Aristocratic Daughters Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 1

CHAPTER 1: Individual Feelings

” What are you grinning about? It’s creepy. “
” Huh!? “
Byleth, lost in thought as he looked out the window, jumped as he felt a tap on his shoulder.
When he turned around, there stood Elena, the heiress of the Count’s family.
With her long, beautiful red hair cascading down to her waist, purple eyes, a well-defined nose, and pink lips,
Elena’s sudden appearance, along with the tap on his shoulder, unsettled him.
” Oh, uh? Was I… grinning? “
” You were. You must be feeling pleased about giving that present to Sia, right? “
” Uh, haha… “
A wry smile that seemed to say “Correct.”
” I mean, yeah… It does feel good to see her wearing the present I gave, even at school. “
” I see. Well, I think she’d be happy with any present from you, considering who she is. “
” Well, yeah, I guess… But if she’s going to be happy anyway, wouldn’t it be better to choose a present that she’d be even happier with? “
” Hmm, I see. “
Elena brushed it off as if it were expected.
However, Byleth suddenly changed his expression.
” But, you know, now that I think about it, I’m a little worried that giving her that present might put Sia in a bad position. “
” Huh? What do you mean by that? “
” I mean, the present I gave her… The hairpin is fine, but the necklace isn’t something she needs at school. I’m worried it might attract unnecessary attention from other nobles. “
” You’re worrying too much about that. Jewelry isn’t prohibited at this school, and I myself wear a choker that’s unnecessary for school. “
Elena gracefully placed her supple hand on her slender neck, indicating the choker. Each movement seemed elegant, not just a coincidence.
” If Sia were in the same position as you, I wouldn’t worry.
“Don’t worry, she’s practically untouchable at school. Sia has allies so powerful that they say if she dislikes someone, they can’t attend school anymore. “
” Oh, now that you mention it… “
Though Byleth still couldn’t shake the impression of Sia being naive and pure, her words made him realize the truth.
Because attacking Sia would disrupt school life, no one dares to. That’s the cycle that’s been established.
Of course, being close to Elena, the heiress of the Count’s family, must also exert considerable pressure.
” Well, it’s the worst-case scenario, right? But I trust that she’s capable enough to handle it so that no one can find fault with her. “
” Handle it so that no one can find fault…? “
” Like, she’ll proactively talk to potential threats and build connections. “
” Huh…? She can do that? “
” It’s Sia we’re talking about. “
The fact that it all makes sense and is acceptable is truly because it’s “Sia.”
” Well, she’d probably tuck the necklace into her blouse when you’re not around, so it’s not visible to others. But don’t you think for her, it’s more about wearing a precious gift from you, someone she admires, than showing off? “
” Oh, I think you’re right. “
And he could respond so quickly because Sia hadn’t said, “I absolutely must wear it this morning.”
” Exactly. That’s the idea. “
Elena led him to the conclusion that worrying was pointless after all.
The anxiety and concerns were somehow dispelled.
” One more thing. You’re becoming more famous in the maid class too, you know? They say you’re a very kind gentleman. “
” Huh!? What’s that? I’ve never heard of that. “
He was told something he neither remembered nor recognized, something he hadn’t even anticipated.
” There’s someone spreading stories about the kind actions you consider ordinary. I don’t know who. “
” …Could it be Sia? Wait, but it’s the maid class, so it must be Sia. “
The culprit was quickly identified.
” Hehehe. You’re the subject of rumors because you have a bad reputation, so naturally, those kinds of questions would be directed at her, right? And since it’s her, she’d proudly talk about it, wouldn’t she? And adding this present incident to the mix, it’s only natural. It’s not often that a master gives a present to his maid. “
” … “
” By the way, about ten people are gathering now. As soon as she have a good story to tell. “
” W-What’s that…? She’s definitely exaggerating… “
His face twisted involuntarily.
Just imagining Sia boasting made him embarrassed.
” That’s because you’re such a proud master. How about being more confident? “
” That’s… well, true, but… “
He scratched his head, trying to hide his embarrassment.
Honestly, he’d prefer to avoid actions that attract too much attention. But Sia hadn’t done anything wrong.
“Asked questions, just answering what you thought, right?
I can’t really say I want you to stop. If I did, you’d probably look sad.
“Oh, you’re just a little cute. Your embarrassed face.”
“Shall we stop teasing?”
“It’s just payback for always teasing me.”
“Isn’t that logical?” Elena says, smiling defiantly and poking Byleth’s cheek. Byleth continues to send accusing glances, defenseless.
“Oh, by the way, when did you buy a present for Sia? Didn’t you have a date with Luna on the holiday?”
“If you stop attacking my cheek, I’ll tell you.”
“Well, I can’t help it then.”


