The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 9

Episode 9 The Devil’s Banquet

“Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot.”
“What’s the matter?”
As we walked through the corridors of the Auber Count’s mansion, Noah softly inquired about my muttering.
“Do you… Do you know how he is? “
In response to my question, the demons walking behind me subtly shuddered.
Huh? What’s with that reaction?
When I commanded again, three of the four kids who were walking behind me took a step back,
leaving Noah behind, who sighed.
“Do tell, after Lady Eurushia headed this way, that person seems to be in quite a turmoil. He destroyed the demons in the vicinity, and we could only evacuate…”
” …… I understand. “
Is it my fault, perhaps?
Well, it can’t be helped! I wanted to come here!
“But that’s not the point, Miss Eurasia…”
Isn’t it obvious…? Nia, who casually summed up the major disaster in the demon world in one sentence, calmly called out to me. Looking at her now, whether with Ninette from before or this girl from our time in the demon world, the impression hasn’t changed much.
“What’s wrong?”
“Umm, take a look at this.”
Nia showed me the magic sword that had given to Ninette… but unlike before, it no longer sparkled, presenting a corroded and tattered blade.
“Why did this happen…?”
“I just used it normally~”
Nia said with a somewhat embarrassed look, raising her eyebrows. Is this because tastes influence demons? Nia tried to show me the corroded part by pinching it with her fingers…
It broke easily… That was expensive, you know?
Even if you say that pitifully, I won’t buy a new sword.
“It’s okay. No problem.”
It’s Noah, and for a moment he’s Noir. But unlike Noir who couldn’t do anything, Noah picks up the broken tip of his sword and turns back to Nia.
“Nia, lend me the souls you ‘absorbed’ earlier and that sword.”
“Sure thing, big brother.”
Come to think of it, these two had a brother-sister setting from the start, with abilities like [Absorption] and [Release].
When Nia handed the souls and the broken sword to Noah, he took out something like a pure white mist and smoothly ran his fingers over the broken sword.
“I’ve repaired it.”
So fast! Wait, I have no idea what you did!
The repaired sword, however, was different. The silver blade turned completely black, and if you listened carefully…
…you could hear the voice of resentment. It turned into a splendid [Demon Sword].
“As expected, big brother!”
Nia happily received the demon sword and immediately swung it around, turning the wall she attacked into decayed debris. Stop it, it’s dangerous.
“As for repairs… our clothes as well, they’re not suitable for serving Lady Eurushia.”
Tina picked up a weathered maid uniform with her fingers and said with a displeased expression. Noah also looked at his torn butler uniform.
“Certainly. Can you fix everyone’s clothes, Tina?”
“Yes. Of course. Fanny, will you help?”
“Sure thing!”
Fanny, who was poking the wall debris with what seemed like human bones (?), raised her hand with a beaming smile.
Taking strands of hair from Tina’s platinum blonde vertical curls and a few from Fanny’s almost white silver hair, they infused magic. In an instant, everyone’s clothes transformed, not back to normal, but into butler and maid outfits with black fabric and silver-thread embroidery. Of course, Nia’s knight attire turned pitch black too.
“Look, look, Eurushia-sama, this silver thread is mine~”
“Well, it’s beautiful.”
After finishing our task, Fanny hugged me from behind and nuzzled my cheek. The silver part was Fanny’s hair, but I wondered where Tina’s blonde hair had gone…
“Tina-chan, you’re so wicked to the core.”
Tina looked betrayed by Fanny’s words, which seemed to read my mind. Fanny was pretty “dark” too, though.
Noa, Nia, Tina, and Fanny, they all didn’t seem much different from the four from before.
But, they were different.
Even though they looked the same, they were completely different from those four. They didn’t act so clingy or have such a close relationship with “me.”
The scene before me now, where we were respected as close servants but also had a casual and trusting relationship, was what Father had wanted from me and what I had worked hard for [with them]…
Yeah, it was impossible though!

