I am no hero of the shadows! Volume 1 Chapter 8 part 1

Birthday Party

───One month had passed since then.
Going outside would turn into a parade just like before, so he shut himself in. Occasionally Zan would spot Milis and get driven away by Phil’s sacrifice, but nothing particularly special happened.
And the rumors about the [Hero of Shadows] showed no signs of stopping, permeating the atmosphere of “Rumors fade after 75 days? As if.”
On the other hand, Phil’s former reputation had quieted down somewhat.
Whether someone saved by the [Hero of Shadows] denied that he was a “good-for-nothing son” or his notoriety as a “playboy” was revoked because he hadn’t been visiting brothels,
everything about Phil trended negatively, increasing the amount of tears he shed day by day.
And so arrived the day of the Prince’s birthday party.
Dressing himself in attire for the party in his office, Phil scribbled away with his pen to handle work that accumulated while he was away.
“(Man, having to work even on a day like this means my corporate slave mentality has fully set in…when can I finally enjoy some free time?)”
It’s half a day’s travel from Phil’s mansion to the Royal Capital.
Despite being the countryside, it’s close by probably because of the inconvenient location chosen for the Royal Capital, the most prosperous city in the country.
Why is the area near the number one city in the country the boonies? For Phil who wants to live an easy life, every inconvenience factor turns into a complaint.
───But that’s an aside.
Even though it was approaching time to depart, Phil sat signing documents, watching his work-focused self and nearly driven to tears. While bemoaning the unfree environment, he proceeded to tackle things solo.
“(It’s been a month since then…there haven’t been any signs of danger around the Holy Maiden. Is it about time to send her back? Though I alone have a hard time making that judgment.)”
The Holy Maiden is ultimately a guest. Phil doesn’t have the right to restrict her actions.
While it’s true he’s had her stay at the mansion because she was attacked, if told she wants to return home he has to let her go. If told she wants to stay, he has no choice but to allow it.
───It had been one month since then, and there were no subsequent attacks in that time.
Partly because she hasn’t left Phil’s side, but isn’t it about time? He started wondering.
“Next time, I should ask Miss Milis. Worst case, I’ll escort her myself even if it means clearing my schedule…”
As he pondered that,
there was a clack as the office door opened.
“Sir Phil, it seems we’ll be leaving soon!”
Poking her face in was a single beautiful girl with bouncing golden hair.
Somehow making her way totteringly towards Phil despite the dress looking difficult to walk in.
Seeing Milis’ form, Phil let out an exclamation.
Adorned with the rosary necklace serving as proof of her faith and a little black dress decorated with small ornaments, the girl he envisioned had become a little devil.
Contrasting her cute appearance with a mature air drew out that charm called the gap effect.
While exposure was modest as befits declaring herself the Holy Maiden, properly emphasizing her shapely figure also elicited feminine charm.
Her long, glossy golden hair was loosely curled, and thinly applied makeup beautifully accentuated her innocent yet refined facial features.
How to describe it? While it turned out as he envisioned, her exceptionalSuitability exceeded expectations to the point that calling her just a [little devil] felt lacking.
“It suits you wonderfully, Miss Milis. For a moment there I thought a little miss devil came to drag me down to hell.”
“Ehehe, thank you! But going to heaven would be nicer, wouldn’t it~?”
“Then we should start accumulating good deeds while we can. Since the little devi desires heaven.”
“Hehe, Sir Phil has already piled up plenty of good deeds right? As one who received his aid, I’ll proudly insist to the Goddess!”
Adorably huffing out her chest, Milis’ dress emphasizes her ample bust.
Is it alright to shoot a glance downward? Thinking so, Phil had already averted his gaze. Truly the conduct of a hapless man even in such situations.
“But Sir Phil, your design talent is also considerable to create such a wonderful outfit.”
“I can’t suddenly job change into a tailor. It’s just exceptional materials. Like an amateur cooking premium ingredients can still taste “delicious,” this is solely thanks to Miss Milis’ cuteness. No matter the design, I couldn’t make it look beautiful with plain materials.”
“O-oh, I see…”
Struck critically from the praise,
Milis turns red and looks down.
“And, um…Sir Phil, you look very cool.”
Squeezing out those words with a flushed face,
Speaking compliments seems to embarrass her more than being praised herself, standing out brightly crimson.
“You think so? I’m just a boy with quite low facial appeal stats. I blend into scenery when walking down the street.”
“That’s not true at all! Sir Phil really is cool!”
“Hmm…well, denying it further wouldn’t be manly, so I’ll humbly accept.”
Feeling somehow happy, Phil gently pets Milis’ hair so as not to mess it up.
Enjoying it, Milis narrowed her eyes, going “Ehehe…”
“Phiiil, are you still working? Come out already since we’ll be leaving soon.”
Just then, the office door opened once more.
Emerging was the girl in the maid position, always at his side.
Her red hair beautifully bundled up top, the dress’ longer hem concealed her body usually on display.
The mature air softened by innocent white fabric, exuding purity. Silver necklace and translucent lace decoratively affixed add highlights that shine when caressed by light.
Wonder how she’ll look bathed under the party venue’s chandelier light? Just imagining her radiant form, anyone would be captivated.
In other words, a peerless beauty.
Dressed up, Kahlua looked more charming than usual.
“Oh my, it suits you pretty well doesn’t it? If Phil dressed sharp all the time he’d look cooler too instead of his usual sloppiness.”
Phil remains silent in response to her teasing praise.
Or rather, he couldn’t respond.
“Th-that’s right! No time to waste then! As the master I’ll bring candy so my cute servant doesn’t throw a tantrum!”
Snapping out of his stupor, Phil tries to briskly exit the office.
But his arm gets grabbed by Kahlua.
“You could at least compliment a dressed up girl a little…couldn’t you?”
She says somewhat lonely.



