Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 9

I’m ashamed I ever thought I was the “most excellent in the world”.
Someone far greater than me was right nearby this whole time.
A person who could casually accomplish what I couldn’t was right before my eyes.
Then what’s left to hesitate about?
“I can… go meet Itsuki and Kanae with a smile now.”
When I meet them, I’ll apologize. And talk to them cheerfully.
About my spectacular loss… and the man named Amamori Yuuto I respected.
“Sh-shut up! Shut up, shut up! Everyone be quiet and rot! You’re all licking me…! I’ll slam every last one of you into hell with my bare hands!”
Atsuhara Nagashi shouted, unleashing his power.
As heat surged forth once more, I too activated my ability.
“Unleash― Demon Lord’s Blessing.”
Atsuhara Nagashi. He’s strong. I believe that for sure after our fights.
But still, having witnessed his power directly…
“Sorry in advance, Atsuhara.”
I slammed the truth towards his irritated, shouting self.

“You see… I’m the world’s second greatest genius.”


“Demon Lord’s Blessing… huh.”
The supernatural abilities granted to the students. Among them, Asahina’s “Thunder God’s Blessing” and the like carried divine names and reigned supreme among the blessings.
And surely, his power was second only to that.
With that single word from Kurotsuki, in the next moment, all the blazing flames froze over.
The searing heat became bitter cold. Looking to Atsuhara, his dull body was encased entirely in ice. Atsuhara’s ice statue was completed in an instant.
“Whoa… There’s someone crazier than Amamori.”
Sakuma muttered in awe next to me.
I was also quite shocked, but Kurotsuki had gone even further.
After all, he completely sealed Atsuhara’s Heat with a single word.
On top of that, he was tall and hot. Super photogenic and cool, making my exploits look like an opening act in comparison. Well, that was the intent after all.
But Atsuhara wouldn’t fall to this either.
“Damn you…!”
The ice cracked sharply.
In the next moment, the ice exploded from the heat waves, and unharmed Atsuhara reappeared.
“How the hell… did you beat that cheater…?”
“Just luck, perhaps?”
Completely ignoring Sakuma’s question, he watched for Kurotsuki’s reaction.
…It doesn’t seem he’s surprised. Watching from here, it kinda looks like he’s confirming and grasping the extent of his own power and the force he can exert.
Wondering why, one possibility immediately came to mind.
“Could it be…”
“Kurotsuki-kun… has never gone all out before…?”
Somehow, Kurashiki who had approached unnoticed was violently twitching her cheek.
At her words, everyone in Class C reacted with surprise, while the problematic Kurotsuki emotionlessly focused on Atsuhara.
“Next, freeze concentrated in one spot.”
Once more, the cold air erupted. The ridiculous heat was frozen solid in an instant.
The power… was clearly stronger than before.
If I took that, I’d die instantly for sure, yeah?
As cold sweat ran down my cheek, Atsuhara once again swooped back from the ice.
“…Damn it! You… have no intention of fighting—”
“Once more.”
Kurotsuki waved his hand, and an even greater surge of cold spilled out, freezing Netsuhara.
…At this point, I also understood what Kurotsuki was trying to do.
Netsuhara would pierce the ice with heat, and Kurotsuki would chill that heat with ice… It continued endlessly.
However, there was a change. Kurotsuki’s power was growing stronger each time he used it.
Faster, stronger, and most importantly, more skillful. It was growing at an incredible speed.
“Cut it out already! Everyone here is getting on my nerves…! And you, are you trying to have a showdown of abilities with me, too? Huh!?”
“…No, that’s enough. I’ve completed what I needed to do.”
Kurotsuki did not use ice again…
The surrounding students tilted their heads in puzzlement, but a few seemed to have realized something.
Netsuhara’s battle was flashy and on a large scale, so many were focused only on his “heat powers.” However, Netsuhara’s Psychic Ability was fundamentally [Iron Heat].
If his heat was too strong, you just had to target the weakness of iron.
Snap – a sound rang out from Netsuhara’s arm as he looked down at his right arm in shock.
I had definitely shattered his right arm with my fist.
However, it was only to a “certain” extent. The injury wasn’t enough to completely disable it.
But it should provide an opening he could exploit.
“No…no way…you!”
“After all, it’s just a fraction of the power from the Blessings. Simply cooling and heating may not have had much effect. But Amamori-kun showed the way. He created an opening. Damage like that should allow me to trigger complete destruction.”
The wound I inflicted was, in other words, a ‘weak point.’
By rapidly alternating extreme cold and heat focused on that area, even metal will weaken and become brittle.
Collapse would begin centered around the wound I dealt.
“Th…this kind of…this can’t be! Don’t screw with me! I’m Netsuhara! A genius who brought Class A to heel in a day! I’m at the top! I’m king! I’m going to rule this academy…that’s why you guys are just my pawns! Stepping stones! But…why…why me…!”
“Genius? Do you understand what that word means when you use it?”
Kurotsuki formed a gigantic “black bullet” in his right hand.
…It was one or two sizes larger than what he used against me.
Netsuhara’s face twisted violently. At the same time, the collapse of his arm began.
That collapse would not stop anymore.
“Sh…shit! Why…why, why…!”
Kurotsuki spared a single glance at the screaming Netsuhara before mercilessly pounding in a decisive strike.
“The word ‘genius’ is what we use to refer to people like us.”
The black bullet struck Netsuhara Nagashi directly.
There was no scream.
Netsuhara, his consciousness reaped in an instant, collapsed with eyes rolled back.
And Kurotsuki looked down at him dispassionately.

