Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 5 part 2

“The martial law of the Mitsurugi family dictates that the users of Seirin Hatsuki’s soul equipment must protect Onigashima under the master swordsman’s leadership. Otherwise, the monsters overflowing from the demon gate would quickly breach the island’s defenses. The exception is for newly equipped individuals, victims who have lost their ability to fight, or those unable to endure the battles on the island due to their soul equipment abilities.”

Those individuals leave the island. Even if they cannot fight on the island, they may possess enough strength to face external monsters or human adversaries.

It’s an effective utilization outside the island’s confines.

By freeing them from the empire’s interference, they can protect the island with a formidable force. Sora knew that was the current head of the Mitsurugi family’s style.

“And yet, here you stand. Your mere presence implies power and position. If I was exiled, then you were simply relegated to a lower rank. As you can see, there isn’t much difference.”

“Hihi, how ludicrous. My level is ’73,’ you know? It’s not something to be dismissed.”

In response to that mocking retort, Sora countered from a different angle.

“Observing your biwa transformed into soul equipment, it’s evident that your power specializes in sound and curses.”


“If the curse traveled from the cemetery to this mansion, there’s no better long-range attack. However, are you no longer needed to fight on the island? Could it be that your power doesn’t work on opponents with a certain level of energy?”


“In other words, the only thing you can do is go after someone weaker than you. No matter how high your level is, there’s no reason to fear someone like that,”

Sora asserted bluntly, his black katana flickering in his hand.

In the next instant, a sound like the shattering of a hundred ceramic pieces resonated throughout the Duke’s house garden.

It was the sound of Jijinbo’s manifested black wall, the “Grand Fortress,” crumbling into countless fragments.

It was the result of Sora’s flying slash technique, known as the “Tornado.”

Thousands of shattered wall fragments cascaded down, melting away like snow and disappearing. Jijinbo widened his eyes, realizing that his formidable shield had been shattered with a single strike.

However, there was no time for surprise. Sora, swinging his black katana, swiftly emerged from behind the broken wall.

Jijinbo, cornered against the Duke’s house wall, had no means of escape and defended himself with the biwa—Shitsukagozen—in his hands.

As the two soul equipment clashed, a cry emanated from Shitsukagozen, its built-in counterattack taking effect. The sound attack intensified, affecting the Dragnote father and daughter.

Against an average opponent, this attack would pierce eardrums and cause blood to gush from their ears.

Yet, Sora calmly withstood the counterattack, unaffected by it. As he had surmised before, the sound attack from Shitsukagozen held no sway over those with a certain amount of energy.

On the contrary, the sound of Shitsukagozen cracking could be heard. At this rate, Jijinbo would be defeated. The old man realized this as the clash between their soul equipment unfolded. Simultaneously, a sharp laughter escaped his lips.

“Hihihihihi! Delightful, truly delightful! To think that I, who sought to make Claudia Dragnote vanish, would find myself in such a predicament! Life without amusement is dreadfully dull! Very well, now I shall get serious!”

Immediately after, Jijinbo roared like a beast, and Sora was sent flying backward as if struck by an invisible hammer.

Jijinbo unleashed an energy blast toward Sora.

There was no reason why Jijinbo couldn’t handle energy-based abilities like Sora’s. The damage inflicted on Sora was inconsequential, but Jijinbo paid it no mind. The crucial factor was maintaining distance from his opponent. Jijinbo began his next incantation before Sora could regain his footing.

“Millions of iron soldiers, wounded veterans…”

The chant was swift, precise, and notably elaborate. The woven magical power seamlessly composed the spell without deviation. If there were mages present, they might have admired Jijinbo as a practitioner who had reached the level of a “Lord” with such a chant.

“Without weapons, without food, without water, yet the flag remains unbroken. Gathered are the diverse, united in revolution. Stack rooftops to form a wall, clear debris to create a trench. O impregnable castle—Grand Fortress!”

With the completion of his chant, a black wall materialized—a rampart encircling Jijinbo.

This was not a partial manifestation achieved by forsaking the chant. The wall surrounding Jijinbo possessed a thickness, height, and density entirely distinct from the previously shattered black wall. It resembled a small citadel, to say the least.

“This is my strongest shield. With such an abundance of magical power, don’t think you can break through it with a mere slash as before. Now, your attacks will not reach me, but mine will reach you.”

Jijinbo chuckled, his throat trembling.

“Hihihihihi! You claimed there was no reason to fear me, correct? Did you truly believe you could defeat me with the power you possess? It appears you judge a book by its cover! Indeed, my soul equipment may be ineffective against the monsters of Onigashima. However, there is a way to compensate for that—through the ability of my soul equipment!”

With that, Jijinbo commenced his next incantation.

“The trees decay, the grass dies, the soil rots.”

It was a resounding chant.