scene transition

Seeing the delighted Milis, it’s clear she received compliments.
What about me then? Did it not suit me very well? Even if it didn’t suit me, he could’ve at least paid me lip service, no?
Kahlua’s heart darkens.
“What? “
Phil’s face, gripping the arm, was stained with a deep shade of red.
A face that rarely showed any lack of composure, an unusual sight.
Kahlua, upon seeing that expression, felt her troubled heart clear up in an instant.
“Hehe… I see, that’s how it is.”
“Shut up! Seriously! Smart girls get on guys’ nerves and don’t get popular! If you get it, wipe that expression off your face!!!”
“Alright, alright, I get it. As a smart girl, I won’t open my mouth anymore.”
Phil, who usually had the ease to throw around casual remarks, clicked her tongue and moved ahead without saying anything.
Following behind, Kahlua continued in high spirits.
—Phil Salemabart is a playboy.
He has had experiences and interactions with women, and even when faced with a beautiful girl like Milis, he remains nonchalant.
However, for some reason, when it comes to the girl named Kahlua, his usual composure disappears.
The reason is quite simple —
“(Oh, damn it… she was so cute. Who’s the master of this maid?)”
— He had become infatuated with his partner.



“(Didn’t you already know…right, Kahlua?)”
“(That’s right, I knew perfectly well.)”
Arriving at the Royal Capital then immediately the Royal Castle, Phil’s group─
While they could’ve lodged somewhere first before leisurely heading over, due to Phil’s work relations they went straight to the party venue.
He felt somewhat apologetic about that but both told him “It’s fine.”
───A space illuminated by the dazzling chandelier.
Lined on the round tables, cuisine one would never see. The orchestra’s performance echoes ceaselessly.
Voices of nobility mix in, surrounding dresses vivid as splashes of color on canvas.
[Oh my, you’re Sir [Hero of Shadows]!]
[Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sir Phil. Please by all means consider an engagement with my daughter.]
[No no, my daughter is closer in age. Might you be interested in becoming engaged to her instead?]
That scenery unfolded before Phil’s eyes within minutes of entering the venue.
“(So I’m like some highly anticipated new product? Why come scrambling to purchase first thing after opening?)”
“(Wouldn’t the eldest son of an Count house be reasonably priced? Future family head so will inherit the title, tacking on [Hero of Shadows] as an option means high score. Standing shouldn’t pose an issue either.)”
As he forces a smile, Phil exchanges glances conveying a conversation with Kahlua as usual.
Nobles swarming because of Phil. Perhaps because royalty hasn’t shown up yet, the nobles start scheming to secure Phil for themselves while there’s still time.
At first Milis was with them but unleashing small animals into this fray seemed ill-advised, so he sent word for her to chat with acquaintances from the Church instead. A consideration in Phil’s own way.

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