Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 1

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After weeks of dry ground under the midsummer sun, rain poured down suddenly.
In the Cyan Kingdom, at the entrance of the library of Saint-Riole Imperial Magic Academy, a prestigious school with a long history known to all, students gazed up at the sky in surprise at the sudden rain.
“It was sunny just a moment ago…”
A female student with long, glossy lavender hair murmured, her expression troubled.
It had been four months since she enrolled in this academy. Visiting the library after classes three times a week had become a habit for her.
Her dormitory, where she should return, was a bit of a distance from here.
Back when she was at home, she never forgot her umbrella as the maids reminded her, and sometimes someone would come to fetch her, but it wasn’t the case now.
“It should stop soon.”
She sighed softly, watching other students, one by one, blooming their umbrellas.
Although she hoped someone would talk to her, there were few people left now, nearing dinnertime.
And those students who noticed her lack of umbrella were hesitant to approach her directly.
She, Carne Foot Mortens, was the cute daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the fiancée of Prince Ruben Anc Roseberry of the Cyan Kingdom.
Saint-Riole Imperial Magic Academy, sometimes whispered about as the “school for nobles.”
Even though Carne was the daughter of a minister, there were other children of prominent figures in the kingdom attending this academy.
The problem lay in the fact that she was the future wife of the prince, who was also attending this academy.
To put it subtly, she was the next queen. that means that she is the future mother of the country as well.
Even though they were fellow students, she wasn’t someone they could easily talk to. The behavior at this academy required implicit consideration because it was a school for nobles.
Male students discreetly kept their distance from her, knowing she was engaged, and the female students, imagining she might be waiting for her escort, smiled at her. That was Carne’s situation.
It figures that at times like this, there’s no one who seems approachable. She was thinking this as she was about to return to the library.
A classmate, folding a blue umbrella as he entered the library from the rainy outside, was a trademark silver-haired girl with her bangs braided and held with a silver hairpin.
Opening her round brown eyes wide, Carne spotted her, her face lighting up.
“Raze! “
Carne’s face lights up when she spots a girl shorter than herself with a pretty face.
The only friend she could naturally call by name at this academy, a special friend different from others.
Appearing before her was Raze Granoli, a commoner attending this academy as a scholarship student despite her origins.
“It’s raining suddenly, isn’t it?”
As Raze spoke, she casually swept away the raindrops on the umbrella with a wind spell.
“Yes. I forgot my umbrella and was planning to wait until the rain stopped.”
Raze’s round eyes slowly narrow at Kana’s words.
Please use this umbrella if you like.
Carne panicked at Raze’s words, which were offered so smoothly and without hesitation.
“I’m sorry for the trouble.”
“I was planning to study until closing time. It seems the rain will stop by then, so please don’t worry. Besides…”
Raze shifted his gaze midway through Carne’s words.
“It seems Carne-sama isn’t the only one in trouble. Would you like to join?”
Not understanding what he meant, Carne followed Raze’s gaze.
“I only have one umbrella, but if you’d like, you can use it together.”
Someone had come up behind her, a male student with golden hair and blue eyes, an admirably handsome boy.
“My lord.”
No matter how much time passed, he was unfamiliar, her betrothed since before birth.
When Prince Ruben appeared, Carne held her breath.
Raze handed the blue umbrella, surprising Carne, to Ruben on her behalf.
“Is it okay?”
Understanding the situation immediately, Ruben, albeit bewildered, looked down at the umbrella he received.
“Yes. It’s not good to be late for dinner. Besides, this umbrella has a marking on it, so it’s okay.”
“In that case, I’ll accept your offer. Thank you.”
As Ruben thanked her, Raze nodded lightly and walked away into the library.
He opened the door, opened the blue umbrella, and glanced back at Carne.
“Let’s go home together.”
His blue eyes were gentle as they looked at her.
Carne could only nod silently.


