Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 1 Chapter 17

Episode 17 [I’m Not the Only One Moving Forward]

I headed straight for the faculty office after leaving the classroom, and spoke to the homeroom teacher who was preparing for the next class.
When I conveyed my intention to move to the special class, the teacher seemed happy. It was because a student from his class could go to the special class.
I don’t really need anything special. I just want to be a normal student. But choosing to move to the special class was my own decision too.
“By the way, the special class, where?”
“Toudou…use polite language with teachers.”
“Excuse my rudeness. Where is the special class?”
“…You have a way of speaking unlike a high school student. I’ll give you the paperwork later so fill it out. After processing, you’ll be moved. Probably around a week.”
“O-okay, I understand.”
“…Polite language.”
“Y-yes sir…”

I see, I can’t move right away after all…
“…which is understandable.”
Still, it seems I can transfer by next week.
Apparently, the teachers had a vague sense of my abnormality. Despite trying to take it easy, my occasional displays of academic and athletic abilities must have triggered something.
I see, it’s a school with many outstanding adults.

Upon the teacher’s suggestion, I took a test only once. It wasn’t a particularly difficult test. In the past, I wouldn’t have bothered taking it seriously. I thought standing out would make school life difficult.
After the date with Hanazono, I felt a change in myself. I decided to take the test seriously.
I remember the teacher looking astonished at the test results.
Did I go too far?
However, the questions were too easy. They were the kind I solved back in elementary school.
After the test, the teacher recommended that I join a special class. A class for students with exceptional abilities to comfortably navigate school life.

–I don’t know whether I can trust “adults” or not.
They did try to break me.

…I understand in my head that the teachers at this school are different.
But I can’t forget the memories left in my heart. Still, I intend to move forward. I’ll blindly believe, and if I get betrayed, I can’t do anything about it. Nothing left but to give up.
Leaving the faculty office, I returned to my classroom. I’m still enrolled in that class…
I stand in front of the classroom door. It’s extremely hard to enter.

–This must be what’s called “awkward.” I see, good experience for me to learn from. If I was going to the special class and ran out of the classroom, only fifteen minutes have passed.
…Even though I ruined the class atmosphere and ran out, going back to the classroom like nothing happened is very embarrassing.
What do I do–Calm down.
Since the corporate visit is scheduled with the special class, there’s no need for me to join the group divisions. They said I can go to the special class alone even if I don’t attend…I wonder if Tanaka will go too? I’m looking forward to going together with Tanaka, which surprises me.

–Okay, I’ll sneak into the classroom. Conceal my presence. My specialty.

When I tried to erase my presence by emptying my mind, the door opened naturally. The baseball club’s Yamada with the protruding forehead was there. What a…
“Yo, you came back! Dude, that’s awesome! A special class, man! They say it’s harder to get into than Tokyo University! Was it ’cause you were teaching Rokka? You were smart after all! I should’ve had you teach me!”
Next to him is the soccer club’s Haruki, good friends with Yamada and one of the leaders of the class.
“Yamada~ keep your voice down. Toudou’s embarrassed right? Hey, Toudou, come on in already.”
It’s long homeroom now. After the group divisions are decided, it’ll be self-study.
My classmates are having casual chatter while opening their textbooks.
The shy Sasaki-san, not caring about standing out, toddled up to me.
“…Um, Toudou kun…I…I’m useless…s-sorry…”
Sasaki-san’s friends watched her warmly. Sasaki-san is loved after all. It must be because she looks like a hamster.
“It’s not Sasaki-san’s fault. It was just that I didn’t tell you I was going to the special class.”
“Y-you’re going right away?”
“…No, within next week. Sasaki-san, thank you for talking to me. I’m happy.”
“I-I was scared of Toudou so even though our seats are next to each other I couldn’t talk to you– I wanted the whole class to know what a great person Toudou is but…I couldn’t do anything at all…”
“It’s fine. It was my fault for not being able to talk to our classmates well. But I was able to become friends with Sasaki-san and Igarashi…Oh, is it okay if I decide Sasaki-san and I are friends? Can I decide that on my own? “
“It’s okay, you and I are friends Toudou. Oh, Fujie wanted to talk to Toudou too! She said it’d be good if we were in the same group too! If only I could’ve discussed it sooner–“

Human relationships are difficult. Even for someone like Sasaki-san, one mistake could lead to a lot of trouble. So it can’t be helped that Sasaki-san was hesitating. I’m grateful to Sasaki-san and Igarashi.
I was able to physically feel what is called “normal youth.” Watching Sasaki-san and Igarashi makes my back tingle. It was an experience I couldn’t get just from reading books.

