Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 20

XX Dorsen Country

North of the countries of Faloon and Cadonia lies the country of Dorsen.
Dorsen’s land area is 5 times that of Faloon. Even combined, Faloon and Cadonia don’t amount to half of Dorsen.
Its history is also ancient, said to exist since the founding of the Ares continent, with its royal bloodline claimed to be descendants of the Goddess. As one of the powers in the center of the Ares continent even now, not just its territory but also economically and militarily it overwhelms Faloon.
To Dorsen, both Faloon and Cadonia were just buffer zones to the Magical Beast Forest.
And now those buffer zones suddenly merged together.
It was a movement the King of Dorsen didn’t like.
Of course he knew that recently Faloon had been pushing into developing the Magical Beast Forest, beginning rapid growth.
Well, that’s fine. No matter how much a small country develops, it has limits. Building a barbaric arena and earning profit through gambling, he could just laugh at them through his nose as “Poor countries are desperate.”
But annexing and doubling the scale of your neighbor country cannot be overlooked.
Certainly, Faloon is still a country far from comparing to Dorsen. However, annexing a neighboring country means they have territorial ambitions.
Militarily they haven’t shown much development, but he had information that magicians of considerable ability, though questionable character, who can freely research magic without regard to ethics, were gathering in Faloon.
And the suppression of the stampede that occurred in Cadonia.
Moreover, Faloon accomplished it with minimal forces, it was said.
This indicated Faloon had more power than could be easily handled.
According to information, this time’s stampede seemed to be on a small scale, but still Faloon’s power could not be looked down upon.

Now, two men bowed their heads before the King of Dorsen.
The first and second princes of Cadonia.
Upon the stampede breaking out, they promptly fled Mos, and hearing of their father the King’s death, they immediately started a succession dispute – useless fools.
Because of them, domestic support was lost, allowing Faloon’s annexation of Cadonia to happen.
If they and the dead King of Cadonia had been a little more decent, this situation probably wouldn’t have occurred.
These two appealed their circumstances to the King of Dorsen.
Namely, “We were unjustly expelled from Cadonia”, “This incident was an invasion by Faloon”, “There’s no mistake our father the King was killed not by monsters but by Faloon”, “The stampede was caused by Faloon”, “Our sister the new queen schemed this plot with Faloon”, and so on.
Groundless, barking losers with no evidence at all. If they were under him, he’d have taken their heads long ago.
However, what the King of Dorsen needed now was justification. No matter how absurd their claims, these two still had the right to inherit Cadonia, nominally.
“I understand what you want to say”
The King of Dorsen answered solemnly.
“As Dorsen, we also cannot overlook Faloon’s outrage. We will consider how to respond.”
Hearing those words, the Cadonia princes were ecstatic, thanking the King of Dorsen.
Truly foolish fellows.
The King of Dorsen cursed them in his heart.
One of the central powers Dorsen moving meant their actions would be watched by other major powers. If handled poorly, they could receive interference from other countries. Considerable preparations and groundwork were necessary, requiring great effort and labor. If it came to war, the financial burden would also be enormous. It was not such a simple matter.
But it had to be done. Problems must be crushed while small – that was a ruler’s duty.
First, demanding transfer of the throne through diplomatic channels. Meanwhile, manipulating Cadonia nobles. Additionally, gathering troops at the Cadonia border.
Mobilizing as much military strength as possible to perform exercises and demonstrations of force.
Most likely, the nobles of northern Cadonia would then cooperate with them.
It would be nice if they obediently handed over the throne, but there’s no way Faloon would permit that.
In the end, a battle between the Dorsen army and Cadonia-Faloon allied forces could be expected.
If they won even that battle, next they just had to install a puppet king in Cadonia and move it as they pleased. The war expenses could be ruthlessly collected from Cadonia.
Who the new Cadonia king was hated by and Cadonia descending into chaos afterward didn’t concern him.
The objective this time was to strike the rising Faloon nation.


