Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 40

Mob #40 “Ah, by that time, I might not be here, you know?”

During the time when Uzoss was actively engaged in collecting asteroids…

☆ ☆ ☆
[Side: Fialka – Tiursad]

I headed to the reception lobby of the mercenary guild to take on a job.
When I first became a mercenary, I used to ask the available receptionists for help. However, male staff often try to flirt, and many female staff seemed snobbish, so I was honestly fed up.
But there were people who provided polite and pleasant service.
I made it a point to go to such receptionists as much as possible.
And now, I’ve almost exclusively made a specialist receptionist out of Miya Aushim. She has sapphire-like blue eyes, emerald-colored hair tied in side tails, and chest “armor” that even I, as a woman, find enviable.
Of course, there are other reliable receptionists, but work and wavelength? Since both align well, I prefer to take on jobs and receive rewards when she’s on duty.
She’s not the best in terms of adaptability,
but she’s beautiful, and her work is thorough. Both men and women admire her, and although there are usually several people in line, today there was no one, so I easily approached her.
“Hey, Miya. Any good requests?”
“We have some escort requests from the usual clients…”
“I thought so. I’ll handle it.”
As soon as I sat down, Miya disposed of several requests.
These were special requests from foolish noble sons who wanted [lap pillows] or [wearing cosplay], and some even went as far as [inside the bedroom]. It was a list of absurd conditions that made me question their common sense.
Even for the mercenary guild, such requests were completely out of bounds, so discarding them posed no problem.
Looking at the list of requests again, among the legitimate escort and security requests, there were scattered requests for pirate extermination.
“Weren’t the military desperate in pursuing pirates recently?”
Despite the recent intense efforts by the military in pirate extermination, it’s unusual to see requests for it.
“This one was received this morning, so if left alone, the military might handle it.”
It seemed to be a small-scale pirate group that the military had overlooked.
Once discovered, they wouldn’t pose a threat to me, so capturing them shouldn’t take much time.
In fact, finding them might take longer.
“Then, I’ll take this one. Hm… Hm… With this, I should wrap it up in 2-3 days!”
In response to my words, simulating the light scenario until the completion of the request, Miya uttered words that I couldn’t believe.
“Ah, by that time, I might not be here, you know?”
I was greatly surprised by those words.
Switch jobs? Or maybe retire after getting married? If that’s the case, what time is the wedding?
Why hasn’t there been any discussion or notification from the person I trusted as a work partner and considered a friend, even though she’s a bit older than me?
As these thoughts crossed my mind, Miya clarified the situation,
“I’m actually attending my cousin’s wedding, but it’s on a different planet, so it’ll take some time to travel. That’s why I took an extended paid leave. If all goes well, I should be back in just 2-3 days. The possibility is high, right?”
“Oh, so that’s what’s going on. That surprised me.”
With Miya explaining the situation properly, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.
By the way, she calls me “Fi” when it’s not formal, saying it’s shorter.
So, I thought of calling her “Mi chan,” but she seriously didn’t like it, saying, “Stop it; it sounds like a cat.” I decided to refrain from it.
However, since I wouldn’t want to take on a job if it weren’t her,
“If Miya is not back when I return, I’ll ask someone else.”
I declared
“Sure, please do. We can share information, so there shouldn’t be any problem with the procedures.”
And so, I accepted the request for pirate extermination, bidding farewell to the Mercenary Guild.
At that time, I didn’t particularly pay attention to the crowd forming at another reception counter.


Honestly, capturing the pirates was surprisingly easy.
Searching for their location took more time.
After selling their ship, I headed back to the reception lobby and casually looked around. As expected, Miya was not there.
I knew it would be the case, but it still felt a bit lonely.
Considering who to approach to foster adaptability, just as I was contemplating, someone who seemed to have returned from a break sat at the reception counter.
Since I hadn’t seen her before, I assumed she was a newcomer and approached her.
“I’d like to complete the procedure for the task achievement. Is that okay?”
“Yes. Please come this way. First, let me check.”
As I handed her the generic terminal,
“Ms. Fialka-Tiursad, right? Capturing the pirates, the Decebrothers, and purchasing three combat ships. Is that correct?”
She browsed the shared data from my identification, “The reward for the request is 450,000 credits. The purchase of the combat ships totals 1.23 million credits for a grand total of 1.68 million credits. Is everything correct?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“Will you be taking it in cash or information?”
“I’ll take it in information.”
“Understood. Please wait a moment.”
With impressive efficiency, she prepared the reward I would receive this time.
With a clean blond ponytail and an undeniable beauty, even without “chest armor”, she was a true beauty.
Moreover, she seemed serious and competent. Definitely a promising candidate!
Her name was Alphons-Zeistole, if I remember correctly from her name tag. I need to remember that!

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