My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 6

“Hey, we meet again.”
“Thanks for yesterday. You really saved me.”
“As a token of gratitude, I’ll offer you my CalorieMate. It’s special. …Huh? Don’t need it. Shut up and eat.”
“Haha, don’t say something interesting with such a deadpan expression. You’re amusing.”

Saito was a mysterious boy.
Kai, who was usually unresponsive and considered boring, found him the only one who called him interesting.
It filled a part of his chest that should have been empty.
At that moment, Kai felt happiness.
From then on, Kai began to hang out with Saito.
Their conversations were filled with humor and childlike playfulness, and Saito effortlessly joined in with Kai’s laid-back stories.
It felt pleasant.
This was what having a friend meant, Kai understood.
Saito was an amazing person.
He is not only adjusted to him but also expanded the world of Kai that should have been small.
When Entering school, Kai noticed his friends section on the messaging app was initially zero, but before he knew it, it had increased to three with Shuri, Saito, and Haruki.
They, too, found the expressionless, doll-like Kai interesting, and Kai felt the emptiness in his chest filling up again.
(It’s fun.)
By this time, going to school had become enjoyable for Kai.
Talking about silly things with friends and occasionally playing at the arcade after school made his ordinary student life enjoyable.
So, carried away, Kai wanted to share his likes with Saito and invited him to join the photography club.
Little did he know that this decision would later become a factor that led him to the worst situation.
Saito, as anticipated by Kai, agreed to join the trial membership, praising the photos Kai took just like his parents did.
He wanted Saito to know the greatness of photography too.
Throughout the trial membership, that’s all Kai kept thinking about.
But towards the end of the trial,
when he saw the photos Saito took, everything changed.
The girl in his photos shone brighter than anything Kai had ever seen before.
Lily’s radiance captivated Kai in an instant, making him want to capture it as well.
From then on, Kai started taking photos of Lily whenever there was a chance, but always within the limits of common sense.
As a result of regaining his human-like qualities through interacting with Saito and others,
Kai decided to limit himself to taking photos only when given permission by the teacher or when specifically asked by Saito to capture moments with Lily.
He refrained from taking photos otherwise.
However, this self-imposed restriction proved to be ineffective.
In such a limited state, he realized he couldn’t capture Lily’s radiance as he did that day when Saito asked him to take photos.
(If that’s the case, I have no choice but to take photos at other times.)
With this conclusion, Kai attempted to take pictures of Lily, but due to her aversion to men, she wouldn’t even talk to him, making it impossible to obtain permission.
So, he decided to take photos without permission.
One night during the school trip, while looking at the photos he had taken of Lily, Kai happened to notice her leaving the dormitory.
Carrying his camera, he moved to the spot where she would look most beautiful and raised his camera to take the shot.
(In this moment, if you press the shutter, you will fall into an irreversible place.)
However, completely absorbed in taking photos, Kai doesn’t realize it. In the moment when he was about to press the shutter, when she’s sparkling and shining…
“What are you doing? You.”
Suddenly a chilling voice cut through the silence, a hand reached out from the side.
It felt as if his arm was pressed with cold iron, causing the lens to blur.
With a snap, the camera hit the ground.
Turning his gaze to the side, he saw Saito with an expression of anger he had never seen before.
Silence hung between the two.
“Why the hell did you do this?”
“…I wanted to take a picture of Machigane-san.”
Questioned with a voice Kai had never heard before, he honestly confessed his reason, unable to withstand the overwhelming pressure.
In the next moment, Kai’s collar was grabbed, and he was forcefully pulled closer. Their heads collided with a jolt, causing Kai’s vision to waver.


“You idiot! Don’t do such things while hiding from the person you like! If you want to take a picture, just ask the person directly, fool! What you’re doing is a serious crime, you know!?”

Ignoring the fact that their heads had collided, Saito shouted in anger.
In Kai’s distorted field of vision, he could faintly see tears in Saito’s eyes.
(Oh, I must have made a mistake.)
Kai realized that he had made a mistake by hurting his friend.