It’s like an exchange, she stops immediately.
If he hadn’t said this, how long would she have continued? It’s an eternal mystery.
“So, tell me quickly.”
“I bought the present on the day I played with Luna.”
“Huh? Did you boldly choose it during the date?”
“It’s not like that… Luna suggested it to me first. Since I actually wanted to give something, I chose it while getting advice, something like that.”
“Hmm… Luna is kind. If it were me, I’d get irritated just by talking about other girls during a date. To prevent such topics from coming up, I’d plan something mean.”
“Haha, it sounds like you, Elena.”
“Ugh, you’re annoying… I know I’m narrow-minded.”
“I didn’t say that.”
This is more about how strong her possessiveness is than about being narrow-minded.
Also, the closer they get, the more her charming side should emerge.
“Kufufu, haha.”
“Hey, can you not laugh so much? Seriously.”
“Sorry, sorry. I can’t help but imagine what kind of mean things you’ll do.”
“What kind of mean things… huh. Well then, shall I tell you something special?”
Suddenly. The gentle atmosphere changes in an instant as Elena’s tone and expression become serious.
As he prepares for what she’s about to do, she takes out a letter from her bag.
“Here, this. It’s mean enough to make you unable to think about anyone else. That’s me.”
She deftly hands it over, stringing together her words.
“Uh, thanks…”
Elena spoke up to discuss this main topic from the start.
He receives the letter with both hands, and in that moment…
What he sees leaves him speechless.
Sealed with the coat of arms of the Count’s family, an invitation to the mansion.
The sender is Elena’s father, Count Il chestas-Leclerc.
The recipient is… Byleth-Saintford. In other words, himself.
“Wa-wait a minute. Why did this happen?”
“I don’t know. I was just asked by my father to give it to you.”
He takes the letter but his fingertips tremble. The sender’s name is imposing.
And there’s something else. The handwriting is special, connected like calligraphy. It seems that the writer is used to writing in a neatly connected style.
“Oh, um… What did I do…?”
“My father said this. ‘To respect those who cook and to think about assisting them, your character is truly wonderful. I was impressed because of your youth.’ “
“…Huh? …Oh.”
In a few seconds, he crunches the words relayed by Elena. There’s only one thing Byleth remembers.

During the holiday, at dinner with Luna.
“You’re really different, aren’t you? I’ve never heard of a nobleman’s son enjoying cooking. It’s not polite to say, but cooking is considered the work of lower-class people, isn’t it? If you’re of high status, you tend to avoid it.”
“I’m not complimenting myself, but I get along with Luna because she doesn’t avoid it.”
“Anyway, I don’t think of cooking as something only low-status people do. I think it’s a noble job.”
“Um, I’m curious why you started cooking.”
“Well, it might not be understood by many, but having cooking skills means you can support the servants if they get sick, right? It’s something you can learn without any loss.”
“Normally, even if the servant is fired, it’s not strange, is it?”
“No one is perfect, so it’s inevitable to inconvenience sometimes. Even if you’re careful about managing your health, sometimes you get sick.”
This conversation took place at Efir, one of Elena’s father’s restaurant, was like this.
If, by chance, that conversation had been overheard… everything makes sense.
“Uh, hey…? Does Elena’s father know my face?”
“Of course. All the faces and names of the surrounding nobles are in his head.”
The possibility became even higher.
“By the way, two days ago, were you at a restaurant called Efir?”
“Two days ago… Yes, indeed. It was the day scheduled for my younger brother Alan’s and my father’s consultation, so we planned to have a chat at Efir after closing. It was a work-related matter.”
“I see… “
Count Leclerc was there and he overheard our conversation solidified my suspicions.
“Mind you, it’s sealed with our family crest, so it’s a genuine invitation from my father. There couldn’t be any ill intentions behind it.”
“Haha, you brought this upon yourself, you know? Trying to impress my father.”
Taking my dumbfounded reaction, for some reason Elena’s expression brightened.
“Well, I didn’t think you’d refuse…so do your best. Byleth will be happy, so I am too.”
“To be precise, I have no choice but to do my best, you know. Ahaha…”
It was a short while after responding that I had a question about her small muttering.

“Hm? What did you mean by ‘I’ll be happy too’…? Wait, huh?”
I turned my head to ask, but Elena had already left the scene.

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