Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 5 part 3

The soul equipment stemmed from the same source as its user. It lived and existed, albeit with a different meaning from that of a human. It likely possessed its own will.

While Jijinbo subjected his other half to immense suffering, he gleefully continued speaking.

“Allow me to share one of the secrets of magic. Magic in this world is accompanied by a ‘Positive’ element. For example, ‘Grand Fortress,’ the eighth-grade earth magic. In the case of ‘Flame Princess,’ it is fifth-grade fire magic. Very few magicians understand the concept of ‘Positive.'”

Jijinbo explained.

This concept normally does not exist in this world. Magic operates on an unparalleled doctrine, a technique that normal humans cannot grasp.

The ancient users introduced magic to humanity. They forged contracts with immensely powerful demons and adapted their magic for human use.

That is the magic of this world.

“Positive magic is ‘properly modified’ magic. Of course, there is also original magic that remains unmodified. We exceptional magicians refer to it as ‘eclipse magic.'”

Eclipse magic is a demonic technique that cannot be wielded by human hands. It requires a vast amount of magical power and vitality. Even if a demon doesn’t utilize anything, it is unbearable for humans.

Utilizing eclipse magic causes irreversible changes to the mind and body. In other words, the more it is used, the less human one becomes.

“In certain regions, vampires are referred to as Liches. Some of these creatures have succumbed to the magic of humans. Needless to say, this knowledge is dangerous, but to ascend to a higher rank as a magician, mastering eclipse magic becomes inevitable. To enhance a potent curse, one must be versed in wicked prayers. Fortunes that consist solely of goodness are worthless.”

Eclipse magic is not taught even in the academy of sages.

Being aware of its existence, learning it, and harnessing its power are prerequisites for becoming a top-tier user. Jijinbo added.

And with the conclusion of his explanation, Shitsukagozen resumed its earlier chant.

“Hihihihi! Now, I shall unleash the original ‘Grand Fortress,’ a forbidden eighth-grade curse! If my soul equipment shields me, I won’t be affected by the drawbacks! Only the soul equipment will be cursed and fall! Then, under the influence of the potent curse, the soul equipment will grow stronger and be reborn even deeper! This is the essence of Shitsukagozen, the embodiment of my wife! Alright, alright, alright, alright—Mitsurugi Sora! Consume this forbidden curse if you can!”

“Stack the five organs and form a wall, squeeze the blood and turn it into a trench. Oh castle of limbo—Starvation Fortress.”

At the end of the chant, a blood-colored door materialized before Jijinbo.

With a sound, the castle gate swung open. What emerged from within was an army of malevolent spirits and demons.

It was a grand magic that summoned an entire castle from hell and an army of the deceased.

If the “Grand Fortress” focused on defense, this magic likely focused on offense.

No matter how powerful my soul equipment was, I couldn’t simultaneously counter an army of the dead attacking from all directions. I couldn’t consume that nearly infinite army—Jijinbo must have thought so.

Regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, the goal is understandable.

But I had no reason to follow his methods. I hadn’t merely stood by, watching Jijinbo babble while Shitsukagozen chanted.

I had already infused a limited amount of energy into my right hand’s soul equipment.

Just like when I defeated the group of manticores in the Tittis Forest, the spiraling energy enveloped the black blade.

The tip of the blade, would deliver a single slash. A wild strike that devoured both distance and foes—if I were to name it, it would be the ‘Void Bite.’

The blade trembled.

It roared. It laughed. Like a child throwing a tantrum, demanding to be fed.

We knew that the enemy possessed a soul incomparable to that of a manticore.

I would fulfill its desire.

With a loud cry, I raised the katana high—and swung it.


It was Jijinbo who broke the silence in the Duke’s mansion garden.

Jijinbo examined his body, starting with his left shoulder and then his right waist.

From left shoulder to right waist, he confirmed the deeply carved cut.

Moreover, even his soul equipment held in his left hand was more than half severed.

As if waiting for Jijinbo’s confirmation, a thunderous noise, like thousands of shattered mirrors, resonated in the ears of everyone present.

It was the sound of my katana slicing through both magics—the sound of ‘Grand Fortress’ and ‘Starvation Fortress’ shattering.

With the magic disappearing, the army of malevolent spirits that was about to be unleashed returned to where they came from.

“Hi… Hihi, Hihihihi!”

Jijinbo’s mouth erupted with loud laughter—or rather, it was more like a scream.

“Impossible, impossible… impossible! You eliminate those two eighth-level positive and dark magic with a single slash?! No, that’s not a slash. There is no magic power left in the fragments… Did you absorb it? Did you drink it? That can’t be! The ability to absorb must be terrifying, and since the container must be powerful as well, it won’t be balanced otherwise!

I slowly approached the deranged old man.

The rotting ground made it difficult to walk, but there was no problem as Jijinbo made no attempt to escape.

Well, even if he did try to escape, the wound on his body is definitely fatal. Whether he understood this or not, Jijinbo continued to shout in a shrill voice.

“The soul equipment is the embodiment of the user’s soul! To drink the forbidden curse, hey, what kind of monster do you have in your body?”