“Hey, Eurushia-sama, this mansion smells weird, doesn’t it?”
While still hugging me, Fanny said that as if sniffing around.
“Yeah, Fanny. Do you know where the smell is coming from?”
“Um… in the chapel, there’s an old lady? Lots outside. Two below.”
Camila is in the chapel… and Count Auber and Mylene are in the basement. Now, which way should I go? As I pondered that, Tina, who had been watching us with an envious expression, stepped forward, flipping the hem of her maid outfit.
“In that case, Mistress, leave the outside to me.”
She had the same competence as Christina, but unlike her, Tina is more proactive.
“Are you okay alone?”
As I tilted my head at Tina’s suggestion, Fanny, who was also cheek-rubbing, tilted her head, and Tina, looking frustrated, bit on a handkerchief.
“Of course! Mistress. I’ll take care of those trash all by myself!”
With each word, she got closer, and Tina approached with fiery eyes.
No, I wanted to establish a comfortable relationship, but not one where our lips could touch. “This kind of [relationship]” is not what I had in mind.
“Yes, Tina. That’s enough, okay?”
As Tina, who brought her face dangerously close, pulled back with a disappointed look when Nia, who had been cheek-rubbing with a carefree smile, aimed her magical sword at her.
“For now, there are many outside, so Fanny, can you help too?”
Seeing Fanny, who gave a childlike reply and rubbed her cheek against me, Tina looked dismayed.
“Why only me!?”
Well, because when you got close, your breath was heavy… Feeling sorry for her, I patted Tina’s head for a moment, and she instantly became pleased and went outside.
What happened to the cool beauty…?
Well then, let’s go meet Mylene in the underground.


Tina, alone, leaves the presence of her beloved lord and heads to the chapel in the night.
She understands that she’s not normal.
Born as a fragile devil, given “knowledge from another world” by the golden beast—Eurushia—and “transformed,”
Tina is not dissatisfied with it. On the contrary, what she felt was an endless admiration for her not-so-devilish master.
However, allowed to serve by her side again, receiving a new “offering” to become stronger, and even being given a “name” as a result of this audacious act, Tina’s last feelings of her diluted soul completely merge, sprouting “emotions” different from admiration.
With those feelings in her heart, she arrives at the chapel alone, and sensing the presence of the Countess, an unfamiliar dark emotion sprouts within Tina—a feeling she has never experienced before.
Probably coming from the treatment the fused soul received from that person, Tina understands. But even if she feels dissatisfaction, she doesn’t find it uncomfortable.
It’s undoubtedly her own emotion.

A little earlier.
“What the hell…!”
Camilla abandons the elegance of a lady, running through the empty hallway with all her might.
There should have been a few maids placed within the mansion, but not being able to see them, Camilla realizes that the saint… Eurushia must have defeated them.
But such things don’t matter. Camilla’s urgency is not about such trivial matters.
“This is impossible.”
No matter how high her magical power is, Eurushia, who she belittled as just a human, and a pure maiden praised as a saint, performing “demon summoning” at that place—no one would believe it.
And not just any demon…
Summoning magic is said to be difficult in selecting the target. Perhaps Eurushia, trapped in a predicament, forcefully opened a summoning gate with her immense magical power, but she ended up summoning something outrageous.
Camilla, who has lived for two hundred years, knew about that existence through her knowledge. Because she knew, when she was subjected to that dark gaze, she ordered the maids to attack and escaped without caring about anything else.
Following that, she heard the mansion tremble with a ground-shaking roar and the grotesque, inhuman laughter, and Camilla became convinced of its true nature.
An upper-class devil that rivals even the great spirits causing natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and volcanic eruptions—a being that equals the great spirits and is the natural enemy of all living beings.
When it manifests in this world, it wears an ancient noble’s attire along with a sinister presence.
“…Great Devil…”
Even one of them is at the crisis level for a nation—classified as a “calamity-class.”
If four of them, manifested with vessels, it’s not just a national crisis; there’s even the possibility of the Holy Kingdom and surrounding nations perishing together.
The one Great Devil that was summoned in the past destroyed a nation, a devil with a black beast form, and humans couldn’t defeat it. It waited until its magical power ran out and it disappeared because it didn’t have a vessel.
She didn’t think that a human could summon four of them with such a large amount of magic but squeezing out that much magical energy would likely have killed that saint. Even if she survived, she would have been killed by the demon demanding a sacrifice.
There’s no choice but to flee. If the lower-ranked Count Auber and Camilla and Mylene, who are also “Catastrophe-class,” fight together, they might be able to defeat one, but Camilla didn’t fight alongside them. Instead, she easily discarded her companion of over a hundred years without informing their long-standing allies.
This wasn’t the first time she had abandoned her companions.
Camilla was turned into a vampire by Count Auber, but Mylene had another companion… someone created by a vampire who had existed for three hundred years. When the vampire was fighting with the Tatiteld Knights, Count Auber and Camilla left him behind and retreated.
Later, being carried by a half-beast who served as a subordinate, Mylene, who had lost consciousness, caught up. At that time, there was intervention from the demon race, which was active in Tatiteld, and although Mylene outwardly accepted it, she still held a grudge.
The same thing is happening again. Camilla decided to abandon them and flee. Still…
“We need to retrieve them…”
Even if they retreat from the Holy Kingdom, Camilla, who can’t walk under the sun, needs subordinates who can.
Camilla, who specializes in the dark magic of “Charm,” has the role of subjugating half-beasts among her companions. Sometimes, it was annoying, but for now, she was thankful for it.
There are still thirty half-beasts and thirty vampire maids gathered by Camilla in the chapel. Even if they can’t take everyone, they can take half of them if they use all the carriages in the mansion. With that many, it shouldn’t be too difficult to escape from this continent.
Until Camilla flees, she believes that reliable allies will detain the Archdemon.

