My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 5

At first, she thought someone was taking a photo with their smartphone and didn’t pay much attention.
However, as the shutter sound continued every day on her way home, and after a week, it started happening even after she got off the train.
It was then that Lily became convinced someone was taking pictures of her.
But, even when she turned towards the direction of the sound, she couldn’t find anyone.
She was being secretly photographed by an unknown entity.
Feeling the fear, but with no decisive evidence, Lily couldn’t involve the police.
She reluctantly tried to identify the stalker on her own but couldn’t catch a lead, and two weeks passed.
The shutter sound escalated, and it switched to continuous shooting.
It was genuinely terrifying. So, one day, while running to avoid being caught, someone grabbed Lily’s hand.
The person was Akashi Kai, a student from Class 3, where Lily used to be.
He was a boy who always sat alone in the corner of the room, and no one knew what he was thinking.
“Don’t run away. Let me capture more of your sparkle.”
His murky black eyes were as dark as the night, and just looking at them made one feel absorbed.
Instinctively feeling fear, Lily tried to escape, but he had an unexpectedly strong grip for a small boy.
When she attempted to shout, he covered her mouth with a handkerchief, making it impossible to call for help. As he tried to drag her home, her ex-boyfriend appeared, restrained Kai, and called the police, bringing an end to the incident.
According to her ex-boyfriend, he happened to be following her because she seemed strange, and he saw her about to be taken away.
It sends shivers down her spine to think what might have happened if he hadn’t been there.
That became one of Lily’s traumas.
Now, getting into the main topic,
But there’s more important part.
what troubles Lily is the fact that the person stalking and secretly photographing her became friends with her childhood friend.
At this point, many would wonder:
Why did she enroll in a high school with such a dangerous person in the first place?
The answer is simple: to overcome her trauma.
Immediately after the time leap, she focused solely on preventing and avoiding trauma.
However, with her encounter with Saito, she realized that she could never truly be happy if she continued to avoid and run away from her problems.
So, she enrolled in Seira High School, which had several traumatic memories.
She initially intended to catch the stalker, Kai, on her own.
But, fate had other plans, and instead of the dangerous criminal Kai, he ended up becoming friends with Saito.
This has become a thorn in Lily’s side.
With him being next to Saito, her chances to talk to her childhood friend decreased, and she always had to be on guard against potential stalking.
Now, catching Kai and handing him over to the police might seem like the obvious solution, but doing so would undoubtedly make her childhood friend sad.
He is someone who cares deeply about his friends.
She regrets not being able to do something back then.
She doesn’t want to experience that again.
However, if she doesn’t catch Kai, the stalking won’t stop.
The conflicting feelings of not wanting to make her childhood friend sad and wanting Kai, the boy who gave her trauma, to face appropriate consequences, leave Lily in a state of confusion.
Though the stalking hasn’t started yet, Lily has been troubled by this dilemma for a while now.
She had been thinking about it even before the nightmare but hasn’t come up with a good solution.
Staring at the sky, Lily, feeling annoyed by the overly sparkling stars, unknowingly glares at them.
At that moment, she hears the shutter sound, “pasha.”
Turning her gaze in that direction, all she sees is deep darkness.
However, there’s no doubt that she heard it.
In other words, Kai’s stalking has begun.
(If it’s come to this, I have no choice but to catch him.)
Deciding so, Lily stands up and starts walking towards the direction of the sound.
After a while, she hears a loud noise, as if someone has fallen. When she turns on the flashlight of her phone and points it there—
“You idiot! Don’t do such things while hiding from the person you like! If you want to take a picture, just ask the person directly, fool! What you’re doing is a serious crime, you know!?”
—there’s Saito, grabbing Kai’s collar, yelling at him.


The eldest son was born into a very ordinary family, with a salaryman father and a housewife mother.
However, this boy was peculiar.
Mostly quiet, he would stare into space, and suddenly burst into happy laughter.
Later, as he learned to speak, it became apparent that the boy could see a radiance invisible to ordinary people.
Capturing it in photos led to professional-level pictures, and his parents praised him as a genius.
But his peers had a different reaction.
They found the boy’s unexplained comments about seeing “sparkles” strange and made fun of him, labeling him a monster.
Naturally, he had no friends.
It was tough and painful.
Yet, the boy never complained.
Because capturing that radiance in photos could make the unpleasant events of the day disappear.
If he could just take a photo, that was enough.
Eventually, as a primary school student, he reached a point where he neglected human interactions entirely.
Even if spoken to, or even if things were thrown at him, he remained unresponsive.
His already unchanging face froze completely, and he stopped moving.
By then, the bullying had stopped.
It was simple – without a reaction, it wasn’t fun.
Initially, there was some action, like glaring or contorting his face in anguish, but without even that, it felt like hitting a doll and became empty.
However, stopping the bullying now wouldn’t change anything.
He had already been fundamentally broken as a human.
Photographs are everything. That is the man called Kai Akashi.
The inevitability of him committing a crime became a matter of time.
Until he entered high school, he hadn’t committed a crime simply because his ability to see radiance didn’t work with humans.
Until then, it had only worked with animals and objects. But then, he encountered her.
A human who shone brilliantly, dazzlingly bright
– Machigane Lily.
She had an otherworldly beauty that competed for the top spot in the class’s popularity rankings.
However, her face was always frozen, much like the boy, and the radiance wasn’t visible at first glance.
But one day, as she cracked a smile, it became visible.
A radiance brighter than anything he had seen before.
From that day on,
the boy started taking photos of Lily.
Obsessed, he followed her every day, capturing photos. Strangely, he was never satisfied.
Even though he couldn’t see any radiance in humans before, with each photo of her, she displayed different lights.
Gradually, the boy developed a desire to photograph Lily all day long and tried to confine her to his house.
The result was a failure.
Interference occurred, and he ended up getting caught by the police.
If only he had been a bit faster, he could have kidnapped her. That regret lingered, but it was too late once he was imprisoned.
(I want to take photos, take photos, take photos, take photos, take photos, take photos, take photos, take photos, take photos, take photos… Ah.)
After being imprisoned, the boy, who felt an incredible amount of stress from not being able to take photos, died when a blood vessel in his head burst due to stress.
This was the first life of Akashi Kai.
Lily was completely unaware of this, but like her, Kai’s life was irredeemable.
Even if a second life came, it was likely to remain unchanged.
However, on the day of the beautiful cherry blossom entrance ceremony, everything changed.
“Oops, sorry to surprise you. I want to check the class but forgot where to look. Do you remember where to check?”
A certain boy spoke to him.
It was Saito.
Normally, Kai would ignore anyone who spoke to him, but for some reason, he reacted that day. Not only did he guide Saito to the bulletin board’s location, but he even introduced himself.
This was a remarkable occurrence.
He never expected himself to do such a thing.
After Saito disappeared, Kai pondered why he had taken such actions, but there was no answer.
In any case, he thought they would never interact again. However, the morning after the entrance ceremony, Saito found Kai sitting at the corner of the classroom.

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