Romelia Senki Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 4

“Additionally, admission to the healer training institutes is narrow, making it extremely difficult even for commoners to enter, and their training system is highly inefficient.”
Graduation took a minimum five years. I heard some even spent ten. Too much time was wasted on training, keeping healer numbers stagnant.
“That’s because healers require a special gift.”
The Abbott vaguely denied it.
“Certainly, becoming a healer also requires talent.”
Healing arts and magical power alike cannot be learned without aptitude. But those with such talent are surprisingly numerous, unlike the rarity of magical gifts. Though sadly I lack such capabilities, it is not as scarce as magic. It’s said that one in every twenty people possesses the gift.
Of course, there are also disparities in their talents. Just as some exhaust themselves to heal only minor wounds, others can regenerate lost limbs and more, exceeding norms.
“But nowadays, more than talent, it’s family status and connections that are needed, along with hefty donations to the church, right?”
The church demands donations to the healing institutes for admission.
“That’s because…a healer’s education requires many things.”
The Abbott lied again.
“That’s rather odd. It’s said the Healing Son taught healing skills to his disciples in the wilderness.”
Neither the useless lavish decor of the institute buildings nor the gold-embroidered uniforms were needed.
“To emulate the Son, all that’s required is a modicum of talent and passion, then excellent guidance, no?”
The Abbott again answered my words with silence.
As an Abbott, however nominal, my harsh criticism of the church must grate on his ears. But he neither raged nor condemned me a witch. Entirely because the Abbott harbored similar sentiments.
Though Abbott Norte currently served here, in his youth he had been a cardinal at the Grand Cathedral in the royal capital. When he grew weary of the church’s avarice once and tried reforming it, he was ousted by his rival Cardinal Pharmaid and relegated to the provinces, even demoted to a mere Abbott.
Though he had given up reforming the center, he continued acting to aid more people, striving to train successors. All could see this.
“One might say the present-day church, steeped in greed and obstructing medical progress, is harmful.”
“That’s quite scathing.”
The Abbott laughed in response to my fierce church criticisms.
“A calf unafraid of tigers. But I am an Abbott devoted to God. How could I deny the church’s ways? Let us consider today’s discussion unheard. Please leave.”
Like shutting a door, the Abbott cut off the conversation.
Well, that was only natural. Even with aligned aims, immediately agreeing with a girl proposing matters that would undoubtedly be deemed heretical was impossible, especially upon first meeting today. The Abbott was prudent to this degree.
But my words earlier were not my own notions. I had only consulted “someone” about it and expressed agreement. Moreover, I was told it all came from another.
“I understand. However, one last thing remains. I have something to show the Abbott.”
“What could it be?”
I took out the item in my bag to show him.
Wrapped in cloth was a small wooden holy symbol. It was a rather shabby, somewhat dirty carved wood holy symbol.
Did you notice?
Concerned about this matter, as soon as the Abbott saw the holy symbol, his expression changed.
“L-Lady Romelia, where did you see this?”
I was glad the Abbott immediately noticed this, but also heavy-hearted about having to tell him now.
“When I traveled with the Prince, the Demon Army attacked a village. We met a wandering healer. He had freely treated many people, but when he saw the Demon Army attack the village, in order to protect the villagers who couldn’t flee in time, he stubbornly wouldn’t…this was his memento.”
As I spoke, I recalled the man we met during our journey. He was an amazing person, practically a saint. I had never met anyone as wonderful as him.
“Do you know him, Abbott?”
“Th-That man was my disciple. Ah, what can I say? I should not have let him leave my side. That I, old and useless, go on living while the young chick met his end.”
The Abbott sobbed, tears flowing. Just hearing his weeping told me how deep their bond ran. My chest also tightened.


