Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 55

Mob No.55: “A response befitting of Mr. Uzos.”

Once finished with lunch, where to go next is decided.

“Hope the remake data card for [Noisy Planet] comes out soon~.”

“No way, it just started airing. Demon Slayer Mugen Train arc is out though.”

“When’s the new volume of [Pirates Straw Hat] again?”

The otaku holy land on this planet – heading for Mashitomo Mall crammed with various shops like the anime shop [Animember], it’s shopping for manga, novels, anime, doujinshi.

Happily chatting without restraint about anime and manga we like is endlessly fun.

Maybe no good as working adults but can’t stop.

Right now [Animember] has new doujinshi from the Comic Festival on commission sale, so that’s the main purchase purpose today.

We also go to the attached secondhand shop [Seizaban] to search for doujinshi gems.

Visiting various other shops, we somehow spent 4 hours just shopping.

Thanks to getting everything we wanted, we left Mashitomo Mall smiling, but it was already evening with office workers on their way home or going drinking.

The three of us don’t drink and want to read the manga and novels bought quickly, so we headed to the nearest station to go home.

On the way a loud voice echoed.

Looking, a man who seemed around 40 was standing on an inverted beer case giving some kind of street speech holding a shoulder speaker,

and inspirational-looking posters were put up on the partition behind him with some men and women handing out leaflets.

“What’s that?”

A sight I’ve never seen before made me unconsciously speak.

“A group trying to make their invaded homeland independent. While the current Emperor is weak-kneed they’re trying to become independent and even destroy the Empire it seems.”

Mr. Kruzz explained so listening to the speech, sure enough it had content like [the current Emperor is weak-kneed so countries made into colonies should rise up and become independent].

“Seems they’ll try a coup…. “

“Profitable time for mercenaries perhaps?”

Hearing the speech, Mr. Kruzz earnestly asked that question to my muttering.

Certainly, from that content the chances of a coup seem very high.

It’d be earning time for me as a mercenary.

But my answer is decided.

“I’ll pass. Dealing with petty pirates and escorting transports or nobles’ petty quarrels are better.”

“A response befitting of Mr. Uzos.”

Mr. Kruzz must have been worried in his own way since as a mercenary I can also be forcibly conscripted.

There Gonzales stared at a dropped leaflet and uttered shocking words.

“They put up posters around my neighborhood too….”


“How reckless!”

Mr. Kruzz and I unintentionally raised our voices.

Gonzales lives in [the black market shopping district] – the go-to for chuunibyou shops.

Even major corporate or government posters get torn down or shredded to bits the next day, with the chuunibyou locals thinking something is cooler to put up instead as everyday occurrences there.

Sometimes they even get remade into more chuunibyou versions.

But seems lately the corporations have wisened up and use chuunibyou style posters specifically for that district from the start.

Ex: Nutrition drink → Demon beast body fluid to exceed the body’s limits

They’ve got some guts putting up posters in that black market district.

“Well the next day it was covered up by the usual butcher’s

[The cocoon of the milky white drowned sea beast – Descend! [The crimson shell that birthed silence] and [The eternal crimson shell of infinity]!]”


As expected.

And from the contents, crab and shrimp cream croquettes it seems.

That butcher is as aggressive as ever.

I’ll try buying when I visit Gonzales next time.

Naming aside, their croquettes are truly delicious.

The day after enjoying such a fun holiday.

I went to the mercenary guild to collect the reward for the recent terrorist subjugation.

Normally I use a third of rewards for debt repayment but this time I’ll send half.

That will complete repayment of the unjust debt burdened on dad, principal plus interest.

It’ll finally feel like a weight off my shoulders.

“The reward this time is 4 million credits. The usual receipt method fine?”

However, something seems off about the reward amount I’m supposed to receive.

Normally it’s around 2.5-3.5 million credits but this is quite an increase.

“Feels like the amount is off…?”

Feeling uneasy I asked old man Rhones about it.

“Was it troops on dispatch or garrison or something that caused trouble? It’s like hush money or a bribe for don’t kick up a fuss, I guess.”

“They’re court martialed so can’t stay hush even if told to.”

“Just take it if they’re giving it. Not just 1 or 2 people so they can’t frame you for embezzlement either.”

I got an ambiguous answer, somehow reassuring yet still anxious.

Well Count Ikorai probably wouldn’t set us mercenaries up.

“Then all info this time. And I wanna take this.”

Saying so I showed the subjugation request for petty pirates I had found.

“Big money comes in but still taking risky work. Hats off to you.”

“Never know when I’ll need money.”

“So, safe first petty pirate subjugation huh.”

After collecting the reward and getting request procedures and necessary info, I left the guild, went to the usual bank, and transferred half the reward to dad’s account.

Actually the mercenary guild building also has ATMs but using them shows you have money so folks in need flock to freeload, so in reality no one uses them.

Removal is apparently proposed now.

Returning to the guild after that, I immediately boarded my ship Patchwork and departed to subjugate pirates.

By the way, they’re small fry I probably wouldn’t get info even asking Gonzales, so the intel from the guild is plenty.

But I absolutely won’t let my guard down.

Speech Excerpts : (Partial)

“Passersby, do you know what planet this originally was?

Planet Itz in the Pout Region of the Galactic Empire?


Democratic Galactic Nation capital planet Itz!

The Galactic Empire has repeatedly invaded and conquered, now ruling over 80% of the area inhabited by humans and other intelligent lifeforms.

The reason those invasions have stopped now is because the former Emperor halted them and the current Emperor maintains that.


There’s no guarantee the next or future Emperors won’t start invasive wars again! So how can we avoid those foolish wars!?

By the countries invaded and made colonies in the past becoming independent and regaining pride, cutting away at the Empire’s power to weaken the Empire!

The various powers the Empire wields originally belong not to the Empire, but to us!

Let us remove the tyrannical arrogant nobles and Empire citizens calling themselves [Purebloods] who follow them from our planet – country and take back the Democratic Galactic Nation! Don’t you agree!?”

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