A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 10 part 2

Fei was running. He was doing warm-up exercises for the tournament. Starting with light running and gradually increasing the intensity, he was running tirelessly to face the match in top condition.
His mentor, Yururu, was running alongside him.
“You shouldn’t be participating…”
“No, if Fei-kun is participating, I’ll do warm-up exercises too. Because I’m your mentor!”
“I see.”
They did running, stretching, and various exercises meticulously, then returned to the venue of the match after sweating a bit.
“Well then, Fei-kun. I’ll be watching you closely from the spectator seats!”
“Yeah, I’ll go win this easily.”
Waving lightly, Fei left the area. Yururu watched his back until it disappeared, then headed to the spectator seats herself.
The arena was a circular place like a coliseum. The spectator seats were elevated like a two-story building so that you could see the fighting square from above. She found an empty seat and sat down.
(I hope Fei doesn’t get into any dangerous matches…)
For now, she prayed that Fei wouldn’t do anything dangerous or get injured.
“Is it okay if I sit here?”
“Huh, oh, yeah, go ahead.”
There was a sudden voice from the woman next to Yururu. She had beautiful green hair like a forest, wide eyelids, and was a cute woman.
“I’m Lace.”
“Uh, um, I’m… Yururu.”
“Yururu-san, is it? Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too.”
She was relieved that Lace didn’t realize she was from the cursed Garestia family just from her name.
“I’m actually a battle maniac.”
“Huh? A battle maniac?”
“They hold tournaments here every year, so I come to watch and cheer desperately every time. I even research promising players.”
“Oh, I see.”
“The first match is supposed to feature last year’s champion, Barb, I heard.”
“I see.”
“In the first round, there’s a swordsman named Fei.”
“Oh, Fei-kun…”
“I guess you know him. I saw you with him earlier, so I wanted to hear more about him.”
“So that’s why you talked to me?”
“Yes indeed. I was curious, so I approached you.”
Lace seemed very interested in Fei. Perhaps she was intrigued by the fact that he was going to face last year’s champion in the first round.
“I’m really a battle maniac, and I compile the past participants on cards and evaluate them.”
“On… cards?”
“Yes, yes. Well, this tournament isn’t that big, it’s a minor event, so it’s unusual for it to be summarized so enthusiastically… By the way, this is the card of last year’s champion.”




Strength A Intelligence B Agility A Spirit C
He has tremendous talent overall. Excellent in swordsmanship, magic, everything. However, it seems not very desirable that he fights in a way that harms his opponent.

