Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 2

“Now then…”
Having cleared one mission, Raze refocused and reached for a book.
The thick book she picked up was titled “Encyclopedia of Magical Beasts II.”
“I need to prepare for the next step.”
She muttered softly, but her voice echoed surprisingly loudly in the empty floor.
Lost in concentration as she stared at the book, Raze snapped back to reality at the sound of the closing time chime.
Realizing the time, she returned the book to its place and left the library.
“The rain stopped.”
The heavy rain from earlier had ceased, and the damp air carried the distinct scent of a rainy day.
Through the gaps in the dim clouds, two golden moons shone brightly.
Even if it keeps raining, Raze can teleport back to his room. However, cutting down on travel time isn’t the only benefit.
To grasp the surrounding situation and atmosphere, it’s best to act together with other students just like usual.
Raze walks along the cobblestone path and returns to the dormitory.
Passing under the chandelier that has become completely familiar, he knocks before opening the door to his room.
“Ah, Raze-chan. Welcome back.”
Already prepared for bed, Folia Cresias, his roommate, shows an angelic smile.
She lifts her gaze from the book she was reading on the bed.
With her fluffy milk tea-colored hair and striking emerald eyes, she embodies the cute appearance and kind heart filled with justice, fitting the heroine of a otome game.
“I’m home.”
Naturally greeted kindly by Folia, Raze’s smile overflows.
Although Folia is cast as the heroine in the otome game, it’s not because she’s the heroine that she’s Folia; rather, it’s because she’s Folia that she can become the heroine. This interpretation speaks volumes about her innocence.
Having been raised in the church, Folia is so pure and gentle to the point where it surprises others.
For Raze, who has been covered in blood and sweat in the military, such a presence is undoubtedly angelic.
“Sorry. Were you about to sleep?”
Considering Folia always goes to bed early, Raze asks modestly if it’s already time for bed.
“No, I was planning to say goodnight to Raze-chan before going to sleep, so it’s okay.”
And upon receiving this unexpectedly caring response, Raze is at a loss for words.
Perhaps she was worried if he would return safely.
(Instead of walking leisurely, I should have run back home.)
Someone is waiting for Raze to return.
Although she thought she had become accustomed to school life, she still hasn’t gotten used to being the one worried about as a student.
Ever since parting with her family to become a soldier, the amount of worrying has gradually decreased.
It would be problematic if a soldier bestowed with the title [Wolf Fang] were unreliable, and from the moment she joined the military, a certain level of danger was inevitable. Constantly worrying about risks and anxieties would hinder her work.
It seems that her mindset and behavior as a soldier have become ingrained in her.
Suppressing the desire to say that she’s strong enough not to worry, Raze searches for words with a bit of guilt for hiding her true identity, and opens her mouth.
“Maybe I should wrap things up a bit earlier next time.”
“Yeah. It’s getting dark outside, so I think that’s a good idea.”
After Folia closes her book with a pat and bids her goodnight, she immediately slips into bed.
It seems she was truly awake to wait for her return.
As Raze watches this sideways, she closes the curtain dividing the room in the middle.



