About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 6

“We must not completely forget such things. We should record them, pass on the memories, even in a small way, and cherish the intentions of the people of that time.”
The male judge smiled and directed his smile at all four of them.
“Your research conveyed such intentions. Yes, it was a truly excellent project.”
“Thank you.”
Saying that, the male judge shook hands with Zeke. It was a firm and rugged handshake characteristic of an older person. And then, he moved away from Zeke. Zeke was left stunned. The sensation of the handshake with the judge still vivid in his hand.
Zeke recalled his past life.
When he was creating this magic-powered music box, he had pondered whether it could be considered a job that contributed to society if it quickly fell out of use, quickly fading from everyone’s memory.
For him, working diligently in a small company, the thought of being an ordinary and forgettable existence was terribly sad. At the very least, even if his name wouldn’t be remembered, he wanted the things he had been involved in creating to last in the world for a long time. And he wanted them to become cherished memories for many people. He wished for that, but the magic-powered music box couldn’t endure the flow of time and was forgotten.
However, now, the male judge was saying, “We must preserve the will of people embedded in everything, record it, pass down memories, and protect the thoughts of individuals and eras.”
Zeke’s heart thumped loudly. The venue was bustling with many people – those presenting their research, those listening, family members cheering for the winners. The flow of people created a lively atmosphere.
Amidst the crowd stood Zeke. The sensation of the handshake with the judge lingered in his hand.

“…So, that’s what happened.”
In the present day, Rain and Touri were listening intently to Zeke’s story. Anya’s “Magical Music Box Incident,” with the significant involvement of the factor of reincarnation, had piqued the interest of Rain and Touri.
“So, we were tricked by Zeke and went through a tough time!”
“And then! That additional job was unexpected for me, so it’s not my fault, right!?”
“I didn’t know anything back then, but using reincarnation knowledge for a summer homework task is ridiculous!”
The couple bickered back and forth.
“But, well… that story about the judge was nice.”
Touri, waving her hands as if changing the subject, spoke.
“Well, yeah…”
Having experienced reincarnation, Zeke couldn’t help but keenly feel the difference between now and then. There were times when he felt a sense of emptiness, sensing what had disappeared.
“Looking back now, that old man’s words were good. At the time, I thought, ‘What the hell,’ but…”
“Anya… you really…”
“It’s fine. Wisdom from adults is something you only appreciate after becoming an adult. Not to sound like a know-it-all parent, though.”
“Indeed, that’s true.”
Zeke and Sophie chuckled at Anya’s words. Everyone had experienced hearing tedious lectures from adults when they were children.
“Continuing to convey people’s memories, huh…”
Zeke, recalling the words of the judge from about twenty years ago, pondered them once again.
“…In this way, talking about it now, maybe the job of making Super Reversi wasn’t a waste.”
Zeke sipped his coffee. The job of producing a product that had disappeared with the passing trend now felt oddly nostalgic.
“That’s right! I need to pass down to my children and grandchildren that I beat Zeke at Hyper Reversi! Even if I cried, I won’t admit it, Zeke!”
“Oh, this. Back in high school, you got a bit carried away after winning a few times…”
When they were in high school, Anya persistently challenged Zeke to Hyper Reversi countless times until she won. After finally winning, she was satisfied and stopped playing the game.
“Wow, that takes guts! Want to play again!? I won’t cry this time, Zeke!”
“I can only respond with the same words… You’re quite something.”
Zeke was astonished, considering that the person who had tears in their eyes after losing at chess and video games not long ago was now talking like this.
“It’s nostalgic. Can I join too?”
Inserting herself into the conversation, Touri spoke with a slight smile, raising her hand.
“Touri-kun, can you play Hyper Reversi?”
“Well, it’s Super Reversi, but yes, I was pretty good at it during its heyday.”
“Come to think of it, you mentioned that.”
When Zeke was producing it in his previous life, Touri was in her teens.
“I still have some skill left! I won’t lose so easily.”
“Great courage. I’ll make you cry this time, Touri!”
In response to Touri’s declaration, Anya retorted confidently, chest puffed out. However, to an onlooker, it looked like an adult woman looking down on a middle schooler who had joined in to play, promising to make them cry.