Longsword, Martial Arts

Magical Affinity
Wind, Water

Brown hair with fox-like eyes

The paper handed to contained the above description and a full-body picture of the man .
“I see… so he’s this type of person. Lace-san is really good at drawing. It’s like she copied it exactly.”
“I’m good at drawing. I often get praised for it. But, that’s not the point. I compiled it like this on the card, so I wanted to know more about participant Fei.”
“I see… um, what does it mean that this Barb person harms the opponent?”
She was curious about the phrase “harms the opponent” written on the card, so she inadvertently asked Fei’s question back to him.
“Barb is a bit dangerous… “
“Yeah, in last year’s tournament… Barb’s matches stood out for forcing his opponents to give up by hurting them.”
“This tournament prohibits killing, so I don’t think anyone will die, but… there are dangerous players like him participating.”
“F-Fei, will you be okay…?”
As she worried, the venue erupted. The first-round opponents entered. One was the player named Barb mentioned on the card a moment ago, and the other was Fei, Yururu’s disciple.
“Hmm, are you my opponent?”
“Oh? Ignoring me?”
“This isn’t a place for words. It’s a place for crossing swords.”
“I see, that’s true.”
Barb and Fei faced each other, each holding their swords. The audience gradually heated up as the match approached, and the atmosphere became tense. When the gong of the match sounded, they both moved.
First, Fei swung his sword. Barb easily intercepted it and blew Fei away with wind magic.
“I see…”
“Hehe, looks like there’s quite a difference in power between us.”
“How about that?”
Ignoring being blown away, Fei went at him again. However, Barb’s sword and martial arts, enhanced by starmetal, surpassed his speed.
Fei managed to deflect the sword somehow, but at that moment, Barb’s fist pierced Fei’s abdomen. There was a crunching sound like bones breaking as Fei was blown away again.
“Heh, you’re unlucky to face me in the first round.”
“…Unlucky… Hah, is that so? Did you call me unlucky?”
Fei smirked. Despite suffering significant damage to his abdomen from Barb’s fist, being blown away by wind, and bleeding from his mouth, he chuckled. In contrast, Barb remained composed. This match was easy for him, as the previous year’s tournament champion.
But, Fei’s slight smile caught his attention.
“Unlucky. Unlucky, huh… You say amusing things.”
“So, what–“
“–Unlucky is you.”
He was indeed laughing. Facing overwhelming injustice, confronting someone superior to himself, Fei was laughing. It was unmistakable.
“…I, the former champion, to laugh at me… How amusing… Let’s see how much you can endure.”
While Barb said it was amusing, inwardly, he trembled with anger. Fei was clearly weaker than himself. He hadn’t even properly used starmetal manipulation. And the fact that he hadn’t used magic probably meant he couldn’t.
He was clearly inferior as a warrior. Barb, the warrior, enjoyed hurting weaker opponents. It was his hobby, his entertainment. To display his overwhelming strength before the masses, to crush and break his opponent’s spirit completely.
That had been his style up until now.
Up until now, there had been no one who wouldn’t submit. That’s how it always was. No matter who it was, once they were hit, once they were shown magic, they understood the difference in power and despaired.
Yet, the man before me wouldn’t yield. Instead, he seemed to be filled with hope, with eyes that sparkled as if overflowing with it. And when I laughed at him, it only made him more infuriating.
“Somewhere, you’ll have to give up… maybe even die.”
“Die, huh… bring it on. Try to kill me. That seems even more enjoyable.”
(What… is he… enjoying this? Dying?)
“How far can your smart mouth go?!!!”
Barb directed magic at Fei. High-pressure water guns, blasts of wind, reinforced punches. Barb tried everything.
Barb hit Fei’s head. Blood came out, but Fei didn’t seem to care. He just retaliated. His fists cut through the air, dancing with magic once again. But as soon as he touched the ground, he stood up immediately and ran.
“I see. So this… is the trial.”
Muttering incomprehensible words, laughing, Fei kept coming back to me. Bloodied, his clothes dyed red. Some of his bones were broken, but he didn’t seem to mind.
So what? Fei swung his arms as if to say, “What are you going to do?” With uncertain steps, like a zombie… Fei’s demeanor made me feel fear too. A madman who faced the overwhelming difference in strength without flinching.
(What, what, what, what is this!? This… shouldn’t be happening. It should be over by now. How long do I have to put up with this guy? I’m obviously stronger!!)
(――Yet why am I trembling?)
Slowly, Fei approached. A man of overwhelming unknown, whom the warrior Barb had never fought, seen, felt, or heard of before. Had there ever been such an abnormal person?
“W-what… are you…”
“Hehe, what’s wrong? I’m still standing.”
“Don’t come, you… human!!”
“…What do I look like to you?”
Fei asked Barb. Saying that, he leaped again. To dispel the fear, Barb hit Fei as hard as he could. The sound of bones breaking and blood splattering. Not only that, but he also unleashed magic combining wind and water, enough to kill.
“Hey hey.”
“Isn’t this… a bit too much?”
Even the audience began to think that this match had gone too far. Clearly, this match was violating the regulations of the tournament, of the game. It was all supposed to be for entertainment.
Yet, Fei stood up again, ignoring all of that.
“Don’t stand up, don’t stand, don’t stand!! Just lose!”
“…Still, I can dance? How about you?”
Barb’s hands were trembling. What more could he do to himself? Even after repeatedly rising, even after being trampled by violence that couldn’t even be called a match, Fei kept getting up.
“――Hey, I’m still standing.”
He had only ever tortured the weak. Barb, who had never faced a stronger opponent, had never been pushed to the brink by someone with interdimensional strength.
Watching this, True couldn’t help but hold his breath.

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