“Also, you should research the word ‘king’ a little more.”

His figure could be described as nothing short of [The Devil King].


scene transition


And so.
The first conflict duel request battle this term between Class A and Class C came to an end.
Looking back, it finished abruptly.
The moment Netsuhara Nagashi was defeated, the remaining Class A members forfeited, granting victory to Class C.
As a result, Netsuhara was restricted from harming others, and Asahina’s justice prevailed.

――This is the aftermath.

“As expected, we lost after all.”
The girl muttered happily.
The location was inside Class 1-A’s classroom.
No matter who looked at that scene, it was “abnormal.”
“So with this formula…”
“I’m king, I’m the strongest, no way no way no way…”
The homeroom teacher wrote on the blackboard with chalk.
Netsuhara Nagashi was muttering nonsense.
…Their eyes were empty.
No visible emotion, not a glimpse of sanity either.
“As expected? You knew we would lose?”
The red-haired girl, Akaba, spoke up.
She had been one of the entries in the conflict request battle.
Though she ultimately didn’t get to fight, if Amamori had been there, he would have been very wary of Akaba.
Such was the aura and pressure emanating from this girl.
“Now Akaba, that’s rude.”
“Hah? Then please explain, did you anticipate Class A losing?”
“No? ……, but the results show that it was probably a losing battle to begin with.”
The one who answered Akaba was Maishin Karen, another entry in the battle.
Looking at the girl who first spoke, she began explaining.
“At the very least, I fully expected this outcome. That’s why I directed the conditions of losing the battle to target ‘Netsuhara Nagashi’ specifically.”
The dangerous one in Class A was Netsuhara Nagashi alone.
That’s why Asahina said “What I ask of you is” when setting the rules.
Thinking similarly, Kurashiki and the others present didn’t interfere either.
Without even realizing their thoughts were guided by Psychic Abilities.
“This allows us to challenge Class C again.”
Also present were others like “Robert Beckio” and “Yoneda Hanbei,” students who forfeited during the battle.
“But man, that guy, Kurotsuki I think? He’s way too crazy. I mean, completely sealing Netsuhara like that… Class C is just insane.”
“It’s not just him. I think Asahina Kasumi is also pretty tough for a stubborn idiot.”
Following Akaba, Yoneda evaluated Class C.
Among Class C, two particularly stood out with powerful Psychic Abilities – Asahina Kasumi and Kurotsuki Kanade.
There were probably other students with strong abilities too. Sakuma Junya, whom we fought, was a good example.
However…after seeing that battle, I understood. We could beat that level normally.
And if Sakuma Junya was the strongest, we could gauge the others’ levels too.
That’s why those two were the ones to watch out for in their class.
Until the girl mentioned one more person.

“But the strongest is him – Amamori Yuuto.”

At those words, Class A fell silent.
Except for the homeroom teacher continuing her lesson and Netsuhara muttering nonsense.
Everyone else present froze in shock.
“Huh, what? Where did you hear that?”
“No, no, you showing respect for another…what kind of joke is this?”
In Class A gathered with prodigies from all walks of life.
Everyone acknowledged that they couldn’t beat her.
Acknowledged by all as an unparalleled genius, a once-in-a-millennium talent. That was this girl.
It was unthinkable that the strongest her would show “respect” to another, even jokingly.
“Without him, Kurotsuki Kanade would have forfeited. Then perhaps even Amamori-sama would have shown his skill. I proposed the battle anticipating that, but to think he would motivate Kurotsuki Kanade…”
“Um, ojou-sama…did you, know that man?”
“Yes, I know him very well.”
The girl knew Amamori Yuuto.
No – the girl had entered this academy chasing after Amamori Yuuto.
The girl turned her gaze out the window.
Her profile was flushed red.
Like a maiden pining for her crush.
Like a devil finding a cherished toy.
Everyone present shuddered and feared that expression.

She had dominated Class A within a single hour.
Discerning Netsuhara Nagashi’s power, she brainwashed him to make him her pawn. A puppet.
She turned her attention to other classes and analyzed every potential threat.
Class 1-B, Shinzaki Yasuhito.
Class 1-C, Asahina Kasumi, Kurashiki Hotaru, Kurotsuki Kanade, and Amamori Yuuto.
“As long as we watch out for Shinzaki-kun, we can leave Class B be. But you’re different. You’re a monster I acknowledge.”
…It would make responding easier if he came out into the open.
But he probably won’t appear publicly.
To move freely.
Yes, he’d likely position someone like Kurotsuki Kanade as a puppet.
Imagining that far ahead, the girl laughed.
“There’s so much I want to discuss.”
She swayed her white hair in the wind and narrowed her red eyes in delight.
In an instant, the wounds she took from Netsuhara disappeared.
Vanishing without a trace, like an illusion.
No – there were no wounds to begin with.

“Amamori-sama…ahh, I want to fight you soon.”

――The girl’s name was Tachibana Tsukihime.
A once-in-a-millennium genius.

scene transition


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