Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 9

Norris and King Elias:

“The door to the office in the main palace of Renalute Castle was knocked, and King Elias of Renalute, who was inside, responded. Then, a soldier entered the room, bowed, and spoke.
“Lord Norris wishes to see Your Majesty. May I allow him in?”
Upon hearing the soldier’s words, Elias, who was engaged in administrative work, stopped his hands and his expression became stern. Norris was a powerful aristocrat within Renalute, knowing about the secret agreement between Magnolia and Renalute. And, feeling humiliated by becoming a vassal state under the guise of an alliance, he was someone scheming to somehow achieve an equal position with Magnolia.
Unfortunately, Renalute was not a unified nation; various factions inevitably emerged. The faction Norris led was the most troublesome faction within Renalute. However, it was also because of him that some stability was maintained. Therefore, Elias had come to accept some toxicity.
However, Norris seemed to be getting a little carried away lately. Probably, the existence of Elias’s son, Raycis, played a significant role. Raycis’s mother was Queen Lisele, who had a blood connection with Norris. Therefore, Farah and Raycis were half-siblings. Due to the low birth rate among Dark Elves, polygamy was the norm, especially within the royal family.
And, it was established that the first woman to bear the king’s child would become the queen. Even if the queen was decided first, due to the low birth rate, the problem of a mistress bearing a child first inevitably arose. However, they couldn’t abandon polygamy to ensure the continuation of the royal bloodline. But the scenario where the mistress had the first child and the queen had the second child could lead to power struggles. As a result, it was decided that the woman who bore the child first would become the queen.
Following tradition, Elias was blessed with two children, Raycis and Farah, through polygamy. However, due to the secret agreement of the Burst Incident, Farah was decided to marry Magnolia soon after she was born. As a result, only Raycis, who had a blood connection with Norris, would remain as a royal child in the country.
The contents of the secret agreement were naturally information known only to a few aristocrats. Therefore, from the time Farah was a little older, Norris, through members of his faction, began spreading rumors.
“Is the princess going to marry to Magnolia? Is that why her education is like that?”
In fact, Eltia, Farah’s mother, had started strict education from an early age, knowing that her child was going to marry to Magnolia. It’s not hard to imagine that this fact, known by those who didn’t know about the secret agreement, contributed to increasing the credibility of the rumors.”
The remaining members of the Raycis family in the country would eventually become the king. Those who foresaw this scenario joined Norris’s faction. And then, there was the issue of marriage this time. For Magnolia, there was no merit in making a vassal princess the crown prince’s consort. To Magnolia, Farah only had value as a hostage for strengthening relations. That’s why the border count and his son came as marriage candidates this time. However, they were practically already decided as candidates.
When the candidates from Magnolia visited, Norris’s faction immediately seized upon the contents of the letter.
“It mentions a member of the royal family or equivalent nobility, but as a matter of principle, if there are problems with the engagement with the royal family, they should consider an equivalent noble. Is Magnolia looking down on our country and princess?”
In response to this, Elias, a member of Norris’s faction, sighed. After all, Renalute had become a vassal to Magnolia despite being officially allied. At that point, Renalute couldn’t say anything about being looked down upon. Indeed, Elias himself didn’t want to willingly give his daughter, the princess, to Magnolia.
Elias was a king of a country. As a king, he had to make decisions not as a person but as a king to protect his people. It was a bitter decision for that reason. Despite knowing this, Norris and his followers were using the pretext of the nation and a semblance of justice. However, their goal was to retaliate against Magnolia, which they felt had been tainted. For that reason, they wanted to involve both the prince and princess and even the son of Magnolia’s border count.
Considering the past and the current situation, Elias muttered to himself quietly.


“Perhaps it’s time after all.”
At that moment, a soldier standing in front of the door respectfully asked Elias once again.
“…Your Majesty, what about Lord Norris?”
“…Let him in. Just Norris. Don’t let anyone else in.”
Elias sighed heavily, with a grim expression, instructing to allow Norris into the office.
After the soldier replied, he bowed and quickly left the office. Shortly afterward, Norris entered the office slowly. Norris seemed a little unhappy, perhaps because he had been kept waiting.
“Your Majesty. It seems that members of the Baldia family have entered the guesthouse today, but has there been any greeting from them already?”
“…They’ve had a long journey by carriage, you know? And I myself am busy. A greeting alone doesn’t have to be on the day itself. We have preparations to make here. I’ve already informed them of that.”
After hearing Elias’s words, Norris nodded but still wore a discontented expression.
“I see… I understand what Your Majesty is saying. However, it’s still a matter of courtesy to come and greet. We must say that the son of the border count is not suitable as a partner for the princess.”
Elias thinks he’s patient, but he might need to lose his temper with Norris. Such thoughts bubbled up from within him, but Elias murmured to himself to keep it in check.
“Don’t get heated… I’m calm.”
Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Elias glared sharply at Norris.
“Norris, I’ve heard your arguments in the meetings. Is that why you’re here? To halt the king’s affairs?”
Though composed, anger leaked through Elias’s words. Norris, realizing he shouldn’t anger Elias further, hurriedly steered the conversation back to the main topic.
“My apologies. About the discussion from the other day, may I proceed with my proposal?”
“…That matter. Norris, I entrusted it to you.”
In a recent meeting, Elias had made a slip of the tongue. Norris had consistently pushed for a betrothal between the princess and the royalty of Magnolia. Elias, now a vassal, was in no position to make such demands of Magnolia. Yet, in the midst of his objections, Elias had inadvertently mentioned, “If there were issues with the son of a border count, that would be different.”
Noticing this slip, Norris began suggesting that the suitability of the border count’s son as a consort for the princess should be considered. He further incited members of his faction, pushing the meeting in his favor, and Norris’s proposal was accepted in part.
As a result, Elias found himself in a difficult position, and Norris, upon hearing Elias’s words, wore a satisfied expression.
“Thank you. I’ll proceed with the arrangements here.”
“…Even if he’s a border count’s son, the other party is an imperial noble. Make sure to handle it with respect.”
“Of course. I will not disappoint His Majesty’s expectations. Excuse me.”
Having said what he needed to, Norris left the office.
“No one is expecting anything from you. Fool…”
Alone in the room, Elias’s words, tinged with anger, echoed softly.

As the conversation with the king concluded, Norris emerged from the office with a satisfied expression. Now, he could thwart detested Magnolia. He would surely marry the princess into the royal family. This would undoubtedly propel Renalute forward as a nation. Norris believed in this wholeheartedly.
Elias was open to the idea of the border count’s son. But for Renalute, now a vassal, the only long-term way to achieve equality with Magnolia was through the marriage of the princess and a prince. The difference in status between a border count and royalty was vast. Strengthening the ties between nations and potentially having a child of royal blood born to the princess could lead to a Renalute bloodline ascending to the throne of Magnolia. Such a splendid opportunity for upward mobility in a vassal state, without direct conflict, could not be missed. As Norris contemplated this, a determined expression crossed his face, but then he remembered something.
“That’s right. I must ensure Prince Raycis understands…”
With that muttered reminder, Norris left to find Prince Raycis.

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