A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 10 part 3

“This is it. The fear I felt back then, at the orphanage…”
He muttered, and True, too, involuntarily began to tremble as he watched Fei, covered in blood, fighting.
(It’s impossible. I can’t beat Fei, he’s unbeatable. It’s not just about being strong or weak. He has a way of living and a strength that can’t be measured by conventional means.)
(Once I thought of retreating out of fear, the game was over.)
True predicted the outcome of this match. Before his eyes, Barb, who had no strength left to resist Fei, was visible.
“I-I’m the one who’s scared… yet I’m the stronger one…”
“If you’re strong, prove it. Beat me, show your strength.”
As Fei approached slowly, laughing, Barb retreated step by step, as if trying to
“I understand. It’s okay for me to lose!! I’ll even apologize for hurting you! So, it’s forfeit, I forfeit!! So, it’s over, I’m giving up!! So please, stop it!! Stop it!!”
“…I see… it’s over now.”
Barb declared forfeit under Fei’s pressure. At the same time, Fei collapsed before him with a thud. He fell asleep the moment the passion from before seemed like a lie, as the victory was decided.
True looked around. The entire venue was silent. No, it just felt silent. In reality, some children, despite being terrified by Fei’s repeated knockdowns, were crying in fear, sobbing uncontrollably as if resurrecting more terrifyingly than zombies.
“Mama, I’m scared!”
“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! That big brother is scary!!”
The children clung to their mothers, deeply shaken by the sight of the insane boy.
And the adults, just like the children, were shocked and trembling.
“He won…??”
“He won in that situation.”
“But is it okay for the winner to be beaten up while the loser is unharmed…?”
The tournament organizers seemed to still be trying to grasp the result of the match. Amidst the confusion throughout the venue caused by Fei’s victory, he was carried away to the medical room after fainting.



As the protagonist of this world, my mornings are early. Being a diligent protagonist, I diligently engage in morning training.
My master, Yururu, who holds the role of a mentor, accompanies me in this endeavor. Truly commendable, Master!
Upon completing the training, my master handed me a piece of paper.
──What, is this!? A warrior tournament…!?
What’s this, it’s the epitome of a classic storyline, isn’t it!? Isn’t this just typical? The protagonist participating in some sort of martial arts tournament and achieving great success? Yururu, my master, bringing me this event first and foremost, I really appreciate it!!
You know, being a protagonist is really fun. Because events like this keep coming my way, you know?
Well then, let’s put our spirits into it before the tournament!!