Arriving at the chapel and preparing to retreat, Camilla turns back as the door opens with a faint creak. She is shocked by the person who appears from there.
“No way…”
Deep, bluish-green eyes.
Golden hair rolled up into vertical curls down to her back.
Wearing an all-black maid uniform with an apron dress that looks like both white and silver, the finest maid outfit.
Once a small maid that Camilla knew, who she sipped her sweet blood while being tormented, and then became a monster possessed by a demon. The impression Camilla had received since then was completely different from her memories.
The dull golden hair turned into platinum blond, and the curly hair emitted a hard, radiant glow that seemed to pierce even the earth.
The once charming face lost all traces of humanity, and combined with the color of those bluish-green eyes, the cold and ruthless beauty was entirely different from before. Camilla felt a chill, like a doll made of ice.
She looked like a “human” now.
However, Camilla couldn’t stand the idea of such a disgusting human being.
As a powerful vampire living in the darkness, Camilla keenly sensed it, but the lower-level vampire with no feelings other than that of an ordinary person did not notice the “horror” of it.
Vampire maids lurking in the vast chapel’s ceiling and shadows, beautiful yet young “prey,” attacked all at once.
” ………… “
The girl, without changing her expression, turned her gaze to them, walked calmly, and without disturbing the posture of her hands folded in front of her waist, gently… harbored “vermilion” in her cold, youthful, beautiful eyes.
The sound of something cracking echoed through the chapel. Several dozen maid vampires, frozen in their movements, collapsed as stones rained down from the ceiling, creating a cacophony akin to hymns in the chapel.
” …!”
Camilla let out a tense groan, witnessing the unbelievable scene. Her remaining maids and half-beast followers, drenched in cold sweat, were immobilized, unable to make a single move.
The natural enemy of all living beings…


The Archdemon.
Camilla had sensed its presence in that torture chamber. However, the ominous aura she felt at that moment had hidden itself, and despite appearing human-like, Camilla sensed an insurmountable power gap.
Unable to confront this cruel reality, Camilla couldn’t help but utter curses.
” …Why? Why would such a monstrosity appear? A nonsensical existence like that, belittling our creator, our beloved mother, the sun of the underworld… to such a damn brat!”
At that moment…
The chapel darkened, and a dense, furious energy erupted. Maid vampires, unable to resist, turned to ashes as the crashing sound of stones filled the chapel.
In the eerie silence, only the swirling anger lingered. A voice filled with dark resentment echoed through the space.
” You… wretched mosquito-like creature… dare to degrade our creator, our beloved mother, and the lord who was the sun of the underworld… Know your place!”
The girl, murmuring those cursing words like a curse from the depths of the earth, seemed to finally realize that Camilla was the source of her resentment. Her mouth curled into a smile.
“Nice to meet you, Countess. I’m delighted to see you again.”
Saying so, the girl gracefully lifted the hem of her maid outfit and performed a perfect curtsy.
” – …… Ugaaaaaaaaaaaaah! “
In that moment of realization, Camilla, desperate for her last gamble,
unleashing all her magical and existential power. Her body twisted into a beastly form, enlarging to a colossal size as she lunged towards the girl. Simultaneously, forced by Camilla’s command, the remaining maid vampires and transformed half-beast creatures leaped as one.
The opponent was of the “Calamity Class,” while Camilla was no more than a “Disaster Class.” Though she strained every fiber of her being, there was a slim chance of victory if everyone in that place attacked together.
A scream of agony resounded through the chapel.
A golden whip, bursting out of the chapel floor, pierced through those who attacked the girl. It pierced, mowed down, severed, and amidst countless dismembered corpses and splattered blood, the girl approached Camilla. She grabbed Camilla’s face with both hands, looking into her eyes.
“Ah… vampires come in various forms, don’t they? You, too, will have ‘red eyes.'”
Despite Camilla slashing at her own face with her nails, she couldn’t pierce the girl’s body, not even her maid outfit.
“Envious… Jealous… Ah, I always wanted a golden body and red eyes just like my lord!”
“Aaahhhhhh! “
In a dark world, Camilla’s blue eyes, filled with malevolence, gleamed “vermilion,” and she screamed not with her voice, but with a soul-rending wail as her body gradually turned to stone.
Her platinum curls transformed into countless snakes, covering the floor, walls, and ceiling of the chapel. Golden serpents, whip-like, filled every crevice, ready to strangle anyone in their path.
“My name is Tina… I am Tina, the Gorgon created by my master. Can you still hear me? Hehehe… Ahahaha… Hahahahahaha… †§†‡¢□∮‡†§†…──”

