The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 45

Episode 45: Change of Heart

Before I could stop him, Al-sama disappeared into the thicket. It’s childish to go as far as using strengthening magic just to chase after someone.

“Sigh… Please consider the one doing the chasing.”

Al-sama, or rather, combat prowess is essential for the royalty of this country. Even looking back through history, it’s not uncommon for them to be stronger than guards.

Well, that’s to be expected since they are tasked with fighting against the [Fragments], monstrous entities that only the royalty can defeat.


as a guard, I can’t just let him go, and it’s imperative that the possessor of valuable magic capable of countering the [Fragments] doesn’t come to harm.

Unlike the duel with Leo-sama, this time it’s an official duty. We have escorts, and their numbers are sufficient. So, it falls upon the maid’s duty to chase after the troublesome prince who ventured out alone.

“Then, I’ll go catch Al-sama. That earlier act was probably just him trying to hide his embarrassment.”

“Yes, I think Makina-chan would be the most familiar with capturing that idiot.”

“That’s right. I’ve been serving Al-sama for a long time.”

I’ve been serving Al-sama since long ago. So now, just seeing Al-sama standing on the stage participating in official duties…there’s something stirring within me.

He probably isn’t used to it yet. So, I understand that what he did, chasing after that little child, was a kind of modesty.

“Leave this to Makina-chan. Everyone else, please rest.”

“Yes, and…if you can gather information from that child we encountered earlier, please do. They seemed to have targeted the carriage carrying the royals…quite a skilled child. There’s a possibility they were ‘used.'”

“Indeed. Since they targeted the carriage carrying the royalty, they seem to have quite the sense. There’s a possibility they were ‘used.'”

“Excellent. Having such an excellent maid, my brother is truly fortunate.”

Nodding along, Luche-sama casually closes the distance.

And then, as if whispering in my ear,

“Why not marry Al too, Makina-chan?”


From Luche-sama’s perspective, that was indeed a shocking ambush.

“W-What are you talking about?”

“In terms of assembling forces to counter the [Fragments], isn’t it necessary to have a certain number of royal children? Both Al and I are children of the second queen. Even if that child becomes king, he’ll probably need multiple wives. So, if we’re talking from my perspective, having Makina-chan in that position would be best.”

Luche-sama has the temperament of a queen through and through.

She likes to keep those she fancies by her side. But that’s not always within reach. According to Luche-sama, what’s important is that “it’s a place where the person themselves can be happy.”

In other words, it’s like saying, “I want the person I fancy by my side. But it’s meaningless if they’re not happy.”

It’s about forcing happiness onto others.

That’s why Luche-sama has many supporters. If Luche-sama were a man, his domestic and international approval ratings would surpass even Leo-sama.

“And spending my life with both Charl-chan and Makina-chan by my side is my grand life plan! Hehe.”

“…Please stop joking around. While I appreciate your attention…”

“I still have discerning eyes, you know?”

I know. That’s why I’m unsure how to react.

“Too bad, Luche-sama. My future plans are already set. I’m content with my current position as a maid, waiting to become the wife of a high-income, tall, handsome man. In this position, I won’t have trouble scouting for promising nobles in the future.”

“Oops. Looks like I failed again. Makina-chan is as unexpectedly tough as ever.”

But, Luche-sama looks me in the eye. It’s as if he can see through everything. That kind of gaze.

“I never give up on the happiness of someone I like,”

she said with a graceful wink, leaving me with no clear response. Instead, I darted into the bushes, almost as if fleeing, to find Al-sama.

Following Al-sama’s footsteps had become second nature to me. That’s why, even as I chased after him, my mind was still swirling with thoughts.

“Please don’t say such things so casually,”

Luche-sama said, but I knew my place.

With no memories of my past, I was just a dirty child. If it weren’t for Al-sama saving me, I would have died like a discarded rag. That’s who I am.

If only noble blood ran through my veins.

Even without that, if I had the magical power of the Fifth Attribute.

Could I have become Al-sama’s fiancée?

“Ah… No, I shouldn’t be thinking about such things. Yeah. It’s not like me.”

I stopped and lightly slapped my cheeks.

Emotions I had kept buried deep within my heart for so long were suddenly surfacing.

Al-sama, who decided to remain in the shadows for the sake of his beloved family, had rescued me. I didn’t want to become a hindrance to him. That’s why I decided to keep these feelings locked away. There are others more deserving than me. I decided to support such people.

“My heart is a hindrance.”

When the carriage tilted earlier, was it because I touched Al-sama’s body? Feeling his masculine, sturdy body catch mine, my heart unexpectedly raced. It was just a fleeting moment, but I couldn’t help but wish it had lasted a little longer. Was it because of that that these suppressed feelings resurfaced?

“Ah… Since punishing that girl wouldn’t be appropriate, I suppose I’ll just tease Al-sama for stress relief.”

A noisy maid teasing her master.

That’s the role I’m supposed to play.



“Perhaps I rushed things a bit too much.”

Unfortunately, Makina-chan had slipped away. We hadn’t seen each other for a while, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up. But it seems she, of all people, was unexpectedly flustered.

“Is meddling your hobby?”

“Oh? So, elves have keen ears, I see.”

“I just happened to hear it on the wind.”

Elune-san shrugged. Al has mentioned that she dislikes royalty, but she seems to talk to me normally.

“When I see someone giving up on something within reach, I can’t help but intervene. I’ve known Makina-chan since she was a child, so even more so. And on top of that, my foolish little brother, honestly declaring he’ll become a king? If I don’t keep an eye on someone trustworthy, as his sister, I won’t be able to sleep at night.”

Why doesn’t she grasp what’s within reach? Why doesn’t she even try to grasp it?

I don’t understand. Even if you reach out, there are things you can’t touch.