“This scene is immature…”
Zeke said with exasperation.
“Alright then! Can I join too…?”
“Rain-kun too?”
Timidly raising his hand next was Rain.
“Rain, did you play it too?”
“W-well, yes. Just a bit, because I didn’t have any friends… I played alone…”
“Oh, that’s so sad.”
Anya expressed her disbelief, and Rain scratched his head awkwardly. He symbolized the gray youth of his past life, having almost no experience with interpersonal interactions.
“Then let’s decide the ultimate champion of Hyper Reversi! Zeke, bring out the board! We’ll have the ultimate showdown right here!”
Anya declared loudly. Everyone began preparing for the match when suddenly…
“We’re back!”
“We’re home!”
“Oh, Zeke and Anya’s kids. Welcome back.”
Zeke and Anya’s two children returned.
“Oh, Rain is here again… Hey, isn’t it rare to see Touri?”
“Hey there!”
Touri waved her hand casually, greeting her classmates.
“Perfect timing! Yuki, Hale, you two also need to prepare your Hyper Reversi decks! We’re having the ultimate showdown starting now!”
Anya declared loudly to her children, causing Yuki and Hale to exchange puzzled glances.
“Um, Mom…?”
“Yeah, what’s up, Mom?”
Ignoring the peculiar atmosphere, Anya felt a bit puzzled by Yuki’s demeanor. Yuki was usually enthusiastic and lively when it came to competitions or determining the strongest. Seeing her wide-eyed and seemingly confused now was out of character.
Yuki slowly spoke up.
“What is Hyper Reversi…?”
It was Zeke and the others who were now wide-eyed. Hyper Reversi, an adaptation of the widely popular game Reversi, had its heyday over twenty years ago. Normally, someone from Yuki’s generation wouldn’t be familiar with it.
Feeling the generation gap, they were genuinely surprised. They realized that the current generation had its own set of norms and experiences, making them ponder the differences.
“There they go again, the young people these days…” is a phrase often used to criticize the negative aspects of the current younger generation, a stereotypical expression scolding them.
However, just because this phrase is used doesn’t mean that the current generation is inherently bad. The use of this phrase has been consistent throughout history, directed at each new generation. In other words, regardless of the era or the experience of reincarnation, the generation gap remains a constant. Born in any era or reincarnated at any time, the gap remains unchanged.
Feeling the need to comment on it, Zeke and the others shrugged and playfully said to Yuki and the rest in a playful manner.
“There they go again… youngsters these days.”
“Ugh, that attitude is terrible!”
“What’s with you all of a sudden?”
The younger generation now sharpened their words in response.
“Hahaha, sorry, sorry…”
Jokingly, Zeke and the others apologized to Yuki and Hale. Regardless of whether they were reincarnated or not, the generation gap remained constant. The phrase, “These youngsters nowadays…” was something said in every era. The feeling of surprise and realization about the generation gap was the same, regardless of when one was born or reincarnated.
“…But it’s quite surprising to hear those words from Rain and Touri. Aren’t they the same age as me?”
“Well, yeah…”
“Yeah, it seems that way…”
The two laughed awkwardly. The age difference due to reincarnation wasn’t visible from the outside, and in fact, Rain, Touri, and Anya appeared to be friends of the same age.
“Sorry, sorry.”
“Good kids, good kids.”
“Wh-what’s going on!? Don’t pat my head! Don’t treat me like a child…!”
The two of them pat Yuki’s head as if comforting a small child. Being looked at with warm eyes by classmates, Yuki puffs up her cheeks. Certainly, there exists a difference akin to that between parent and child, but Yuki remains oblivious to such things. Everyone shares a wry smile. The invisible generation gap is there.
“Look, Yuki, Hale-kun. This is a magical music box that was popular in the past.”
“And this is Hyper Reversi, a board game that was trendy back in the day.”
“…Why do Rain and Touri know so much about the past!?”

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