scene transition


It was no longer a battle but a brutal violation by the higher beings.
Amidst blood, corpses, and writhing snakes, Tina lifted Camilla’s head, twisted in despair and turned to stone, as an offering to the demonic sun.
All for the sake of her beloved mother.
All for the sake of her master.
All for the sake of the dear Eurushia……
Merging with the diluted souls and consuming them, new emotions sprouted within Tina, heightening her senses.

“Oh… I want to devour the lovable Eurushia so much……”
In more ways than one.

“Hey, guys, listen, listen!”
In the dark forest, a “disturbance” had begun.
It started abruptly—just one silver-haired girl appearing before the vampires, opening the curtains to the upcoming events.
Not all victims of vampires turned into vampires. Most of them perished as their souls were drained, but those with strong life forces, strong wills, and robust souls survived the vampiric transformation.
However, there were distinctions among vampires. Those with noble blood, exceptional abilities, or captivating appearances were favored by their masters and allowed to serve them directly.
The lower vampires outside, attacked throughout the Holy Kingdom, were former villagers brought by force after becoming vampires.
With no fighting skills, no skills to serve nobility, and average appearances, they were assigned to surround the mansion, ordered to act as mere wall guards to prevent prey from escaping.
Called by the count a while ago, about a hundred went to the mansion, but three hundred with no skills were left here without being informed.
“I got a name from Lady Eurushia!”
Facing such a lower vampire, the girl laughed joyfully.
Who was this sudden girl in the circle?
She wore an expensive maid outfit, still a child rather than a girl. Was she a guest for this feast or someone connected to it?
She looked genuinely young—more like an infant than a child. Yet, coming to a place like this indicated a certain pedigree. Even though she was still an infant, her appearance caught the eyes of those vampires.
Her silver hair, appearing almost white, shone even in the dark forest. Her face, adorned with a radiant smile, promised a hopeful future. Her fair, white skin resembled exquisite fruit, and the lower vampires, seeing her, involuntarily growled, thinking of the sweet blood flowing beneath that skin.
Helplessly, they’ll receive blame from the master if they dare to taste the customer’s blood without permission. They might even be destroyed on the spot.
But the craving for the sweet scent of the girl’s blood quickly reaches its limit, and the lower-class vampires, as if lured, extend their hands towards the girl.
It’s their fault for coming here in the first place.
If they hadn’t come willingly, they wouldn’t have been attacked.
The great master should have noticed the disappearance of their guests
Then, this little prey must be a reward for them.
The difference in the vampires’ status also affects their rationality. Many of them haven’t received proper education, and simple villagers whose only support is faith have changed their values after falling into darkness, willingly turning their fangs against those they had protected from decadence until now.
How the girl managed to come here without them noticing, without understanding the significance of it…
The vampires reach out their hands.
The girl, like a child being played with by adults, gives a cheer and runs around, evading capture.
Unable to catch her, hearing the joyful shouts of the girl, the increasing number of vampires chasing her, and finally all the vampires present—about three hundred of them—chase after the lone child.
It doesn’t stop. They can’t catch her. They can’t touch her. From the hands that tried to grab her, she disappeared like mist.