–I wonder if I can experience it someday?
The memory of holding hands with Hanazono surfaces. Tanaka’s scent brings back memories. I gently shake my head and smile at Sasaki-san.
“—Sasaki-san. This is school. We can meet anytime. Please come visit with Igarashi. Of course, I’ll visit you too. Oh, when Sasaki-san talks about Igarashi, her emotional fluctuations settle down. Youth is wonderful.”
Sasaki looked at my face—frozen.

What’s going on? I thought she’d return the joke. Did I mess up again?
“Toudou-kun, your smiling face is really wonderful. …Definitely show it to Hanazono-san and Tanaka-san, okay?”
I breathed a sigh of relief. I hadn’t made a mistake. It might be a small thing, but I guess I’ve grown. So, I was able to smile.

When Sasaki-san and I tried to go back to our seats, some of my classmates called out to me. Apparently everyone was worried about me according to Sasaki-san. No, it’s thanks to Sasaki-san. They got to know me through Sasaki-san.

“Whoa, Toudou’s more normal than I thought! Who spread the rumor about him beating up delinquents?”
“There’s those guys who always hang around the convenience store right? It was them.”
“And he became a super hottie recently right? It’s not just my imagination right? Is he going out with Hanazono?”
“I heard he’s close with someone from the special class?”
“Toudou, teach me studying! I don’t get this problem!”
“Idiot, don’t break the atmosphere! And you’re the only one way behind! Cut that out!”
“Hey, that smile from earlier–deadly right?”
“Yeah yeah, if I was smiled at like that, well…”
“I can see why Rokka fell for him…whoops, it slipped out, heh.”


My head spins as I deal with the problems.
“I’m just aiming to be normal. I dislike violence but need to brush off the sparks that land on me sometimes. Hanazono picks my outfits for me. Hanazono is a precious friend, not a romantic partner. Tanaka is a precious friend too. I’ll have to decline teaching you studying, I don’t want to cause trouble. So I was scary? If we pass each other in the hall, just talk to me normally. Sasaki-san is a good person. I don’t really understand about the smile. I must just be happy. I know what you mean by deadly, but what does it mean in this case? Rokka…Michiba’s thing. All my memories with Michiba are gone now. It’s irrelevant now.”

This was the most I had ever spoken at once. My classmates froze for a moment, but then laughed. That laughter didn’t feel like they were making fun of me. I sensed some kind of warm air.
My classmates saw me through Sasaki-san.
I see, so the act of laughing can let off stress. It wasn’t an act that hurt.
A few students aren’t laughing. It’s mostly the members from the karaoke incident. I don’t need to worry about it.
Although I had been avoiding looking, Michiba had been crying the whole time. Not fake tears. I can feel the surge of emotion from Michiba. Uncontrollable sobs reach my ears.
There is no one around Michiba.
I don’t really understand why she’s crying. I haven’t spoken properly to Michiba.
However, it seems I made her cry somehow. Did I do something wrong?
Michiba played mean jokes on me.
And my feelings for her have been reset.
Small problems grow big. Early response increases speed of problem resolution.
Human relationships must be the same I guess.
Regardless what happened, it doesn’t feel good seeing a girl cry.

Instead of sitting at my seat, I approached Michiba.
Michiba’s face I saw when she looked up was drenched in tears and snot.
I didn’t understand. I haven’t spoken to Michiba much.
I just conveyed my intentions.