And… on the day of the tournament.
As I was about to head to the tournament venue by carriage, I ran into Bowlan, Arthur, and Yururu. What’s up? Huh? You forgot to reserve the carriage.
These guys are idiots… Because I’m the protagonist, you see, I made sure to reserve it properly in advance. This tournament is an important event for me, so my level of determination is different from those around me.
“Oh no! If Arthur had made the reservation, we wouldn’t have to run like this!!”
Bowlan says something. This guy… he really gives off the vibe of wanting to ride a really nice carriage, doesn’t he? Well, if my master Yururu says it’s okay, then it’s okay.
In the end, it seems Arthur and Bowlan will ride. Bowlan sits next to me, while Arthur and Yururu sit facing us. Once the carriage started moving, a noisy conversation began. I’m not interested at all, and being the cool type, I don’t feel the need to join in the conversation, so I stay silent, and then Master Yururu gives me a sandwich.
He really cares about his disciple as a master, doesn’t he? He’s really standing out as a master. It’s quite delicious when I eat it.
But the taste seems a bit different from before.
“Did you change the sauce? It seems different from before.”
“Oh, did you notice!? Th-the thing is, I thought of making a little change to the taste, you know…”
Oh, so it did change after all. I see. I had been considering the possibility of becoming a cooking protagonist in secret, thinking that maybe I could revolutionize cooking in this medieval world.
Well, I realized it was impossible once the Knights of the Round Table stuff came up.
As I eat the sandwich, Bowlan keeps staring at me. Do you want some? If you get permission from Master Yururu, you can eat it. If permission is granted, this guy will eat a lot. Well, I don’t plan on eating a lot since there’s a match, but that’s fine with me. But I hope he doesn’t lean on me and sleep when he’s full.
There’s drool dripping heavily on my shoulder…….
When I arrived in the city of Ned, I diligently did my warm-up exercises. The tournament event is a significant event where the protagonist stands out. Since I’ve always admired it and can’t afford to slack off, I make sure to do thorough stretching and warm-ups.
Accompanied by my master, we lightly sparred with swords and headed towards the venue. In the waiting room, the match schedule was posted.
“It seems like you’re a contender from the first round.”
As expected of the protagonist, me. My opponent is tough from the first round. It’s just how it should be. It wouldn’t be interesting to breeze through. But I can’t help but feel sorry for my opponent. With me being the protagonist, their defeat seems inevitable.
In these kinds of tournaments, it’s common for the protagonist to always come out on top.
With that in mind, I head to the arena for the first round. The spectator seats are filled with many people, making it lively and noisy.
Alright, let’s show the strength of last year’s contender for victory!!!
Battle begins!!
I started by swinging my sword, but it was blocked. Hmm, not bad. I was blown away by the opponent’s wind magic and punched in the stomach.
Hmm, a slight taste of blood… It’s common. I’ve always trained hard, even to the point of shedding blood, and it’s common for protagonists to get hurt.
“Hmph, you’re unfortunate to face me in the first round.”
“…Unfortunate…? Huh, did you just call me unfortunate?”
You’re the fool here. You’re the unfortunate one. After all, it’s always the protagonist who wins in the end, right? Whether the opponent is a contender or not, I’m the one who will win. That’s the protagonist’s privilege!!
However, the opponent is quite strong… Even more than me now… Could they also be undergoing a protagonist awakening event?
If that’s the case, I understand. I may have misunderstood the battle with True before, but this time, it must be an awakening event!!!
Alright, then I’ll just have to keep attacking without giving up!! Suddenly, a mysterious light shines on me as I fight desperately! And I awaken!! The scenario is set!!
I’m blown away again and again, but I won’t give up!! Come on, push me harder!!
Last year’s contender for victory!! Hurt me more and bring on the awakening event. It’s typical for protagonists to awaken at the very last moment.
I want you to push me harder!! Maybe to the point of killing me? That would be just right!!!
With that in mind, I keep attacking. I’m blown away repeatedly, but… at the same time, I’m filled with excitement.
I’ve always liked protagonists like this. It’s fun when it’s me in the admired state. Just like with True before, not giving up even when it’s unfair is cool!!
Back when I used to read manga in boys’ magazines, I felt the same way. I wanted to be like that and inspire someone else.
Ah!!! There are children in the audience watching my protagonist-like figure!! They must be feeling moved by my appearance, just like I was moved in the past.
Thinking about that, the opponent declares surrender. What…? Was there… no awakening event…?
Maybe they had exhausted their energy after being blown away so many times. I fell asleep.
“Mama, I’m scared!!”
“Waaaaaah!!!! That big brother is scary!!!!”
Haha, I’m barely conscious, but… it seems like the children were moved to tears by my figure. Just like me in the past… Well, time for a break…
…And then, good morning.
“Fei, don’t overdo it like that!!”
When I woke up, Master Yururu was very angry with me. Apparently, I had slept for about three hours. And the tournament was over, with Arthur winning, True as the runner-up, and Bowlan in third place.
Hey, isn’t Arthur more noticeable than me, the protagonist…? Well, come to think of it, Arthur often stands out more than me. Arthur won, huh. I can’t believe it, but could he be the real protagonist…?
“Fei, I’m really angry that you overdid it! But, you were cooler than anyone else because you did your best!”
“Hmm. What am I hesitating about? I’m the protagonist. My master praised me so much. And since I was the coolest, I must be the protagonist, yeah, yeah.
“Oh, and it seems Fei-kun has gained some fans.”
As expected, that’s probably true. Those kids were moved to tears. It seems like many people will become fans after my match.
“It seems like they’ve made cards too.”


Strength: B Intelligence: D
Agility: D Mental: SSS
He never gives up. A man of indomitable spirit. Possessing a steel-like mentality that rises again and again like a zombie and faces his opponents. After defeating a contender in the first round, he fainted. Therefore, he couldn’t make it to the other matches in time and had to forfeit. But there’s hope for him in next year’s tournament.

Longsword, Martial Arts

-Magic Aptitude

Black hair and black eyes. Looks intimidating but surprisingly kind.

“Hmm, there’s a drawing of my entire body. I see.”
“Oh yeah!”
“Yes! But you really mustn’t do anything reckless!”
“I promise! “
Master Yururu held my card dearly and gave me a hug in passing. He must be praising me for doing well.
Alright, let’s do our best in the crazy training starting tomorrow!

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