“Raze, thank you for the umbrella yesterday. Thanks to you, I didn’t get wet.”
Returning to the room after her morning run, Raze talks with Folia about today’s classes when Carne enters the room holding that blue umbrella.
Considering just using magic to retrieve it, it’s appreciated that she came to visit.
“Um… Ruben-sama was also grateful.”
“I’m glad I could be of help.”
Raze smiles back at Carne, who seems somewhat happy.
“Shall we have breakfast together?”
While Raze tidies up the umbrella, Folia nods.
“May I join you as well?”
“Of course.”
The three head to the dormitory dining hall together.
Breakfast time is quieter compared to nighttime, and it’s not uncommon to see students sitting alone at their tables.
After each picking their favorite items, they search for seats, and their eyes meet with a red-haired braided girl sitting against the wall.
“Good morning! There’s a seat over here.”
“Good morning, Senpai Arisa.”
They head over to where the third-year student Arisa Feber and her roommate Mary Winston are sitting.
Both of them are commoners and kind seniors who care about Raze and Folia, who are in the same situation.
Invited to join them, Raze sits next to Mary, a beautiful woman in glasses.
“Good morning, Raze.”
Given the excuse that it’s morning, Raze is greeted in a dark tone, leaving her surprised.
Yesterday, the event that was supposed to happen with Folia in the game happened with Carne instead, and it’s a complete opposite atmosphere.
Wondering what happened, Raze looks to Arisa for help.
“Mary, Raze seems surprised.”
“There’s no helping it. Humans, like magic, have their strengths and weaknesses. Since she still can’t bring himself to eat, I’ll get her a smoothie.”
Leaving mostly untouched dishes on the table, Mary stands up.
Arisa smiled wryly and brought the sandwich from her tray to her side. It seemed like she had anticipated that Mary wouldn’t eat it.
“We have combat training class later today. Mary is not good with blood, so it’s quite tough for her,” Arisa said.
Confirming that Mary had left her seat, Arisa spoke up.
“Combat training?”
Folia tilted her head at the unfamiliar word.
“You haven’t heard of it? It’s a joint class of practical skills and biology. We fight against monsters. Haven’t you heard?”
Folia seemed genuinely surprised.
Her expression dropped.
Raze furrowed his brows at her reaction.
Combat training classes against monsters were quite well-known at the Saint Riol Royal Academy of Magic. While the scale might be smaller in other high schools, dealing with monsters was considered a mandatory subject in the education policy of the country.
However, unless you had acquaintances who were receiving such education, you wouldn’t know about it.
In the surrounding countries, there was the Cyan Empire, known for its protruding intelligence. There existed an educational disparity between the commoners and the nobles. In some previous life, you must have heard of a similar history. Perhaps, in this world where this academy exists as the stage of the game, that history is mixed in. —It’s just speculation.
“Don’t worry too much. If someone really feels unwell, they don’t have to push themselves to take it. Well, in return, they’ll have to participate in base defense or practice first aid, though.”
Saint Riol, a school where noble children could receive advanced education. There were quite a few students who aspired to become lords in the future. Those who would protect the people from external enemies needed more experience. A lord who abandoned their people and fled would not be forgiven.
Even the prestigious noble school had its challenges.
“In the first year, you just observe monsters and write reports on the differences between monsters and monsters. By the third year, there are no more combat exercises, and there’s a special class that the aspiring knights can choose.”
“…I had no idea.”
Folia stopped moving her fork and murmured softly.
She must have remembered the abnormal phenomenon that occurred in her hometown.
In the previous life, it was described as a “stampede,” the massive outbreak of mosters.
(Two years have passed since then…)
Raze remembered vividly the memory of going to support near the Cardersen church where Folia was.
“At first, it’s surprising, but you get used to it. Mary is like that too, but somehow, she’s managing to attend classes with us, right?”
“What are you talking about?”
Mary, who had just returned with a tall glass in her hand, suddenly asked, her expression puzzled.
“Some humans can surprisingly do things once they get used to them.”
“Um, okay?”
Though she had a question mark floating above her head, she agreed with Arisa’s enthusiasm.
“Just a while ago, she couldn’t eat anything, but she’s gotten a lot better.”
Arisa says to Mary as she eats the sandwich she missed and downs a nutritious smoothie popular in the dorm cafeteria.
“Yeah. I don’t want to experience that kind of thing again.”
“That kind of thing…?”
Perhaps feeling anxious hearing about combat training for the first time, Folia reacted.
“What happened?”
Carne also tilted her head, looking worried.
Given the context, there must have been some problem, so Raze quietly observed the reactions of the two seniors.
As guardians of the students, she needed to be aware of any possible incidents.
“She didn’t have a tolerance for corpses and couldn’t eat, and as a result, she collapsed from anemia and was carried to the infirmary by Norman in a princess carry.”
“Wai—Stop, don’t say that, please!? Ah—Ah, ughh—!?!”
Mary, trembling, covered Raze’s ears with both hands, but unfortunately, she had already heard everything.
(Maybe it’s quite tough for the young lady who has never butchered meat…)
Raze nodded in understanding as he glanced at Mary. He realized this was the kind of class that could make some people so sick they might faint, comparing his own perception to that of new military recruits.
Recalling those past events seemed to make her turn beet red as she glared at Arisa.
“Wh…What are you saying? You shouldn’t have said that!”
Mary covered her ears with her hands and trembled.
For her, who saw Norman-Roi-Virein, the director’s son, as her rival, it was a huge blow.
“Eh? But didn’t he immediately carry you when you fainted…?”
Folia furrowed her brow, not quite understanding the nuances between Mary and Norman’s relationship and why Mary was angry.

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