–Don’t scare her. Do it like when talking to Hanazono.
“Why is Michiba crying?”
“–Sniff, I-I’m not crying. …Sniff, b-because…Toudou…”
“Me? I was sure I cut off all ties with Michiba.”
“W-why are you so cold… You’re mad because I was mean right. S-sorry, I’ll apologize–s-sorry–“
“No, there’s no need to apologize. Somehow I seem to have made you cry right? It’s my fault. I couldn’t take your meanness justa as a joke. It hurt me so much I thought I should erase the memories. So it’s not Michiba’s fault.”
“I-it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have been mean–“
“I’m sorry–“
“No, why are you apologizing…W, Why You can’t hate me…why are you so kind! I’m the one who deceived you! Blame me– “
“I can’t–“
“Ah, if you don’t blame me–I, I–I shouldn’t have been mean…I’m…let me apologize…please…it hurts… “

In my head, I try to piece together my past experiences.
–Michiba is regretting what she did. Lashing out at me with malice. I understand she’s referring to the karaoke incident. I reset my feelings towards Michiba. She became an unrelated person to me.

My study session with Michiba. She had a terrible headache and her study methods were awful. I couldn’t help but blurt it out.
Michiba said [You’re plain but amazing! Hey, teach me how to study!] with sparkling eyes.
She makes mean jokes but Michiba, who is cheerful and free-spirited, is full of humanity. I have a memory of her being a lovely person. But I don’t have any emotions attached to it.
I must have enjoyed talking with Michiba too.

–That’s why the intense malice pierces my heart like a sharp blade. The difference ripped my heart apart.

If I reset everything, is it really over? I ask myself.
“Um, are you really going to the advanced class?”
“Yeah, I talked to the teacher. I’ll be leaving this class next week.”
“Wha, is it because of me? Because I’m in this class?”
I tilt my head in puzzlement. She’s misunderstanding.
“It has nothing to do with you, Michiba. I’m going to the advanced class by my own will.”
“But, let me apologize–please–I, I–I won’t interact with Toudo anymore–“
Michiba’s breathing becomes ragged. She’s hyperventilating a little. It’s not a good state.


I’ll speak from the heart.

“I was really looking forward to going to karaoke with my classmates. I was happy to be invited since I don’t have friends. So thank you for inviting me. But I…was left alone waiting and felt very lonely.”
Michiba’s face pales. Her body trembles. Her body temperature seems to be dropping. She has an expression like she’s being crushed by her own sin.
I can’t find the right words to express myself. There must be different words I could say.
…Michiba was the first classmate to become friends with me. That fact remains.
I was happy we could study together. Even if she was just a convenient friend who would teach me, that was fine. I could feel normalcy.
I’m grateful to Michiba. –Even if I reset my emotions, I won’t forget my gratitude.

“I told Michiba to, ‘Don’t get involved with the me.’ The Michiba also told me, ‘Don’t get involved with me anymore.’
Michiba’s nose is dripping, on the verge of staining her uniform. I take out a handkerchief.
I wipe Michiba’s face with the handkerchief.
“–Ah! T-Toudo…”
I simply hand the handkerchief over to Michiba.
“Michiba. Being told not to interact makes me feel lonely. It leaves a hole in my heart. …So I won’t say that anymore.”
“But, I, I can’t interact with Toudo. I trampled all over Toudo’s feelings…got carried away…I’m sorry…please let me…it hurts…”

Ah, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to feel that way again. Still, people can grow.
Even I, without Hanazono–
I took out another handkerchief from my pocket. Tears and runny nose that couldn’t be wiped away with just one.
I gently handed it to the Michiba. I said what I was thinking.

“Even if we don’t have our study group, someday, when you can forgive yourself… invite me to karaoke.”

Michiba’s sobs become more intense.

“Higu…… Higu…… , and, Toudou, I’m sorry…… I……… Hurt…… I’m sorry…… I, Higu “

I hadn’t intended to talk to Michiba, but ended up pouring my emotions out to her. I don’t know if this is a good or bad outcome.
But strangely, my chest feels refreshed. Michiba tightly grips my handkerchief, openly sobbing like a child without regard for onlookers.

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