Time rewound a little, right after dinner.
“Sigh, it’s no use. It’s not going well.”
After finishing cleaning up, Saito was in the western-style toilet, holding his head.
The reason was obvious—it was about Kai and Lily.
Since realizing that Kai had feelings for Lily, Saito had been trying to bring the two closer, but with no success.
Even when creating situations where they were alone together, Kai and Lily wouldn’t even attempt to have a conversation.
He understood to some extent, but Lily’s aversion to men was deeply ingrained, and she wouldn’t talk one-on-one.
But if Saito tried to mediate between them, Lily would probably find out.
His childhood friend is an esper.
If Saito did something thoughtless, she would read his thoughts.
So, what he did today was Kai’s best support.
It was impossible for Saito to do more than that.
“I can’t do it anymore. Do your best, Kai.”
In the empty toilet, Saito thought about his friend who was organizing photos in her bedroom.
However, despite praying for the two to get closer, there was no event today where he could be with the girls.
Without any particular plans, he took a bath, returned to his room, and idly passed the time.
Although it was a dull time, for Saito, it was great not to have to be unnecessarily considerate and to spend time peacefully.
“It’s about time to sleep.”
“Yawn~ Well then, I’ll turn off the lights. I’m at my limit too.”
As bedtime approached and with nothing else to do, the three of them went to bed without any fuss.
Due to the accumulated fatigue, the three friends, all peacefully drifted off to sleep.
After a few hours passed since they fell asleep, Saito, awakened by a rustling sound, sensed someone rummaging through a bag.
In the darkness, he looked around and noticed that Kai was leaving the room.
(Where is he going? That guy.)
Assuming it was probably just a trip to the bathroom, Saito, intrigued by his friend’s actions, decided to follow Kai outside the room.
However, contrary to his expectations,
Kai was nowhere to be seen even after he went to the bathroom.
(Could he be taking photos of the stars?)
Walking while pondering where Kai might have gone, Saito unexpectedly caught sight of a breathtaking night sky, filled with stars not commonly seen in the city.
If Kai, the photography enthusiast, wanted to capture this beautiful night sky, it wouldn’t be surprising. No, it was definitely something he would do.
With a strange conviction, Saito left the dormitory.
“Brr, it’s chilly.”
The outside of the dormitory turned out to be surprisingly cold, and Saito, shivering, searched for Kai.
“Oh, there he is. What are you trying to shoot, Kai…tsu!?”
As Saito’s eyes adapted to the night darkness, he quickly spotted his friend,
holding a camera and seemingly aiming to capture something.
While expecting it to be stars, Saito directed his gaze to the camera’s viewfinder, only to find Lily, her face illuminated by the starry sky, completely unaware of Kai’s presence.
At that moment, something snapped inside Saito.
Acting on instinct rather than rational thought, he grabbed Kai’s hand, attempting to stop him from taking the photo.
“What are you doing? You!”
Surprised at his own ability to produce such a scary voice, Saito confronted Kai with a question about his intentions.
What are you trying to do?
To Saito’s amazement, he managed to stop Kai, and with a click sound, the camera fell to the ground.
Saito locked eyes with Kai.
In the dim light, it was hard to see clearly, but somehow, Saito could sense Kai’s awkward expression.
Silence hung between the two, and during that time, Kai’s expression remained unchanged. Suddenly, Saito’s mind cleared.
Only now did he fully comprehend the situation, and an uncontrollable anger overwhelmed him.
Suppressing the boiling emotions as best as he could, Saito, still holding onto Kai, questioned him once again.
“Why the hell did you do this?”
“…I wanted to take a picture of Machigane-san.”
Kai’s response was exactly what Saito expected.
However, deep down, he had hoped it was a mistake.
(I believed in you. Why would you do something like this, Kai!!)
The moment Saito realized what Kai intended to capture, the restraint he had maintained exploded.
Grabbing Kai’s collar with both hands and pulling him, Saito didn’t care about their heads colliding.
Their heads hit each other because they were pulled without any resistance, but Saito didn’t care.

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