienced it firsthand. The Gonta Beam. That thing.”
” Oh, that. Impressive power. A real brute force.”
” I don’t know the meaning of the words, but I can feel you disrespecting me, you idiot Midori Kusama…!”
In a rush as if to escape, I headed off to work.

The sound of chalk on the blackboard echoed. Although whiteboards and electronic blackboards had become more common, at Saiun High School, where I worked, chalk and blackboards were still in use.
” Democracy has ancient origins, going back to ancient Greece, but back then, women didn’t have the right to participate, and it was quite different from modern times…”
While explaining the class, I was thinking about this morning’s events.
(Unstable societal systems, huh? Well, democracy does have its flaws. As long as humans are involved, there’s no such thing as a perfect system.)
But Cleared advocated for that perfection. Under the name of the Supreme Leader, Cleared aimed to completely control people’s lives. In their society, there was no discrimination, poverty, or war. Under the uncorrupted ruler, people were supposed to fulfill their roles and enjoy the joys of life. In broad terms, that was their claim.
Reflecting on these thoughts, I continued with the class.
” In the Middle Ages, monarchies became dominant. Feudalism, as it’s called. As we entered the early modern period and monarchies faded worldwide, the nation-state, where a unified citizenry is the central element of the state, became prominent. Different political ideologies emerged globally, such as feudalism, liberalism, socialism, communism…”
I wrote down feudalism, liberalism, socialism, communism, and other words on the board.
(Economic ideologies and governing structures. Both of them. Even if we overthrow Cleared, humanity still…)
” Which way is the best in the end?”
Interrupting my thoughts, a question came from Tanaka, a female student. I raised both palms.
“Well, Japan uses a mix of various elements in democratic capitalism. We use it because, for now, it seems like [the best option]. There’s no definitive answer.”
It was a vague response, but that’s how it was.
” Okay, let’s end here for today.”
After finishing the class and leaving the classroom, I continued to ponder.
(But with that, can I really confront Taratat?)
I need to have a solid understanding of that. Before falling into brainwashing, I might get absorbed in ideological aspects.
(Thinking about it, it’s not about which system within society.
Why is human society the way it is now? I need to have a convincing answer.)


“Professor Kusama, you seem to be in good spirits today.”
The comment came as I returned to the staff room.
“Huh? I’m not particularly aware of it… Is that so?”
I asked the elderly man who made the remark, the vice-principal, and touched my cheek. Certainly, I felt pretty good today.
(Maybe it’s because I had a proper breakfast… It’s not like it’s the effect of last night’s lap pillow.)
Now that I think about it, what happened last night was quite embarrassing. As an unspoken agreement with Ashella, we don’t bring up our past as neighbors.
“Lately, you’ve seemed tired.”
My background is confidential, but each Banshokuger member’s workplace usually has one collaborator, someone who helps with work. In my case, it’s the vice-principal. He doesn’t know my true identity, but there should be a notification from the city education committee, stating that special considerations are needed due to special circumstances.
“It’s the weekend, how about a drink tonight? Other teachers will be there too.”
(A workplace drinking party… I often skip it, and sometimes I have to leave due to Banshokuger missions, causing inconvenience to the teachers.)
Considering Ashela and the others, as long as it’s not too late, it should be fine. [No need for dinner at the workplace party], I sent a message to Ashela’s smartphone.
“Understood. Then, just one round,”

And so, I ended up participating in the third round and headed home.
“Wow, I never thought there would be a teacher who could talk about action figures so much… You never know until you start talking, right?”
While not drinking much alcohol, discussions about hobbies are always lively. We ended up spending more time than intended.
As I climbed the stairs of the apartment complex, I took out my smartphone and widened my eyes.
“Oh, over thirty notifications…”
Apprehensively opening them, most were from Ashella.
[Slow] [What are you doing?] [Isn’t it more than just a meal?] [Don’t worry Taratat-sama] [Can you buy souvenirs?] [You better not have gone to any shady places] [How’s Midori-san, that widow?] [Pudding sounds good] [Respond!] [Three missed calls] [Hey, you]
And many more, most of them sounding increasingly scary.
(Well, I should at least say something… But it’s late.)
But thinking back, when I saw the apartment complex from the outside, the corner room of the Kuri’s house had brightly lit windows. Ignoring this might make the next morning scary. In the end, I reluctantly rang the doorbell.
[──Who is it?]
Even the external tone sounds a bit scarier.
“It’s me, Midori Kusama.”
[………………Come in]
“I-I’m coming in…”

Opening the door quietly, I entered the entrance where Ashella, in different nightwear from yesterday, stood with her arms crossed, glaring at me.
“What do you think you’re doing? it’s just the first day!”
“Well, I did notify you… about the drinking party.”
Even I felt a bit guilty, and my rebuttal was weak.
“Isn’t there such a thing as common sense? What is this time?”
“There are various social obligations…”
“Social obligations? Do you think your job or your service to us is more important?”
“It’s not service, it’s surveillance…”
“Shut up! You don’t have a woman on the outside with you, do you?
“No, it’s not like that. Really, it was just a drinking party.”
I desperately defended myself against Ashella’s suspicious gaze. What am I doing, really?
“Why are you making noise at the entrance!”
Taratat comes out of the doorway with a look of dismay on her face, dressed in a childish nightgown. Her face lights up when she sees me.
“Oh, green. Do you have any pudding?”
“Sorry, I just saw your message! How about some Flan from my place?”
“Ugh… well, I guess that’s okay. Bring it, bring it.”
I managed to get her in a good mood with an offering.
“Taratat-sama, it’s not suitable to have sweet things late at night…”
“Oh, it’s fine. After all, I used to be the big boss of an evil organization.”
Ashella reluctantly stop, and I run back to I went back to grab the offering.

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