Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 1 Chapter 16

Episode 16 – Michiba Rokka

Toudou slowly walked towards me.
I thought he was going to talk to me, but he passed me by and stood in front of the blackboard. He picked up a piece of chalk, then stopped moving.
Toudou, you’re helpless because you’re alone. In our class, I was the only one who became friends with you. Coming up to the blackboard changes nothing.
Completely, if he had just honestly apologized to me and made up, it would have been nice. The end of term exams are coming up soon too, so I wanted to revive the study sessions as well.
I felt sorry for Toudou sitting all alone, so I thought I’d let him into my group.
To be honest, I think the karaoke incident was a joke taken a bit too far. But you can’t have fun in school life without reading the atmosphere properly.
He’s so stubborn and headstrong. We should make up already.

During the group divisions, seeing Toudou cowering there, he looked a little pitiful.
…Well, it was my fault too, but I never thought Toudou wouldn’t get the joke at all.
He was all nervous when I approached him in the library. He must have totally had a crush on me, right? That’s why he got angry and went home at the karaoke place…
If I let him into my group, he’ll go back to being the nice sensei again, right?
–I don’t like scary Toudou. The reason he got angry in the classroom because he wanted to bother me, right? Don’t worry, we’re friends.
When Toudou waited for me at the karaoke place, I was really happy. He waited for me–
After the joke, I was going to spoil him.
But no matter how long it’s been, Toudou is still angry. I thought he’d apologize if I gave her the cold shoulder…he wouldn’t even look me in the eye.
My temper snapped because I was frustrated…Toudou’s atmosphere in the classroom was very scary…

Was it no good to keep her waiting for two hours?
For a student, that level of joke is normal, right.
…I’ve had even worse done to me.
Hey, Toudou. Have you ever had water poured on you in the bathroom?
Been completely ignored out of the blue by friends you were chatting with just moments before?
Had your gym clothes ripped to shreds?
Been forced to confess to a boy you don’t even like?


No one took my side. It starts suddenly and ends just as suddenly. Just bullying disguised as a joke. After me, a different student becomes the next target. A nasty routine that only girls understand.
Even though it was only a month, I never wanted to trust people again.
I don’t have any friends in this class. We’re just connected because we’re crammed into this small space.
Lunch break with Toudou was different.
At first I thought I could use him. Having him teach me would be convenient, I thought. You were completely different from the other students. I started looking forward to going to this school I hated so much. I started looking forward to lunch break.
He’s smart yet spacey in a rare way, and his occasional smile is really beautiful…
I envied Toudou. I wanted to be such a pure child.
Toudou said he didn’t want to go out with just the two of us. …I was frustrated. He always went out with Hanazono.
You want to be mean to the girl you’re interested in, right? That’s normal, isn’t it?
I thought Toudou would understand that much. In the library he was so kind, yet suddenly turned cold. That’s awful for a guy.

Doesn’t want to teach me anymore…too lonely…

Toudou moved and wrote his name on the blackboard. He didn’t belong to any group. He was in the corner of the blackboard. The next moment, Toudou drew an X through her name.
Putting down the chalk, without speaking to anyone he started talking.
“Well then, I’m leaving this class. …Actually, a while ago, a teacher recommended I move to the special class. I want to try living more sincerely. Maybe I can change more. –Well then, I’m going to the faculty office to take care of the paperwork. Oh, Sasaki san, thank you for always lending me books. Don’t worry, we can meet anytime. Please come play with me and Igarashi san.”
Special class!? Whoa, things like entertainment, sports, or really excellent academic ability…a frame separate from normal classes where the numbers are counted differently…
“W-wait a minute…! I won’t allow that…!”
“Hmm, you have no right to speak out against my decisions.”
“But still…we’re friends…”
“Excuse me, I don’t have any memories like that.”
Toudou isn’t looking at me. There’s nothing in his eyes. Meanwhilw he looks at Sasaki with a kind gaze–
Why not me? We were always together, weren’t we!?
During that awful month when my classmates played mean jokes on me, I kept feeling terrible. That feeling comes back now. Lonely, miserable, frustrated, at a total loss, on the verge of tears but holding them back…

Toudou leaving the silent classroom. I could only watch his large back.

The unpleasant feeling swirling in my stomach.
The moment I realized the sin I had committed.
The sense that I had broken something irreplaceable myself.

I did something awful…
Spilled water won’t flow back. The time we spent together in the library won’t come back again. Since we stopped the study sessions, I kept remembering him whenever lunch break came around. It was fun. I wanted to be with him. He was an important friend. Why did I have to be mean? Why did I do that…?

“Toudou kun–“

My voice alone echoed in the silent classroom.

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