The new King of Cadonia, Nicol, looked at the letter from Dorsen and sighed.
The contents of the letter condemned Faloon for taking over Cadonia, and demanded transfer of the throne.
It was implied that if the demand was not met, they would resort to force.
Honestly, to Nicol this was the expected development.
With such flashy actions, of course the neighboring major power would take notice. It was later than he anticipated, probably because domestic and foreign adjustments took time.
Of course, handing Cadonia over was out of the question. He had finally been given free rein to govern a country by his brother, there was no way he would miss this chance.
Nicol had been pounded with lessons on imperial rule since childhood. Though Mars was the crown prince of Faloon, his disinheritance was decided, so Nicol also thought that’s just how it was.
From his mother and grandfather he was coached on politics and economics, how to handle people

his grandfather Gamaras especially taught him concrete policies and practices, so from an early stage Nicol’s ability as a politician was already quite high.
Nicol himself also burned with the ideal of “Becoming king and making Faloon a wonderful country!”
But one day, that future suddenly disappeared.
A military coup by Mars.
His grandfather Gamaras held enormous political power, but collapsed easily before violence.
Mars, who the nobility including Gamaras saw as mediocre, was secretly a military charisma, organizing the personal army called the Hundred. He also gained the support of the regional armies the Black and Red Knight Orders.
Also, by strengthening his ties with his fiancée Frau, a powerful mage, and controlling the sorcerers as well, with overwhelming military power he took control of the capital.
Key nobles were purged, Nicol and his mother were also temporarily detained, but they survived because Gamaras was pardoned.
After that, Mars made full use of Gamaras who had been his enemy, and after sweeping away the established privileged nobility, also made him carry out bold reforms. Nicol himself also assisted in this.
He readily accomplished the political and economic reforms Faloon had needed. And using talent who were former political opponents.
“No way.”
Nicol sincerely respected his brother whom he had looked down on. The temporary appearance of holing up in his room in fear of assassination was a guise, behind which he steadily made preparations as the next king.
While Nicol had grown as a politician rather than a king, his brother demonstrated “what a king should be”.
And as King of Cadonia, Mars granted those duties to Nicol.
This could be nothing else but his respected brother recognizing Nicol’s abilities. He was probably acknowledging the efforts Nicol had made since childhood.

Nicol married the Cadonia princess, dealt gently with northern nobles, and in the south rapidly rebuilt by increasing direct control of the country.
Unlike typical privileged noble ladies, the Cadonia princess was an intelligent woman to his taste, also optimally capable as a partner. He was thankful to his brother for choosing an excellent companion.
He also brought over some executives of the Hundred, introducing a similar system in Cadonia as well.
The usefulness of powerful military forces was proven by Mars, it would be foolish not to utilize them.
However, accomplishing everything would take time. He was powerless against the impending threat of Dorsen for now.
If war broke out, most northern nobles would likely turn coat.
He had secretly told his father-in-law, the influential northern Duke Gordon, that it was fine to surrender when push came to shove. Resistance would just be futile.
But. But now, this could also be a good opportunity. He could crush the remaining northern nobles by charging them with cooperating with Dorsen.
The established privileged nobility were nothing but excess flesh for the country.
If he could cut them away, Cadonia’s national power could be raised at once.
Perhaps his brother Mars had foreseen developments this far.
If so, it was fearful foresight.
Mars probably had measures prepared to win against Dorsen as well.
Currently, he had requested military support from Faloon, and the Red Knight Order had already arrived. Though few in number, their morale was high and battle strength proven.
He had also requested Mars and Frau participate in the war if it came down to it. With those two, he didn’t feel they could lose any battle.
Of course, Nicol himself also intended to go to the battlefield. Rousing morale by the king taking the front lines was also important, but it was a good chance to lure out those cooperating with Dorsen by deliberately leaving Mos open.
War was a diplomatic failure, political misstep, and economic burden, but this road couldn’t be avoided.
His brother Mars was surely aiming to advance into the center by winning against Dorsen.
As rumored on the streets, Mars’s final objective was unifying the Ares continent.
Nicol also thought Mars wasn’t suited to staying a king of a small country, and believed he should become the first king to unify the Ares continent.
Therefore, as his brother, as King of Cadonia, Nicol intended to devote himself to Mars.

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