Simultaneously, another voice began intoning a different spell.

“That boiling blood, that burning hair, those shining eyes.”

It was the voice of Jijinbo’s soul equipment—Shitsukagozen. The soul equipment chanted with a voice resembling screams.

“Dancing turns to ash, filling the air with miasma.”

“Castle of the regime, throne of skulls. The flutter of the rebel flag, the void of a sacrificial knife.”

A dual chant.

This was Jijinbo’s other soul equipment ability.

“Decay and corrode—Corrosive Earth.”

“Bloody eyes and burning hands, envelop my enemy in death—Flame Princess.”

With the completion of Jijinbo’s chant, seventh-grade earth magic was activated, and the garden of the Duke’s mansion swiftly began to decay. Starting from where the “Grand Fortress” had stood, the ground turned into a muddy expanse.

It became a manifestation similar of a magically decayed rotten sea. Even the stone pavement connecting the gate and entrance succumbed to the corrosive magic, transforming into a sticky substance.

The once-beautiful green grass rapidly withered into a dark purple hue, emitting a foul stench that prompted one to cover their nose.

The ensuing voice that reverberated was the cry of dismay from the Duke’s household servants.

The eroded garden morphed into an unfathomable swamp, dragging down those standing on the ground. The entire garden had already been tainted by the old man’s magic, leaving no means of escape.

Those ensnared in the garden sank deeper as they struggled, their movements hindered.

The same fate awaited Sora.

Moreover, over ten flame tentacles conjured by Shitsukagozen snarled and advanced toward Sora.

If it were just Sora, he could undoubtedly force his way out by bolstering his body with energy.

But if he did so, the flames would engulf the others who were trapped—especially the Dragnote father and daughter.

From Sora’s perspective, Jijinbo’s mouth formed a crescent moon shape.

“I see,” Sora murmured, momentarily trapped within the corrosive magic and pressed by the flames.


Jijinbo sought to shield himself with eighth-grade defensive magic, comparable to a citadel, and then overpower the enemy with two types of magic, complemented by his soul equipment. It was akin to a siege battle and likely represented Jijinbo’s true combat style.

Listening to the chant, Jijinbo was an exceptional magician, capable of wielding advanced magic even without relying solely on his soul equipment.

Furthermore, by combining the powers of energy and soul equipment, he surpassed the realm of a mere magician. If he so desired, Jijinbo could single-handedly contend with an entire army.

The power of the fifth-grade fire magic, “Flame Princess,” that drew nearer was also remarkable.

Previously, when I accompanied Miroslav to the Lord of Flies’s nest, I encountered a similar magic, but hers was weaker with only three or four fiery arms.

However, Jijinbo’s flames surpassed ten, their thickness and speed completely different.

If those flames were to directly hit me, my body would swiftly burn like firewood and vanish.

—Well, that would be the case if they managed to hit me.

I swiftly sliced through the first flame that approached me with my soul equipment.

The roaring, fiery arm attacking me disappeared instantly, consumed by an unseen force. It didn’t “disperse,” it simply “vanished.” It was as if it had been swallowed by an invisible monster.

I didn’t feel even a hint of warmth on my face. The only sensation was, at best, a scent of burning.

I swung my katana even more vigorously.

Two, three, four. It didn’t matter that I was stuck in the ground; as long as I swung and cut with my katana, it didn’t hinder me.

I devoured the successive flame tentacles that approached. When their number reached twelve, the “Flame Princess” magic dissipated.

After confirming that, I pressed my katana into the ground. The magic that had decayed the earth was absorbed by the katana as if being drawn in.

The decayed ground didn’t return to its original state, but those trapped in the mud would no longer be engulfed.

Jijinbo, witnessing this series of events, voiced a mixture of astonishment and consternation.

“Hihihihi! I see, I see! The ability of your soul equipment is absorption, huh? It appears it also specializes in absorbing magical power! That was how you destroyed my ‘Grand Fortress’ earlier, wasn’t it? It’s a natural enemy for an old man who wields magic!”

Jijinbo struck his soul equipment forcefully.

“However, it seems cutting with the katana is essential to activate that ability. If you were to be attacked from all sides by wide-area magic, you couldn’t prevented it. Additionally, there must be a limit to the total amount of magical power that can be absorbed. Now that you’ve absorbed all of the ‘Flame Princess,’ how much more magical power can you absorb? If you exceed the absorption limit, your body will disperse due to the accumulated magical power. That’s the nature of this ability! With the essence of my magic, I will send you to the hell of satiety!”

Shitsukagozen began to chant, resonating with the chilling ambiance of the Duke’s mansion at night.

“Eri, Eri, Urus, Eri, Urus. Protect the preta, enclose the Onryō, explode throughout the state.”

The chant was even more agonizing and resonant than before.

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