He changed his tone – I wanted to mock him, but I would gain nothing by repeating the words of this dying old man.

Besides, even if he was an enemy, I didn’t want the Dragnote sisters to see me harassing a dying old man.

So I won’t say anything unnecessary, I’ll just open my mouth to ask for his last words.


“I think you already know you’re going to die soon. Do you have any last words?”

“Die…? Die? Are you going to kill this old man?! Wait, wait a moment! You, the eldest son of the Mitsurugi family, are planning to kill a Seirin standard bearer?”

“Unfortunately for you, We haveve severed our family ties. So I don’t have to restrain myself for your master.”

“Don’t rush! I know this old man will be your witness! This old man is the fourth standard bearer of Seirin, the one with the ninth seat! Judging by your power, I’m sure Oyakata-sama would consider it!”

“It is not necessary. I have no interest in restoring our family ties at this time. Well, Mitsurugi is also my mother’s family name. Eventually, I’ll get my family name back, but I have no intention of asking for your help.”

With that, I quickly moved my soul equipment.

The blade of the black katana sliced through Shitsukagozen’s face.

Earlier, when we clashed, Shitsukagozen had the same toughness as my black katana, but now it was as fragile as an ordinary biwa, probably due to the damage it had suffered earlier.

The automatic counterattack didn’t activate, and the shitsukagozen turned to dust and disintegrated.

…At that moment, for a moment, I felt someone whispering in my ear.

The voice was too faint to make out what was being said. What I did understand was that the voice was very calm and gentle.

Then Jijinbo, who had lost his soul equipment, opened his eyes wide and his mouth.

Just before he could scream, I decapitated him with my black katana.

It was clear that Jijinbo did not want to say his last words, so there was no need to waste any more time.

Having decapitated the old man, I turned around.

His wrinkled head detached from his torso, tumbling to the ground, while blood spewed from the severed neck like a gushing fountain.

When Sora approached the blood fountain, it would be a lie to say that Claudia didn’t feel fear welling up in her heart.

Despite lacking combat experience like her father and older sister, Claudia understood the terrifying nature of Jijinbo. Her father, renowned as the strongest in Canaria, and her older sister, whom she deeply respected, lay defenseless on the ground. Reluctantly, she had to acknowledge the fear within her.

Above all, Jijinbo was the one who had inflicted all that suffering upon her. Just the thought of it made her body tremble, akin to a cornered dog.

—But, Sora had defeated Jijinbo.

The horrific magic, the abominable techniques, witnessing Sora effortlessly behead the old man—rather than relief or confidence, fear gripped Claudia’s heart.

In Claudia’s eyes, there was something about Sora that appeared inhuman, like a dark creature with black scales. A mysterious shadow capable of engulfing not only her but also her older sister, father, the Duke’s house, and even the Kingdom of Canaria.

So, when she saw Sora drawing near, she instinctively tried to step back, dragging her battered body along the muddy ground.

And in that moment, Sora suddenly collapsed.


Unintentionally, she was taken aback.

At first glance, Sora, with one knee on the ground, seemed to be in agonizing pain. He clenched his teeth, shut his eyes tightly as if enduring something, and gripped his chest. Large beads of sweat adorned his forehead.

Throughout the battle, he displayed no signs of distress. So, why now? Claudia pondered this question and, in doing so, noticed something that surprised her.

Claudia had witnessed Sora’s current condition before. She racked her memory. It was when he had promised to break her curse by offering souls. Right after that, Sora had collapsed with the same expression he wore now.

Claudia had no understanding of what it truly meant to offer souls. At first, she believed it to be mere words of comfort. However, her level had increased by two, and the curse that had weakened her physically and mentally had been lifted.

—It seemed that such a miracle came at a price. Hadn’t she witnessed firsthand the suffering Sora had endured?

In that moment, the sound of a cheek being slapped resonated through the Duke’s house garden. Despite any fear she may have had, Claudia Dragnote, at the very least, should not be afraid of Sora. She was supposed to know that without anyone reminding her!

With her cheeks red and swollen, Claudia rushed towards Sora with determination, her feet treading on the muddy ground. She called out to him with a resounding voice.

“Sora-san! Sora-san!”


In response to Claudia’s call, Sora seemed to attempt to say something but could only groan in response.

At that moment, a pale-faced Claudia tried to hold onto him, desperate to call out to him.

“Clau, calm down.”

Astrid, her older sister, placed a hand on Claudia’s shoulder and spoke firmly. Claudia turned around to face her.

“But, nee-sama! Sora-san is…!”

“I understand. I will fetch a remedy immediately.”

Astrid attempted to give instructions to her subordinates.

However, Sora’s groans brought her to a halt.

“…I don’t need… medicine… or healing magic…”

Upon hearing this, the sisters looked at Sora.

Sora continued to endure the pain.

“This… will take time… I just have to wait… for the pain… to subside…”

“B-But, Sora-san, perhaps something could help, even if just a little!”

“…With time… I will heal… I don’t need medicine… or magic… but the commotion outside…”

As Claudia and Astrid listened to Sora’s words, they exchanged glances.

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