I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 3

Something must have happened to make the ever-cheerful Leti like this. There was definitely a story.
Well, it didn’t concern me. It didn’t concern me, but–
“This garbage–“
“Shut up.”
I stood up, blocking Leti’s view.
“….Did I mishear, D-rank? For me-“
“Didn’t you hear me tell you to ‘shut up’? Don’t open your mouth, it’s annoying.”
“I’ll take that as a joke. To me, the Prince of Forte Independence and the [Genius] Hero–“
“Oh, you’re a big shot, huh. I see, I see, since you came at me out of nowhere, clinging to me like a fly and yapping, I didn’t think you were someone important. My mistake, my mistake.”
He glared at me murderously. He seems to boil quickly. Disturbing.

“Besides, [the weak obeying the strong is the natural law]? Then you should obey me, right?”
“Don’t make me laugh. There’s no way a D-rank runt like you could beat me, the hero.”
He snorted mockingly and looked down at me. …Hey, this really pisses me off.
I turned and called to Leti, who was crouching in fear.
Leti lifted her downcast face and looked at me with uneasy eyes.
I didn’t know the details of what had happened to make Leti like this. But there was no doubt that this man was involved.
“It’s going to be okay.”
I put my hand on Leti’s shaking head and simply said that before facing the man again.
Seeing Leti’s frightened face, irritation bubbled up from the pit of my stomach.
Not that I was angry about it or anything… I guess. I couldn’t care less if Leti was crying or whatever was happening to her.
So I would just state the facts and act as I pleased.
For my own sake, this guy…
“I’m going to prove that I’m —- stronger than you.”
I’m going to beat him up because he pisses me off. That’s all.

“Oh, the D-rank runt is barking. Fine, I’ll humor you since you insist. Regret it thoroughly–“
“–Wolff! What are you doing here?”
As the man grinned mockingly and was about to accept, a loud voice and heavy footsteps interrupted.
“My deepest apologies. Young Wolff has been terribly imposing…”
The one who called the man “Young Wolff” bowed down at the waist when he saw us and apologized.
The first thing that came to his mind was:
When I saw the height, which was more than twice as much as mine, and the solid, steel-like, muscular body, which made the breastplate look cramped, I muttered subconsciously.
Wolf-like features, sharp claws that looked like they could easily tear through rock.
Huge fangs that could easily kill a human in one bite peeked out of its mouth.
This demihuman, with an unusually large build even among wolf demihumans, had a fierce look in his eyes, but he bowed respectfully and lowered his head to apologize to us.
“Don’t interfere. I’m about to teach this D-rank runt his place. Stay out of it.”
“This isn’t Forte! I told you not to make trouble for others!”
“You said that on your own. I never agreed.”
As the man looked away sullenly, the wolf demihuman grabbed his head and sighed. His fierce face was sadly distorted, as if he were arguing with an unruly child.
Unsure what to do, I was at a loss when–
“Hmm…hey, I feel like I’ve met this guy before. Forte, wolf demihuman…Oh! Don’t tell me–you’re Wisdom!?”
Aldi, who had been grunting uh-huh, suddenly screamed as if he remembered something.
“Mr. Aldi! That’s right, I’m Wisdom!”
“Long time no see! You got huge! So the boy you were looking for back then, you found him, huh?”
“Yes, thanks to you. And about that time-“
Aldi and Wisdom chatted excitedly, like old friends reunited after a long time.
Looks like they knew each other. This cat really has absurdly wide connections. Seriously, way too far.
“Hey, Aldi. What’s going on here? Please explain, I’d like to know.”
“Ah, my mistake, my mistake. Well, this guy here, Wisdom – we researched magic together in Edelf a long time ago. Day and night, immersed in research…”
“No, that stuff doesn’t matter. So who is he? You called him Young Wolff.”
“The boy is a real prince, you know.”
“Huh? Never heard of a ‘Forte Independence’.”
“Well, I can’t blame you for not knowing. But Jirei, you’ve heard of the ‘Edelf Knights’, right?”
The Edelf Knights. Of course, I had heard of them.
They were said to be the most famous and noble knights on the continent of Vestia.
All of the knights were powerful masters of various demi-human races who had survived harsh initiation Ordeals. With only about three hundred members, their fighting ability was extremely high.
Thanks to the high physical abilities of the demihumans, the experienced coordination of their elite numbers, and the strategic commands of their capable leaders, they were undefeated in war despite being the knights of a small frontier nation, and their brave fame echoed even here on the Helto Continent.
If they were that strong, I’d think they could have built a great country, but for some reason they had no such ambitions, fighting only for defense. They must have had some sort of knightly creed or something.
In fact, during my training days, after hearing rumors of their many powerful fighters, I went to ask for a match.