“We met him during our travels and journeyed together for a time.”
Once the Abbott had calmed down, I told him about our encounter.
At that time, Elizabeth and the others had already joined. Though we didn’t need Healing arts, since we traveled the same direction, we went together.
“Back then, he told me many things, including about his revered teacher, Abbott Norte.”
The tales and knowledge he related during the trip were quite fascinating. I quickly came to like him.
Though Prince Henry and the Saint found him boring, I thought his stories were novel and brimming with potential.
“He aided many on our travels, and helped me as well.”
It happened while we stayed in a certain town. Elizabeth had ordered me on an errand. Forced to buy the things she demanded, by the time I returned to the inn, the Prince had left.
Likely orchestrated by Elizabeth who wanted to abandon the me she loathed.
Just as I was at a loss, he learned what transpired and went with me to pursue the Prince’s group.
The days traveling together before catching the Prince were extremely meaningful in my life.
If we had continued a bit longer, or never caught up with the Prince, our futures surely would have diverged greater from now. The Prince and I already had some distance between us then, and I was also drawn in by his talk of ideals and aiding others.
I wish we could have journeyed longer, but a few days later, when we reached the next town, I suddenly caught up to the Prince’s group.
I had assumed they already left town, but found the Prince passed out at a tavern while Elizabeth’s group was fast asleep at an inn.
Usually I wouldn’t tolerate such laziness, but with me absent, it seems there was no one to discipline them.
The Prince pleaded that they had waited for me to catch up, but honestly, it was utter nonsense.
And so our travels ended for that reason.
“He was an amazing person, who even changed how I lived.”
When we parted, I was genuinely conflicted. I had wanted to break away from the Prince and follow him, but he spoke of the importance of defeating the Demon King, convincing me.
The night before we separated, he privately confided, telling me the wisdom his teacher had imparted.
His words greatly shook my established views, providing me new ideas. Though we both harbored feelings in our hearts, we decided to continue our individual journeys.
However, I absolutely should not have parted with him then.
“Right after we separated, massive battles erupted with the Demon Army where he was headed. Though I rushed to his aid…”
I convinced the Prince’s group to hurry to the rescue, but found only razed towns and villages ahead. And piles of corpses. Discovering his body among them, I felt a searing pain, like half of me had been stolen away, along with profound loss.
That scene remains seared in my eyes even now. Recalling it wells up piercing agony and sorrow.
“I want to inherit his aspirations and carry on saving people in his stead. Abbott, I beseech you, lend me your strength.”
“…I understand. Since he entrusted you, I will unstintingly aid you.”
The Abbott nodded at my plea.
“Then please lend me healers. I plan to first drive the demons and Demon Army from Cashew. For that, a powerful army and healers to treat the wounded are imperative.”
I requested healers to supplement us. Injuries were inevitable in war. Moreover, I worried about Al’s group currently headed for Kilie Ravine. Though not arrived yet, the demons living there were likely quite formidable. Many could be wounded. I wanted as many skilled healers as possible.
“But as you know, the injured are everywhere here.”
“I’m aware. Just one or two for now will suffice. But more healers will be needed going forward. Please strive to train them, Abbott.”
The Abbott had already begun cultivating healers. Results could be achieved in anywhere from tens of days to half a year of training.
Of course, becoming fully independent still required time, but that just took continuous repetition.
Moreover, there would be no shortage of training opportunities once fighting broke out.
“I understand, but how will you deal with the church? Acting too brazenly could make them your enemy.”
“I know. For now we can only keep things concealed from the church.”
First I had to build my forces and strengthen our power to expel the Demon Army. Then demonstrate results to obtain the merchants’ and lords’ assistance. There were many discontent with the church’s current conduct, so I just had to draw them in to prevent interference.
“And…actually I have another request…”
I decided to reveal the other purpose for my visit. Though awkward to say, I wanted to hear it by any means. This was something only Abbott Norte could do.
“You’re frightening me with another request. But what is it? I won’t hesitate to aid you if in my power.”
“Well…could you tell me about his time here?”
I looked away as I asked. The Abbott smiled.
“Certainly. In turn, please share with me your travels with him.”
“By all means, as much as you wish.”
And so the Abbott and I talked late into the night, our discussion inexhaustible.

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