It feels like they’re witnessing a “dream.”

The vampires chase after the girl, laughing, in a flower field that spreads beneath the once-lived sunlight.
The petals dance fantastically, and they don’t find it strange that the girl is dancing in the sky. The girl’s hair turns into white crystals, her face and eyes turn white, and the right half is covered by a [Jester’s Mask] with a metallic sheen. No one cares about those changes.
“Shall we begin~?”
The girl’s voice is heard in their ears, and the girl is in front of all the vampires.
There’s only one girl. Yet, she’s in front of everyone.
The smiling girl, holding a small knife, suddenly slashes the chest of a vampire.
In the intense pain, they scream. Just like the intense pain from when they were humans and the reflexive attempt to punch the girl who cut them like a child, their bodies couldn’t move even a bit.
Their bodies don’t move. They scream, but no sound comes out. The girl clumsily uses the small knife, tearing the skin, peeling off the flesh, removing the nerves, extracting the organs, and finally turning them into bones. The vampires continue to scream voicelessly in the midst of intense pain and fear.
“Let’s begin~? ?”
Before they know it, everything is back to normal. Their bodies are intact, and they’re wearing clothes. However… they still can’t move their bodies.
The small knife cuts their chest again… following the girl’s command, all three hundred vampires are simultaneously dismantled, experiencing an unspeakable amount of intense pain and fear.
And then…
“Shall we begin~?”
For the third time, the terror begins.
The vampires scream, plead for forgiveness, and some even make mistakes while begging.
Having ridiculed the gods after becoming non-human, they now prayed and offered prayers, seeking salvation from the same gods they had mocked.
Without reason, seeking pleasure from the sense of depravity, there was someone who killed his own wife. There was a woman who laughed while sucking the blood of her own child. They killed neighbors, drank the blood of loved ones, tore apart bodies, and bathed in the blood, raising beast-like cheers.
That was a sin. Doing what should not be done. Even as vampires, they did not forget morality. They knew it was a sin, yet they killed for pleasure.
Praying to God. Please save us. In the midst of despair that shattered the heart, prayers were desperately offered.
Apologizing, begging to be killed…
“Shall we begin?”

“I am, well, my name is Fanny. Fanny of Nightmare! It’s a precious name given to me by the beloved Lady Eurushia. Hey, mister, are you listening?”

scene transition

Fanny shakes the vampire man, but he remains standing, looking down, showing no reaction.
“Is it over already?”
It’s been only a few dozen seconds since Fanny appeared.
Looking around, there are three hundred vampires standing in the forest like a thicket of meaty trees.
There are no external wounds. They are not dead. However, their spirits have been worn down by tens of thousands of “nightmares,” and their hearts are dead.
“Well then… next is work!”
Fanny says this and begins the collection of the worn-out souls from the three hundred standing vampires.
Originally, vampire souls are thin, and these vampires are also worn out. Still, with this number, it becomes a considerable amount. And…
“Rest assured, as per the ‘contract,’ I will offer them to God properly.”
The vampires, in endless pain and despair, offered prayers to God for salvation. The price for that is to offer everything they have. And that God is…
“Our Lady Eurushia is our God, though.”
Eurushia, who saved and nurtured them, was truly the goddess of the demon world.
For her sake, Fanny diligently works to collect souls.
She does not like to work, but working for Lady Eurushia is Fanny’s joy.
In the dark, lonely, scary, and cold demon world, Lady Eurushia alone was like a warm spot.
Searching for small prey as food, fearing the days of being hunted as someone’s food. For Fanny, who was a weak and small existence, the feeling of warmth she first experienced is still vivid.
Fanny thinks of herself as an “arrogant” demon.
Reacting to the backlash from being the weakest demon who couldn’t do anything among her companions, she threw away restraint and prioritized only enjoyable things.
The “soul” that merged with her… she chose it because she felt a similar “arrogance” to herself in its feelings.
However, that soul lacked a core. Seeking pleasure for the sake of pleasure, not knowing why pleasure was wanted, and just resenting Eurushia for not obtaining it. Fanny considered that part of the soul, the emptiness at its core, unnecessary and consumed it.
Still, the remaining arrogance, like that soul, instilled in Fanny the idea [The world is mine].
But that’s not unpleasant. It was quite natural.

“My ‘world’ is all for Lady Eurushia!”

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