(Becoming a king…)

That choice was never given to me from the start.

The surrounding wouldn’t allow a woman to become a king. Tradition and history wouldn’t permit it.

The crown that shines like stars in the night sky is something I can never reach, no matter how much I stretch my hand.

So maybe that’s it. I want what I like to be within reach.

Because the thing I want the most is out of reach, I end up wanting other things to be nearby.

But just having it within reach is boring. It has to be shining the brightest. In that sense, it’s good that Charl became Al’s fiancée. She seemed a bit stiff when she was Leo’s fiancée… and…

(…Charl-chan seems oddly quiet since earlier.)

Looking at her, Charl-chan herself has been standing absentmindedly since earlier.

It doesn’t seem like she’s exasperated at Al running off.


“…Ah, Luche-sama.”

“What’s wrong? You’ve seemed a bit out of it since earlier.”

“Ahaha… maybe it’s because the tension has eased, I might feel relieved.”


This task was a big deal for Charl-chan. It’s understandable to be nervous, but… it didn’t seem like that. On the contrary, she’s quite composed at the last moment.

I heard she even said she could cut her back to rally the knights and bravely rushed into the giant fragment. Even with this task, she might be a little nervous, but being this nervous doesn’t fit the image. …But, that’s just an image. It might have been very nerve-wracking for her.

That won’t do. Charl-chan is like a flower in both of my hands. Like Makina-chan, she needs to be smiling and happy. This is where big sister’s power comes in.

“If you’re nervous, I’ll listen to you. It might take a bit of time to restore the tilted carriage and ensure safety around here.”

“…Actually, lately, something’s been strange.”

Charl-chan, even though she’s looking down, she puts her hand on her chest to confirm something inside… Whoa. It’s getting bigger… no. Maybe I’ll check it directly with Makina-chan during tonight’s bath… no. Concentrate, concentrate. Concentrate electrifyingly, Luche.

“Is that… like growing pains?”

“No. It has nothing to do with growing pains…”

Sorry, Charl-chan. I confused you. I was just confirming out of personal interest, so don’t worry about it.

“Well, leaving jokes aside… when you say ‘strange,’ is it… something psychological?”

“Yes… I think so. My heart races, my body heats up… I’m nervous, and I can’t do things as usual.”

“Hmm… That’s a reaction like a maiden in love.”

” ………… …… “

“…Eh… Really?”

It seems like my big sister’s intuition worked electrically.

My casual words seem to have hit the mark perfectly.

Well, Charl-chan blushing is cute. I want to take her home.

(But… what should I do about this?)

In the noble society, it’s common for engagements to be arranged without knowing each other’s faces.

In fact, love marriages are the minority. In many cases, accepting an engagement is mostly done solemnly for the sake of one’s own family, as a duty as a noble. Even I have one. A fiancé.

However, that doesn’t mean noblewomen don’t develop feelings of love, and it’s not uncommon for some to aspire to a love marriage.

There have been stories of noblewomen falling into forbidden love, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Charl-chan, even with a fiancé, harbored feelings of love.

Still, it’s a pity for Alfred, and as a member of the royal family, it’s my duty to handle it well… well, it doesn’t matter. Charl-chan is cute. In fact, I’m starting to get a little annoyed by Alfred, who’s a favorite of both Charl-chan and Makina-chan. Maybe he could give me a flower too?

“I see. Well, that’s fine, isn’t it? At least I’m on cute Charl-chan’s side. …By the way, who’s the other party?”

“Well, um…”

The person Charl-chan harbors feelings for. Leo… no, not really. It would be difficult for someone with somewhat unconventional tastes to inspire such feelings. So… Roberto? Hmm… I don’t like that. Then, what about Noel? No, not that either.



With her cheeks flushed and looking very nervous, Charl-chan said,

“It’s Alfred-kun…”

“…I see?”

Even with my sisterly intuition, I couldn’t read that. No, maybe I read too much into it.

“Actually, recently, I’ve… I, realized I’m in… in love with Al… and since then, it’s been… strange. Before, even when we rode in the same carriage or were close, I didn’t get this nervous… but now, I’m so nervous… even when I try to focus on the scenery and calm down, I can’t… And earlier when the carriage overturned, Al was right in front of me, and I felt like my head was going to explode… “

It seems Charl is bewildered and confused by her own changes.

There are countless question marks floating above her head.

“It’s weird, right? Suddenly, this happened to me… Or is this what they call love? I’ve seen it often in picture books and novels, but experiencing it myself… it’s my first time, so I don’t really understand…”

Come to think of it, Charl, born with the magic of the Fifth Attribute, was destined for a promising future and engaged from a young age. She was raised with strict education to become the future queen. Even without that, she’s always been diligent. She must have been strict with herself too.

Therefore, she’s probably inexperienced with these “unnecessary emotions” of being a queen.

In summary… it’s infatuation. This.

“I try to interact normally… but I’m not sure if it’s okay…”

“It’s fine, I think. If it feels right for you, Charl-chan. Enjoy these worries too.”

“Feeling right… that’s difficult…”

“It’s okay. Hearts never really go as we wish. Especially love. Even if you leave it alone, it’ll move on its own. …In fact, forcibly holding back such feelings is unhealthy for the heart.”

That’s why Makina is worried too.

I know all too well the pain and difficulty of suppressing one’s own heart.

I might end up bothering Makina because my heart might break someday like that.

“A king facing people’s hearts. If you’re aiming for that with Al, think of it as studying and let yourself be tossed around.”

Love. When I heard that word, I suddenly thought of the prince of ice from the allied nation.

In a sense, he too lives being tossed around by “love.” No, it might be more accurate to say he’s bound by it.


I look around. But he’s nowhere to be seen.

“Noel… where did you go?”

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