“I’ve heard of them, yes. But they disbanded, right? The country was gone too.”
When I visited that time, I was told that the country had already fallen and the knights had disbanded. Of course, my eager anticipation plummeted.
“Yes, they temporarily disbanded for certain reasons. After that, they formed a new country and reformed. Now they have conquered and unified ten countries in Vestia.”
“Seriously. And that redhead is the prince who was kidnapped when they were still a small nation, has disappeared, and is the sub-commander of the knights – Lucas Forte Edelf.”
“Seriously? A real prince?”
“Totally serious.”
Looks like it wasn’t a lie after all. I see, a real prince… and from a nation that unified ten countries. On top of that, one of the super strong knights. I get it, I get it. So basically, he’s the kind of guy I’d definitely get involved with if I could get his attention.
…Hmm? No, I’m not scared or anything. It hasn’t even occurred to me that I might get arrested for disrespecting him. Really, not at all.
I look at Leti, her head down, her lips pursed, her face uncomfortable.
For a moment, I consider retreating. I have no pride. If it’s going to be unpleasant, I’ll just bow my head. That’s the way I am.
But well.
I just mumbled that one word.

Even if I was arrested for disrespecting him, even if I was chased by the knights, I was determined to beat him.
If that led to chaos, there was no way around it. Most importantly, I didn’t want to lie to my feelings. I’m going to beat him because I want to beat him – that was already decided, a settled matter.
“But weren’t you different before? When we first met, you were more innocent. [I’m going to be a knight!” – such a sincere child, right?
“The past is the past. Time changes everyone. Obviously.”
“Hmm… Come to think of it, where’s the other kid? You were twins, right?”
“Henry is gone.”
“Oh (realizing)…Sorry.”
As Aldi made an embarrassed face, the man – Lucas – looked away and replied curtly. I don’t know the circumstances, but something must have happened.
“Never mind that. More importantly, D-Rank, will you prove it to me?”
“Yes, I would appreciate it if there were no spectators.”
“That was my intention from the beginning. Follow me.”
Lucas started walking without waiting for an answer. When I started to follow,
“Please wait!”
I stopped at the call to stop and turned around. What is it?
“…Black-haired girl, don’t interfere.”
Lucas clicked his tongue and scolded the girl, Rafine, who had stopped him.
“May I ask one thing? If Jirei wins here, you’ll recognize our entry into the country. Is that correct?”
“That is correct. But under the condition that you’ll always be accompanied by this man and act together. Independent action is forbidden.”
“Huh?” That was the first time I’d heard about it. If I had to act together all the time, I’d die of stress! Oh well, I could just ignore it and act separately after entering. My gain here. I’d also make sure that Rafine and the others didn’t come to the [Special District]. I thought Rafine would be happy to agree to always act together, but the words out of her mouth were unexpected.
“Then I must refuse.”
It was a refusal.
“I said I refuse. I have no intention of accompanying or protecting Jirei. I don’t plan to become someone who only relies on Jirei for protection.”
“I’ve been working hard all this time because I want to be able to support Jirei even a little. I don’t want to become completely dependent and a burden. So I refuse.”
Rafine met Lucas’ gaze directly and clearly stated her will, one sentence at a time. Her eyes were strong, filled with an unyielding conviction that showed she had principles she wouldn’t compromise on.
“Then prove your strength. My subordinate, Wisdom, is right here. Show in action, not just words, that you are not weak.”
“Understood. Then, if I can defeat this person, will you recognize my individual entry into the country?”
“H-Hey now–“
The conversation was getting off track, so I tried to stop it, but
“It’s okay, Jirei. I’m… quite strong, you know.”

Rafine smiled, gently clasped my hand and said, “Thank you for your concern,” as I swallowed my words. But even if she says she’s strong, against someone like…
While I was worried about the sudden development:
“I’ll do it too.”
For some reason, Eve also said she’d do it.
“I don’t want to be a dead weight. I’ll protect myself with my own strength. So I’ll do it too.”
“W-Wait, Eve is a white mage, so-“
“My party also has a white mage. If you defeat her, I’ll recognize her.”
“H-Hold on–“
“Yosh! Then it’s decided! A showdown between the [Attack] Hero group and the [Genius] Hero group! I, Aldi Alders, will set the stage!”
As Aldi made his declaration, Rafine and Eve’s eyes hardened with fighting spirit. After I objected, neither girl wavered in her resolve, and somehow, instead of just me, the battle against the [Genius] Hero’s party would also include Rafine and Eve – the three of us together

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