“The umbrella event is complete. …… “
Looking down from the library window where the rain was beating, the person who handed over the umbrella murmured in a relaxed tone.
The blue umbrella, purchased just recently, was now held by the prince of this kingdom, next to his fiancée.
(If I keep it stored, it might sell well in the future?)
Half jokingly, half seriously, Raze smiled.
For this day, she had gone out of her way to buy an expensive umbrella, something even Carne, a reincarnated individual familiar with otome game events, wouldn’t notice.
She quietly moved away from the window.
There was magic, but one still used an umbrella.
She wondered when she had found it strange
—having knowledge from her past life on Earth, Raze often felt a sense of dissonance with the culture of this world.
Why were there familiar things from her previous life in a different world, and why were similar thoughts so prevalent?
She had lived through these past dozen years, accepting that some things were beyond her understanding.
However, never in her wildest dreams did she expect to discover that this was the setting of a otome game, especially without any knowledge or memories of playing such a game.
(If she had been playing the game, it would have been understandable, but had been reincarnated as a mob without any knowledge of the game, she wouldn’t have noticed it. )
The otome game, “Blue Orchid”—that was this world. It revolved around the heroine, “Folia Cresias,” and was set in the Saint riole Imperial Magic Academy, a school romance simulation game.
Ruben, one of the capture targets, with whom she had just shared an umbrella, was a prince, while Carne, the daughter of a noble family, played the role of the villainess.
And conveniently present was herself, who had inadvertently infiltrated this splendid academy as Lieutenant Raze of the Cyan Empire’s military.
(…Yeah, it still doesn’t make sense, huh…?)
Although there was a catalyst for her presence here, having risen to the rank of lieutenant with knowledge spanning two worlds, Raze couldn’t fathom how she ended up in this situation.
Having learned the secrets of this world from Carne, a reincarnate, she found her current position increasingly perplexing the more she thought about it.
Raze Granoli, her true name Raze Shes Orphan.
While she acted as a scholarship student from a common background at the academy, her true profession was that of a soldier in this country’s military.
Currently, she was serving as a guardian to ensure the students could lead peaceful lives at the academy.
The Saint riole Imperial Magic Academy admitted students who harbored the potential to lead the country in the future.
Given the high standards required to pass the entrance exams, it was business as usual, but this year’s cohort of students was particularly exceptional. Many were born into noble families, including the prince and other influential figures.
And among those born in that very year was a military personnel with the capability to protect the prince. Hence, she, who held the title of the Fang within the Cyan Empire, was selected.
(Who in the world recommended me to the Grim Reaper…?)
Raze recalled her superior, who had assigned her the task with a pleasant smile.
While Prime Minister Wellerein Lug Zarus was notorious for assigning ruthless missions, he seemed to have mellowed, giving her a relatively peaceful task this time. That’s what she thought, at least.
Despite wanting to enjoy a peaceful school life appropriate for her age, trying to avoid attracting the attention of future nobles and princes who seemed destined for greater things than her, the situation was far from amusing.
It’s not funny at all, it turned out that there was a possibility that the target of protection in the otome game scenario would be in danger, so it was not a laughing matter at all.
At the academy with strict security where even the location is not publicly disclosed, the quality and quantity of guards patrolling the school have been increased compared to previous years, but even so, if something happens to the prince or his entourage, my neck will be in danger. The responsibility as the last resort was by no means light.
Raze looked up at the row of books and let out a small sigh.

If the scenario of the otome game predicted a perilous future for the villainess Carne, who had been reincarnated, then she had to ensure her safety at all costs.
For that, she couldn’t afford to dislike stepping into Carne’s romantic path.
As someone proficient in teleportation magic, she had bought an umbrella just in case and would guide Folia away from the library if it rained. She would set the stage at the right moment for events to unfold.
Putting aside her genuine thoughts about Ruben and Carne’s romance, her actions were quite serious.
In all seriousness, the future of this country hinged on Ruben and Carne’s love.

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